Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer

Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer

Being able to sleep cool in summer and warm in winter? This is usually a paradox. With Vita Talalay latex it no longer is! Say good bye to sleepless summer nights soaked in sweat. The same goes for winter nights feeling cold to the bone.

In order to reach deep sleep, the human body needs to reach the right temperature. The body will start to cool down over night. It will reach the lowest point at about 4 a.m. The atmosphere that is created by the heat of the human body between the sheets and the mattress is called micro-climate. On the other hand, the micro-climate also helps regulate the body temperature. In short: both factors play a significant role for your sleep quality!

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Sleep Warm In Winter

Why is Vita Talalay latex cool in summer and warm in winter?

Vita Talalay latex simply creates a warm and cozy sleeping temperature. The optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep is at 21ᵒC/70ᵒF. The insulating effect is what keeps you warm in winter! In comparison, Dunlop latex goes up to 23ᵒC/74ᵒF. Memory foam is much worse at almost 26ᵒC/79ᵒF!

And how does it keep you cool in summer? The high end natural comfort material does not need a lot of time to cool down. The key here is breathability. In fact, Vita Talalay latex is the most breathable comfort material. This makes it more hygienic, comfortable and ensures the best sleeping temperatures.

This is all thanks to the unique, round open cellular structure. It is clearly visible when looking through a microscope. The unique, round open cellular structure is created through the special talalay process. The key production step is the post-vulcanization process. This step bakes the natural sap for several hours. In comparison: the conventional Dunlop latex process only needs about 40 minutes to produce the final product.

This ensures that the cells are perfectly round as opposed to those of conventional Dunlop latex. In turn, this allows for the natural comfort material to breathe. In addition, it self-regulates and creates the optimal micro-climate for the healthiest sleep experience.

Sleep Cool In Summer

In addition, the highly ventilating material dries moisture easily. This avoids creating a damp and sticky climate under the sheets. In worst case it may even feel like you are sleeping in the tropics.

For more information about the ventilating properties of Vita Talalay latex, we highly recommend you to give this article a read!

The bottom line is that Vita Talalay latex is comparable to cotton. Other comfort materials are more comparable to polyester in terms of clothing. Examples would be Dunlop latex or memory foam. Regardless if you wear cotton in summer or winter, the highly breathable textile will always make sure that you stay dry. Also, do not forget that cotton is a natural material! Polyester on the other hand will make you sweat. It does not matter if it is a t-shirt in summer or a jacket in winter. Important to note here is also that polyester is a fully synthetic material! In the end, it is a type of plastic!

Vita Talalay latex will always make sure to give you the most comfortable and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Especially if you are living in a country with extreme temperatures.

Sleepless Summer Night

If you are in a country where it is extremely hot, the high end natural comfort material will lower the amount you sweat every night. In addition, the highly ventilating Vita Talalay latex is the hygienic choice. It always stays dry, does not give dust mites any chance, and makes sure you sweat less! Rest assured, with our high end comfort material you will get the rest that you need. Otherwise it may feel like you ran a marathon the night before!

Vita Talalay latex is just as perfect for those living in the colder parts of the globe. This is because you will never be cold lying on a natural Vita Talalay latex mattress, latex mattress topper orlatex pillow. The insulation effect will create the coziest sleeping temperature. The micro-climate will not allow it to become cold. Remember, Vita Talalay latex is highly breathable. In addition, the natural high end comfort material ensures that you do not sweat as much. Neither does it create a damp environment if you fell asleep with one blanket too many. This may happen quite often as many feel cold as they get tired in towards the evening!

The following will give you some additional information on how you can further improve the quality of your sleep throughout the year. Especially if you do not sleep on Vita Talalay latex yet, keep reading!

Micro Climate

Tips for sleeping during hot summer nights!

Use cotton bed linen

Cotton is the most breathable textile available. At best, you should go for light colored sheets made out of lightweight cotton. Should you decide to invest a little into your bed linen, we highly recommend using Egyptian cotton. This is because Egyptian cotton has the ability to create longer fibers. This makes each yarn thinner than those of conventional cotton. Ultimately, this means that the linen is even more breathable!

The DIY air conditioner

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you don’t have an air conditioner at home, you can make one yourself! All you need is a freezer and a box fan. First, you need to make some ice cubes in the freezer. Place them in a shallow bowl or pan directly in front of the fan. Make sure that the fan is pointing in the direction of your bed. Make sure it does not blow directly into your face. This will prevent you from getting a cold – especially if you are sweating already!

Put your bed sheets into the fridge or freezer

Before going to bed, put your sheets into the fridge or freezer for just a few minutes. This trick may not help the whole night. However, it will guarantee a moment of relief during those extremely hot nights. Please remember to put the sheets in a plastic bag before you put them in the fridge or freezer. This will prevent the sheets from smelling like the surrounding food! (Unless of course you like falling asleep to the smell of frozen pizzas!)

Feeling Cold To The Bone

Adjust the fans correctly

If you have a fan (or more) in the room, please make sure to always adjust them correctly. Otherwise, they might even be counterproductive! If you have a ceiling fan, make sure that it’s blades rotate counter-clockwise. This will ensure that the hot air is pulled up rather than just moving around the room. If you have a standing fan, direct it to the windows as it will push the hot air out rather than keep it inside!

Cotton pajamas

Just as point number one, the best textile to have as a pajama is cotton. Any other textile will make you sweat much more. Remember, cotton has the benefit of being extremely breathable. The other option is of course to sleep fully naked. However, many believe that sleeping naked means that the sweat sticks to your body rather than being absorbed by the textile. In the end, this may be truly up to personal preference!

The Egyptian Method

The ancient Egyptians must really know how to get a good night’s sleep during the hot days. After all, they have not only been mentioned twice in this article, but also speak out of experience! The Egyptian Method includes slightly dampening a towel or sheet into cool water. This is then used as a blanket! However, we do highly recommend putting a dry towel between the body and the damp sheet or towel. This will prevent the rest of the bed from becoming wet!

Cool the right spots on your body

The best way to cool down your body temperature as quickly as possible is to cool down your blood stream. This is because blood will circulate throughout the body. It will ensure that the whole body will cool down evenly. Put a cooling or ice pack on your pressure points to do so. The pressure points on the body include neck, wrists, elbows, ankles, groin, and behind the knees. You will feel the difference in a matter of seconds!

The Right Temperature

The hot water bottle trick

Instead of filling the hot water bottle with boiling water, fill it with tap water. Then, put it in the freezer for a while. You can use it as an ice pack for the extremely hot days. At the same time, this will also help keeping your electricity bills down. This way you may at the very least turn down the air conditioning! This trick kills two birds with one stone!

Tips for sleeping during icy winter nights!

Make your bed as cozy as possible!

This may sound like an obvious tip, but adding a few pillows and blankets to your bed can do wonders! In fact, it is much better to have many thin layers as a blanket rather than one thick one. This is because you can simply choose to add or reduce blankets! Important here is that the material must be breathable. Cotton will do the trick!

Cotton Pajama

Treat yourself to something warm before sleep

Especially if you get cold fairly easily, treat yourself to a nice hot beverage directly before bed. Important of course is that the beverage must not contain any caffeine. Another option would be to take a nice hot bath or shower before going to bed. And finally, cuddle with your partner! The last tip is not only warming, but also ensures a good night’s sleep!

Humidify the dry air

Unfortunately, the air is much drier during winter times. Especially in combination with indoor heating! The consequences of that may really affect your sleep. This includes snoring, coughing or simply having a scratchy throat. The solution is to either purchase a steamer or humidifier. However, a DIY version is also possible! Simply leave a bowl of cool water on the radiators. Alternatively, hang a wet or damp clothing on the radiators.

Keep a strong immune system

Humans are more likely to catch something while it is cold. In addition, people are also more exposed to each other. This is because they find themselves being in smaller spaces together more often than during summer. One of the most important things to do to take care of your immune system is to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation has shown to make you more prune to catching a cold or other illnesses. If it is already too late, also make sure to focus on your rest than anything else!

Strong Immune System

Get enough Vitamin D

Sleeping in a dark environment is the best to get a good night’s sleep. However, always make sure to get enough sunlight during the day. This is because the body needs the Vitamin D. This nutrient makes sure that you stay healthy in many ways. This includes boosting the immune system and keeping your bones strong. What you can do is sit by a window where the sun shines. Even if it is just for a few minutes it will help. Alternatively, you can also try out different therapies or consult with a doctor in extreme situations. Light deficiency may lead to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is extremely important for those living in the northern countries where sunlight becomes rare over winters!

Keep your house warm

It is important to keep the rooms which you live in warm during the cold winter days. Of course, there is always the utility bill to think about. However, there are many ways to lower the costs! One of the options is to get a programmable thermostat. The modern ones even allow you to control it with your smartphone! Another way would be to close up all places where drafts come in. Simply put a towel or cloth under doors or windows. Good bye drafts!

Sun Bath
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