What Are The Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques And Things To Do In A Lucid Dream?

Dreams are so fascinating and mysterious. We have such little knowledge of why or how we dream. Let alone controlling our dreams. This is called lucid dreaming: ‘’Dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.’’

Dreams are so fascinating and mysterious. We have such little knowledge of why or how we dream. Not to mention, we have almost no control over what happens in our dreams. It is still the world where we can escape in from reality. Imagine what we are capable doing if we know that we were dreaming and even be able to control our dreams. This is called lucid dreaming: ‘’Dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.’’ It doesn’t necessarily mean you can control the dream. It’s often the goal of lucid dreamers.

Different techniques improve your awareness of dreaming and help you to control the dream. Everyone can have lucid dreams with a little effort and practice. Some people might think they don’t dream, but the reality is that they only forget them. Everybody has about 3 to 7 dreams a night; nobody remembers them all.

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Best Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Keeping a dream journal

Writing down your dreams in a journal improves your ability to recall dreams. After all, what is the point of having a lucid dream, if you can’t even remember you had it. When you can remember your dreams well, you will get more familiar with dream patterns and identify dream signs more quickly. You will be able to recognize them and alert you to the fact that you’re dreaming. For example, if you notice you’re always dreaming about the same person, object or environment, you know that you’re dreaming if you see that dream sign.

Write down everything you remember from the dream in your journal, no matter fragmented you recall. Even if it’s nothing, just to form a habit. Once you wake up from a dream, remain still and focus on the essentials of the dream, especially to the dream signs. Then write down immediately in the dream journal, even when it’s the middle of the night. If you wait till the next morning to write it down, it’s most likely you forget most or all of the dreams.

Reality checks

One of the best lucid dreaming techniques has come aware of your environment. Pay attention to details, if there is something wrong or doesn’t fit, that means that you are dreaming. Perform reality checks, such as counting fingers, reading a sentence or checking the time. Try it out now, look at the clock, look away, and then look back. The time probably didn’t change, assuming you’re not dreaming at the moment. However, the time or the words you were often reading completely change in a dream. It’s even almost impossible to read in a dream. You need your left brain skills for reading and when you’re dreaming, you sing your right brain skills.

The best way to lucid dream is to do this reality check often during the day when you’re awake. It will become a habit, and you’re likely to do the same test in your dream as well and realize that it isn’t correct.

MILD dream technique

Mnemonic induced lucid dreams or MILD is also one of the best lucid dreaming techniques. In this lucid dreaming technique, you imagine yourself becoming lucid while you were falling asleep, straight after having a recent dream you remember. Say and repeat: ‘’ will have a lucid dream tonight.’’ The idea is to reinforce the intention of realizing your dreaming in your dream. It’s your ‘’prospective memory’’ that makes it work. You might already use this skill before. Ever went to bed and determined you will wake up at a certain time, and you did? It’s the same technique. The highest change to make this technique work for lucid dreaming is to wake up in the middle of the night for 30 minutes. After that, go back to sleep with the intention in your mind to lucid dream.

WILD dream technique

An advanced version of the MILD lucid dreaming technique is called the wake induced lucid dreams or WILD. In this lucid dreaming technique you are keeping your mind aware while your body falls asleep. If you master this lucid dreaming technique, you can experience the most vivid lucid dreams, and you will be able to choose when to have a lucid dream.

The best way to prepare for this lucid dreaming technique is to avoid eating, drinking or looking at any digital device an hour before sleep. Read in your dream journal instead. This way you can spot the dreams signs more easily and recognize something from the previous dream.

Now you’re totally relaxed and ready for sleep. Turn off the lights, lay down in bed and make sure that nothing can disturb you. Get rid of your thoughts, ignore them and let it go away. Relax all of your muscles by focusing on every single part of the body, section by section. Let go of the tension at each section of the body, imagine it releasing it’s weight. Once all your muscles are relaxed, focus on your breathing and heartbeat. Breath slowly and tries to lower your heartbeat.

After a while, you’ll start seeing patterns flowing behind your eyelids. You’re now entering the hypnagogic state. Deeper in the hypnagogia you may also hear sounds and feel physical sensation. Keep your mind awake, since your mind is most likely asleep at this stage.

If you succeeded to stay aware, you’d start noticing that the patterns are transforming into more complex images and shapes. When it’s clearer, start visualizing an environment and imagine yourself in that environment. You now have a lucid dream!

The risk of this lucid dreaming technique is that you might experience sleep paralysis. You will not be able to move any part of your body while your mind is still awake. This can be frightening. You might experience strong feelings of fear and have hallucinations of dark and scary figures approaching you. The key is to stay calm during a sleep paralysis episode.

What To Do In A Lucid Dream

Fantasy and adventure

 You finally have a lucid dream, but you have no clue what to do in a lucid dream. People usually like to have a wild adventure or fulfill their fantasies and the most common things to do in a lucid dream is to fly or to have sex. However, before you jump off a cliff or play with fire, test yourself with a safer activity like floating in the air to check if you’re dreaming. Non-lucid dreaming can become confused between being awake and dreaming.

Overcome your fears

Overcoming your fears is one of the things to do in a lucid dream. For example, if you’re afraid of spiders, try the visualize one. You will still feel the fear, but it’s wouldn’t be dangerous. Even though you imagine it attacking you, you know that the danger isn’t real. Instead of running away from it, observe the spider and notice that it will not harm you unless you want to. Overcoming your fears is all about facing the source rather than avoiding it.


Other things to do in a lucid dream is to re-hear for a presentation or performance while dreaming. Your brain activities during a dream are the same as being awake. You can remember and practice during this stage of sleep. Practicing in public speaking, debates, artistic and athletic performances are totally possible.


Your brain is most creative during dreams, which is logical. Lucid dreamers often using dreams for creative solutions and inspirational ideas.

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