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What Is Beauty Sleep? - What Are The Benefits?

What is beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is a good old fashioned night of rest which helps you looking and feeling fresher and energized.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of beauty sleep and we’ll give you some beauty sleep tips to top it off and get the best out of them.

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What is Beauty Sleep What Are the Benefits of Beauty Sleep

What Are the Benefits of Beauty Sleep?

Faster healing skin

During the night, your skin makes use of the hours to heal itself from all of the hard work during the day.

The moment you drift off to dreamland, your skin begins to rejuvenate. That is why you will look much fresher after a good night’s sleep.

Fewer breakouts

The better you slept the night before, the clearer and cleaner your skin will be.

One of the main causes for blackheads and pimples is stress. This is true even for adults.

Brighter eyes

One of the reasons your eyes shine are after they’ve had a good night’s sleep.

While dark under-eye circles may run in families, they will still look darker if your aren’t getting your sleep.

Beauty tip: use a little bit of eye cream as a primer and add a small bit of concealer just a shade or two lighter than your skin tone and voila!

Even skin tone

After a long night out or a long airplane journey, your skin may look more pale or even blotchy. That’s because your beauty sleep ensures optimal and healthy blood flow to your skin.

You will look fabulous

We are able to build a tolerance to sleep deprivation. While we might feel fine, it will become very visible to others around us.

Swedish researchers asked a group of people to take a look at pictures of sleep deprived people and those that had a good night’s sleep.

They were easily able to tell the difference. In fact, those that had enough sleep were identified as looking less tired, healthier, and generally more attractive.

Say goodbye to puffiness

Who doesn’t hate waking up with puffy eyes?

It happens because liquid collects around your eyes when you lie flat in bed.

Beauty Tip: Make sure that your head is located higher than your heart during the night. Do so by placing a couple of pillows under your head.

If that still doesn’t work, simply place a cold cloth on your eyes for a few minutes in the morning.

What is Beauty Sleep Beauty Sleep Tips

Beauty sleep tips

Decrease salt consumption

Salty snacks are known to swell your face in the morning.

They take away the much needed moisture from your body which in turn results in a puffy face.

Drink more water

We all love that one glass of red wine in the evening. Try to have a glass of water instead. Alcohol is more likely to make you see some dried-out skin in the morning along with large and very visible pores.

Beauty tip: Use a toner that has aluminum or zinc sulfate in the morning – that will make your pores look smaller.

Add a skin routine

The skin is our biggest organ – the more reason to take care of it very well.

Add a skin routine (we also call it beauty sleep elixir) to your morning one. Use a mild cleanser first to remove all the dirt from the night and maybe some left over makeup. After that, apply some moisturizer.

Enjoy a warm bath

A bath in the evening is one of the best things you can do to get sleepy and clean your skin. Add some bubbles, a scrub, some cucumbers over the eyes – whatever you like.

Since you raise your body temperature during your bath, it will also drop immediately when you’re done, that’s why you feel sleepy after.

Sleep on the right mattress

Making sure that you have the right gear to sleep on is extremely important.

The more comfortable and supportive it is, the more refreshed you will wake up in the morning.

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