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Vita Talalay - Fully Hypoallergenic Latex Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows!

What does hypoallergenic mean? Do you have an allergy? How to ease your allergies while sleeping?

Vita Talalay - Fully Hypoallergenic Latex Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows!

Many people suffer from allergies. Allergies express differently in each person, depending its body reactions.

This article's focus is the latex allergy. And, why those who sleep on Vita Talalay hypoallergenic latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows can sleep calmly and healthy at night, even if they are allergic to latex!

What is an Allergy?

The Definition

On a very basic level, an allergy is an abnormal reaction of the human body to a common and harmless substance known as an allergen. An allergen is defined as the substance that has the capability to produce allergies. However, under normal circumstances, these allergens do not cause any harm to non-allergic individuals. There are many different types of causes and degrees of allergies. Which, can range from having a runny nose, to extreme effects -which can even be lethal.Types of Allergies

What Causes It?

The cause of an allergic reaction is an error of the immune system. Which, is essentially responsible for making sure that the human body functions correctly on all ends. The immune system plays different vital roles for our body. Its main goal is to protect us against dangerous external agents that try to enter the human body, such as viruses or bacteria. This is because unwanted viruses or bacteria may lead to infections. In addition, it also protects the human body from its own cells, which might constitute a threat, such as tumorous cells. And, at the same time, it also allows favorable substances to enter the body, such as the nutrients which are ingested along with food.

Accordingly, what happens during an allergic reaction is that the immune system mistakes the harmless allergen, which entered the human body, for a dangerous agent. Consequently, the body generates an inflammatory response to the allergen. Which, would usually be tolerated, leading ultimately to the development of further symptoms.

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Types of Allergies

Two Types of Allergies

There are two types of allergies. But as we do not want to get too deep into the biological differences during this article, we will only focus on the factor which is easily differentiable: TIME!

Immediate Hypersensitivity

The first type of allergy, which is the most commonly known, is called immediate hypersensitivity. The body reacts to the allergen in this case in less than 30-60 minutes. A diagnosis of this type of allergy can be done quickly through a skin or prick test, and takes no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

Delayed Hypersensitivity

The second type of allergy is known as delayed hypersensitivity. Contrary to immediate hypersensitivity, a reaction only occurs after 24-48 hours. It takes between 2-4 days to diagnose via patch testing.

Now, the question is: to which of the two allergy types does a ‘latex allergy’ belongs to? Find out more in the upcoming section!

What is a Latex Allergy?

A Particular Kind of Allergy: Latex

What is a latex allergy? What type of allergy does it belong to? Is it immediate or delayed hypersensitivity – or is it both? What are the causes of the allergy? What do the symptoms look or feel like?

Latex Allergy

A latex allergy may belong to one or the other type of allergy. This depends on the individual’s reaction to the material. It is important to understand the causes for each type of allergy. These, can differ completely, along with the respective inflammatory reactions and symptoms.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found that latex allergies affect less than 1% of the general population. Their research also concluded that latex allergies occur more frequently (about 5%-15%) within healthcare workers. As, wearing latex gloves is part of their daily routine.

Yet, coming into contact with latex does not set off an allergic reaction. But, the breathing in of the microscopic dust used to line the gloves, as it contains tiny rubber proteins. Thus, this may lead to some users developing an allergy to the latex protein, over a longer period of time.

Two Types of Latex Allergies

A Type I Natural Rubber Latex Allergy (NRL) creates immediate hypersensitivity. Which means that the body reacts to the allergen in less than one hour.

The cause of the allergic reaction is one -or more- proteins of the natural rubber latex, from the hevea brasiliensis tree.

Furthermore, the reaction is systemic. Which means that, it can occur in various shapes and forms around the body. Even those which have not directly been in contact with the material.

The second type of Natural Rubber Latex Allergy is known as Type IV and it creates delayed hypersensitivity. In other words: the inflammatory reaction time of the human body takes significantly more time than that of a Type I Natural Rubber Latex Allergy. In this case, the hypersensitivity occurs typically between 48 to 96 hours after being exposed to the material.

The cause differs here, as it is not one- or more- proteins that initiate a reaction, but rather the chemicals used in the production process of natural rubber latex. Another major difference is also that the allergic reaction to latex occurs locally at the point of contact.

This means that the reaction is visible on the skin. Which is why the Type IV Natural Rubber Latex Allergy is often also referred to as, allergic contact dermatitis, chemical allergy or t-cell-mediated allergy.

Vita Talalay hypoallergenic latex, does not cause any of the two types of hypersensitive reactions to the body. The reason for this is that our natural Vita Talalay latex is fully hypoallergenic. As, we always strive to keep up to our slogan: sleep healthy. For more detailed information, please continue to read, as it will be explained below.


What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

What is Hypoallergenic?

A hypoallergenic product is one which causes fewer or none allergic reactions in comparison to others. There are many different hypoallergenic products, such as makeup, skin care labels, as well as bedding products just like hypoallergenic natural Vita Talalay latex.

Many might also know this from hypoallergenic food products. Examples are hypoallergenic milk for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, or hypoallergenic bread for those who are gluten intolerant. Nowadays, there are even hypoallergenic dogs, or hypoallergenic dog breeds, which are suitable for those who are unfortunate to be allergic to animal hair.

Hypoallergenic Standards

Depending on the country or region, there may or may not be fix standards, which the products must meet in order for the company or brand to label their product as ‘hypoallergenic’. For example, in the United States, there are no current standards up to the time of the publishing of this article. However, we, at Vita Talalay, always keep up to our claims and prove so with science backed certifications and tests.

If you would like to see all of our certifications and tests, please click here. We will also provide more information on why Vita Talalay is hypoallergenic for both Natural Rubber Latex Allergy Types below – so please continue reading!

Why Vita Talalay?

Hypoallergenic Mattresses, Toppers and Pillows

As our slogan already states, Vita Talalay natural rubber latex offers the healthiest sleeping experience in form of hypoallergenic latex mattresses, toppers and pillows for every individual. Regardless of any medical conditions, such as allergies in this case, which people may have.

There are two different types of natural rubber latex allergies. We will explain exactly why hypoallergenic Vita Talalay does not cause any of the two. Even if the individual who sleeps on the Vita Talalay latex mattress, topper or pillows has a latex allergy.

The Two Types of Latex Allergies

The first type of latex allergy is the Type I Natural Latex Allergy, triggered by the proteins which are inside natural rubber latex. One of the big differences in the production process of hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex, is that hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex goes through the vulcanization process twice. In comparison to conventional latex bedding product, such as Dunlop latex, which does not go through this process.

This means heating and baking the latex at 85 degrees Celsius. First, for under an hour and then once more for 8 hours. Which, destroys all of the potentially harmful latex proteins to those who are allergic to them.the round and open cellular structure after the production process is complete. The vulcanization process is also the reason for the round and open cellular structure after the production process is complete. If you would like to learn more about the hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex production process, just click here!

The second type of latex allergy is the Type IV Natural Latex Allergy which occurs when in contact with the material. In this case, the latex itself does not create the inflammatory allergic reaction. It is the chemicals used in the process of producing the natural latex mattress, topper or pillow.

Vita Talalay Production Process

Once again, it all comes down to the difference in the unique production process of hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex! Contrary to any other latex bedding materials, the production of hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex does not use any harmful chemicals in the process. We continuously improve the formula of our unique and fully natural comfort material to the point where all harmful chemicals are substituted for natural additives.

Furthermore, another step which is usually left out in the production of other latex bedding products, and that additionally ensures the purity of hypoallergenic natural Vita Talalay latex is the washing of every single latex block. Which happens before it goes through the 8 hour vulcanization process. This step ensures that every single block of hypoallergenic Vita Talalay latex which is produced is fully refined from any form of impurities.

Cradle-to-Cradle® GOLD Certification

We at Vita Talalay believe in backing every claim with evidence, which is why we are also the only comfort material producer which has been certified with the Cradle-to-Cradle®GOLD certification. The Cradle-to-Cradle® GOLD certification proves that we do not use any harmful artificial substances, such as odorizers, fillers, harmful off-gassing substances and petrochemicals, in our production process. Furthermore, the certification proves that we do not let any of our residual material go to waste.

To view our Cradle-to-Cradle® GOLD certificate, please click here!

We also make sure that our material is as healthy as we claim once the product reaches the end consumer. We have done so by receiving both the OEKO-TEX 100 Produktklasse 1 certification, as well as the ECO Institut certification.

OEKO-TEX 100 Produktklasse 1

The OEKO-TEX 100 Produktklasse 1 certification proves that direct contact with the skin will not cause any form of irritation. Additionally, this certificate proves that the pure and natural Vita Talalay latex is completely safe – even for baby skin!

To view our OEKO-TEX 100 Produktklasse 1 certificate, please click here!

Natural Vita Talalay latex also fulfills the OEKO-TEX 100 Produktklasse 1 standards. This means that the natural and healthy comfort material fulfills all ecological requirements for baby goods. In more detail: this means that the natural Vita Talalay latex was tested on emissions, odours, toxicological and ecological expertise, and underwent a full compound analysis – all of which are based on both national and international criteria.

To view our ECO Institut certificate, please click here!

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Hypoallergenic Matresses, Toppers and Pillows

Hypoallergenic Vita Talalay

If you are allergic to latex in any form, we highly recommend you to sleep on Vita Talalay latex. As the fully natural comfort material not only has the benefit of not causing any allergic reaction, but it offers much more than that.

If you would like to find out more of the benefits of the hypoallergenic natural Vita Talalay latex, please have a look at our Why Vita Talalay section, where every single benefit of the healthy and natural comfort material will be explained to you in full detail!

Vita Talalay - Fully Hypoallergenic Latex Mattresses, Toppers And Pillows!

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