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A healthy life is important and Vita Talalay latex plays an essential role in this. The unique talalay process makes large round, open cells that leads to many benefits for a good night’s sleep.

Hypoallergenic Latex Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows

Vita Talalay – Fully Hypoallergenic Latex Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows!

What does hypoallergenic mean? Do you have an allergy? How to ease your allergies while sleeping?

Who are we?

Mother nature has given us many gifts, one of which is the white gold known to us as pure, natural … read more…

The Origins of Latex

We at Vita Talalay continue to strive towards sustainable and fair sourcing, as well as production. Where better to continue … read more…

The Importance of an FSC® and Rainforest Alliance Certificate

Some of your products aren’t produced with social and environmental consciences. Where does your product really come from? As a … read more…

Why breathable mattresses and pillows are our future

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Many reasons for buying latex bedding

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Buying a new mattress

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Saving the Environment!

Ever asked yourself how you could help saving the environment? Well, purchasing the right eco latex mattress might help!

Pure natural talalay latex mattress manufactured

Knowing that your mattress is made out of natural Talalay latex is amazing!
Latex pillows

Everything about latex pillows

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talalay latex mattress vs dunlop latex mattress

Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress

So there is no difference between Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex for mattresses? Guess again!
Benefits of a Talalay Latex Mattress, Topper or Pillow

Benefits of our Talalay material

A Talalay latex mattress, topper or pillow is made with the Talalay process. It was invented by Joseph Talalay in … read more…
100 Natural Rubber Latex

Pure Natural Rubber Latex

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Talalay Latex vs Memory Foam

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Cradle to Cradle® – What is it and why is it so important?

The Cradle to Cradle philosophy means you can recycle everything completely. From `cradle to cradle`.
ecological footprint

Leaving Ecological Footprints

We leave our green footprints all around the world. pure Natural Talalay latex

Afforestation and Reforestation Project

Vita Talalay supports the CO2OL Tropical Mix afforestation and reforestation project which is dedicated to the safety and protection of … read more…
vita talalay latex mattress topper

Latex Mattress Topper?

Why would you need as latex mattress topper when you already have a mattress?

Good pillows

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Buying a Bed Frame for vita talalay mattresses

Buying a Bed Frame? The Perfect Bed Buyers Guide

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