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The standard in supporting comfort and luxury is the Superior. This is how the inventor, Joseph Talalay, once intended his product.

Backed by more than 50 years of experience and know-how, the unique Talalay process has been perfected by Radium Foam. Vita Talalay® Superior is, quite simply, superior. No other single material on the market offers this consistent degree of durability and excellent ventilating properties. Above all, the naturally soft quality of this material ensures that your body will be able to rest comfortably so that you can get a really good night’s sleep, naturally.

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  • Superior material

  • 50 years of experience

  • ventilating properties

  • naturally soft

The Vita Talalay® production process

The Vita Talalay production process consists of freezing, vulcanization, gelatinization/oxidation and washing of the purest latex, and the result is a superior component that is used in mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.


Years of product research and development have resulted in a product of exceptional quality that is tailored to the specific wishes of our customers. All Vita Talalay® products ensure maximum ventilation, which helps the body shed moisture, thus contributing to the regulation of body temperature, helping you sleep better and more hygienically. Sleeping on Vita Talalay® is like sleeping on air, and offers the ultimate sleep experience.

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  • maximum ventilation

  • regulates body temperature

  • the ultimate sleep experience


Why are there pinholes in Vita Talalay® Latex ?

During the Talalay production process, we use molds with this pinhole structure (pinholes are needed for heat and cold transfer). The ventilation features of  Vita Talalay are a result of the round open cell structure, not the pinholes.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that has viscoelastic properties. That gives the foam its slow response properties, it remembers the place you have been sleeping.

For Vita Talalay Embrace we have some viscoelastic properties added to the material, showing a better pressure relief and support than with memory foam. Also it still makes it easy to turn while sleeping.

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