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What Is Beauty Sleep And How To Get Beauty Sleep?

Beauty sleep is not a myth! Your skin and body repairs itself during sleep.

Beauty sleep is not a myth! Your skin and body repairs itself during sleep. New skin cells are made and replaced the old cells. Furthermore, hormonal and metabolic changes in the body and skin are made during sleep.

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What Is Beauty Sleep?

Lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes, because blood vessels dilate. It can also make you feel more stressed, which can make you look angry, sad, tired and most likely older. Even worse is when you were up late drinking or smoking. We all know that those two activities are bad for your skins. Smoking causes premature wrinkles and alcohol has influence on your sleep quality, which causes under eye circles.

Luckily for us, the skin itself recovers quickly; you will look well rested and younger instantly after a good night sleep. A good seven to nine hours of beauty sleep makes the difference. However, don’t sleep more than those recommended hours. Studies have shown that oversleeping can increase skin cells to break down. It is advised to take naps to compensate the lost sleep.

But what is beauty sleep? Beauty sleep is an amazing sleep experience that will make you look young and beautiful!

What Happens During Your Sleep?

First Three Hours

The first three hours of sleep are the deepest. It’s when your body produces the most human growth hormone that helps to repair your skin and hair.

Middle Two Hours

After those three hours, your deep sleep shortens, because you’re in your REM sleep. In this stage your Melatonin hormone production increases. The hormone is also a skin-protecting antioxidant.

Last hours of sleep

The last hours of sleep is very crucial, during this stage your skin recovers the most. This is because your muscles relax and your skin’s temperature is dropped to the lowest point. You also get the most REM sleep in the last stages of sleep.

How To Get Beauty Sleep?

The most important step in learning how to get beauty sleep, involves sleeping for seven to nine hours. Moreover, we advise the following tips and tricks in how to get beauty sleep:

Create a sleep routine

Wake up and sleep at the same time, every day. Your body will create a rhythm, which is good for your skin.

Sleep on your back
Try to sleep on your back. Sleeping in another position can create lines and creases, because when you used to sleep on your stomach, you press your face into your pillow. If you sleep on your side, then one face can have more set-in wrinkles then the other side.

Sleep on satin/silk pillow case

These fibers cause less friction between your skin and pillowcase. The material glides easier, which prevents wrinkles and creasing. Also it helps avoid any tangles and breakage from the hair.

Use white sheets

Dyes on your sheets can causes irritation on the skin.

Sleep with a humidifier

What is beauty sleep and how to get beauty sleep?

A humidifier can keep your skin hydrated, since you’re not able to drink and sleep at the same time. A humidifier is even more crucial during the winter times when the skin tends to be drier.

Wear your hair up

Keep your hair from your face to avoid breakouts due to the oil and hair care products. However, don’t pull your hair to tight in a bun or ponytail. This can cause hair breakage. Put it in a high and loose ponytail.

Salty Food

Stay away from salty food before sleep

When you eat salty foods before bed, your body becomes dehydrated. Your body will start looking for water and start collecting natural fluids around the eyes among with other places. This can make your eyes look puffy when you wake up. An extra pillow to drain the fluids can help if you eat something salty before anyways.

Create a good skin care routine

Leaving make up on your skin or when you don’t cleanse your skin properly before sleep can cause the pores to clog, which leads to breakouts. It’s important to cleanse the skin as the first step of your skin care routine. A mild cleanser is more suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin and an exfoliating cleanser for people with oily skin. The next step is moisturizing. A rich but gentle moisturizing cream is good for the dry and sensitive skin, while an oil-free moisturizer is more preferred by people with oily skin.

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