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Latex Mattress Topper?

Why would you need a latex mattress topper when you already have a mattress?

Why is Talalay latex mattress topper the best natural latex mattress topper?

Why would you need as latex mattress topper when you already have a mattress right? Well, there are a lot of good reasons of why you should buy a latex mattress topper, especially a natural Talalay latex mattress topper. Sometimes only a mattress is not enough; a good alternative would be a mattress topper. This can give you the extra support to make your night ever better.

What is Talalay natural latex mattress topper made of?

Talalay latex mattress is flexible, luxurious and it is made from superior rubber that is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree originates sap, known as latex. The Hevea tree originates from South America in the rainforests, Amazon region. 

Nowadays though most of latex comes from South East Asia. The Hevea tree is a rubber wood that grows fast and is found in moist forests at low altitude. The tree was spread all over the world when people started to use it more often plus; it had a high value.

The tree can grow heights to 30-40 meters and live up to 100 years. The milky white sap extracted from the tree, when cut, is known as natural latex. It takes approximately ten years before the trees can be used to extract the sap from the tree. Also, the Hevea trees are less harmful than other crops that are grown on the land. The trees boost more biological diversity than other monoculture crops.

The latex sap is a milky fluid that is found in the crust of the rubber tree.  ‘’ Continuous tubes of latex known as “latex vessels” grow in a spiral around the bark of the rubber tree. When harvesting, the bark is very carefully stripped away to expose the latex vessels. The latex then runs down the side of the tree into some container (often a coconut shell). ‘’

On average the trees are being harvested for 24 years. Every time one side is being cut it gives up to 6 years of latex sap. This gives the tree some time to heal the other hand that has been cut. So there is no damage done to the tree. When the trees stop producing latex sap, they are cut down and used for furniture’s and other items and. Moreover, the old trees are always replaced with new plantations.

Why would you need a mattress topper?

There are two main reasons why you should use a latex mattress topper. First, the latex mattress topper increases the longevity of your mattress. Second, a latex mattress topper complements your mattress and adds extra comfort to your overall sleeping experience.

Longevity of mattress

When you use the Talalay latex mattress topper, it will extend your mattress´ life. Since, you will sleep on your topper and not directly on your mattress. Also, it is more hygienic to sleep on the topper. Because, is easier to take out the cover on the topper and wash it more frequent than to this with your bigger mattress.

Extra comfort

Talalay natural latex mattress toppers can give you much better support than your actual mattress. You do not have to use the topper only for older mattresses. It can also be used with your new mattress when it does not give you the support you need. By using a softer natural latex mattress topper, you can soften your firm mattress.

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Benefits of a Talalay organic natural latex mattress topper

Two support different levels

The Talalay organic latex mattress offers the perfect solution when two people want to sleep on one mattress with different preferences regarding the firmness. Two various toppers can be used to meet the various needs of individuals on one mattress.


It is more hygienic as mentioned above. It is much easier to wash the smaller cover of the topper than the cover of your large mattress.

Better ventilation

The Talalay natural latex mattress topper gives you the best circular ventilation; that makes sure that you won’t have any problems regarding heat during your sleep. Like described before, the organic latex mattress topper is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The sap /latex derived from this tree has an open cell construction that easily encourages air to flow in and out. During the night humans lose approximately 500 ml of water through perspiration. The Talalay latex topper ensures heat regulation at its best to make your sleep as comfortable as possible.

‘’The open, round cellular structure directs moisture and heat optimally away from the body, helping you sleep better, healthier and more hygienically.’’


The organic mattress toppers are designed in such way that that it prevents allergies. The topper is sealed very well, so your skin does not make any contact with the latex whatsoever. Not only does it keep your dead skin and body oils from entering into the mattress. It also doesn’t attract any dust mites and other invisible organisms that can be found in people’s beds.

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