What You Should Know Before You Buy A New Mattress What You Should Know Before You Buy A New Mattress

What You Should Know before You Buy a New Mattress?

The end of the day can be tough. You have had a long day, perhaps an active day, and all you want is to put your favorite pajamas on and sleep on a comfortable bed.

So, you start your night ritual, eat a healthy dinner, perhaps take a warm bath, and turn off your phone or TV, to get proper rest. But, what happens when you are already lying in bed and you realize that you simply cannot sleep? Well, it turns out that your mattress might be the one to blame for!

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Did you really stop and made an informed decision when buying a new mattress? Or perhaps you did buy the right mattress at that time but now you are experiencing signs you need a new mattress; or simply are you questioning then how often should you buy a new mattress? Well, that is already a good start! At least, now you know why your sleep is not as it should be.

A new mattress will definitely –as long as you choose the right one, of course- will improve your back pains, the stiffness of your neck, will provide you the right amount of support, and will help you sleep better. But it is important that you are informed when making the purchase of a new mattress, as that is equally important as when to replace mattresses.

Here are some tips on getting a new mattress when you realize “I need a new mattress”!

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One clear sign that you need a new mattress and that will never fail telling you when to replace mattress is when you sleep better away from your mattress than in your own mattress. So, for example, when you go for a sleepover and sleep on the guest room’s mattress, or when you go away on holidays and do not want to leave the hotel’s mattress just because it is more comfortable than your own. Or even, if you prefer to actually sleep on the coach rather than in your own mattress. Well, this is a very good sign that you should replace your mattress for a new mattress.

Also, if you are waking up every morning, or most of them feeling pain in your body. If your back or neck ache, or you just have a general feeling of body ache and discomfort. You should wake up feeling rested and refreshed, so if this is not happening then you should definitely consider buying a new mattress.

Another indicator is always the temperature of your sleep. If you are waking up in the middle of the night because it is too hot or too cold, but your bedroom’s thermostat seems to be working fine, then it might be that you need to purchase a new mattress.

Something that almost never fails when deciding when to replace mattress is the sign of the mattress itself. Is it showing that it is already worn? Or does it have sagging spots- in the middle or at the edges of your mattress? Are there any other physical signs that show you that your mattress is in its last days?

Your mattress should be able to provide comfort to you, and actually you should be able to sleep comfortably without being disturbed, in the position that suits you best. Even if your partner rolls over or gets up in the middle of the night. This is why mattresses need to provide support. So, if this is not the case of your mattress anymore. Then, that is another hint.

What are Your New Mattress Needs?

It is well known that everybody has a different body type and therefore different sleeping needs and preferences. But, it is also true that your own body changes also over time. So, it might be that the mattress that was very comfortable for you five years ago, is not so comfortable for your body’s current needs. And, for this you need to take into consideration factors like weight gain, weight loss, pain or even just preference for a different sleeping position.

So you need to really focus on what are the factors that are important for your current situation and decide on your body’s needs.

After all, your new mattress should be and should feel comfortable to you. So, there is no one that can choose the right necessities for you, better than knowing them yourself. Do not forget that the most important thing is that you are comfortable in your new mattress. So, do not rush into buying a new mattress, take enough time to make the decision on what latex mattress is best for you.

How Often Should You Buy a New Mattress?

Well, if you have said yes to any of the tips that we have mentioned before, it definitely is time that you buy a new mattress. But, before you actually replace your mattress, do not forget to accommodate factors such as specific body needs and bedroom size. Would a bigger mattress feel better? Would it fit your bedroom space? Or are you more comfortable in a smaller mattress? These are decisions that are important for you to consider when you are buying a new mattress.

Always be aware of what options are available for your budget, or what size of new mattress you need- or want- and do address as a priority the health concerns or personal needs and preferences of your body. Take into consideration and keep in mind things such as backache, allergies, or sleeping positions.

Try the New Mattress

And perhaps one of the most important things might be, try the new mattress! Do not rush and buy a new mattress online. Mattresses are important to just test and see which fits your needs best. So, really go out and try the new mattress.

Do not be afraid of really laying on the new mattress at the store for at least 15 minutes to see if it is really comfortable. Make sure that you roll around and actually simulate the way you sleep to actually understand if that is a mattress that is comfortable for your preferred sleeping position. If it does not feel right, try another one, and repeat until you feel sure about your decision. There is no harm on that.

And, do not be shy to even take your pillow and test it on the new mattress to have a better understanding of how it would be to actually sleep on that new mattress. So, go ahead and really just try, and as they say: once you find the one new mattress that makes you feel truly comfortable, you will know that is the one for you.

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