Top Feng Shui Tips To Bring Balance To Your Bedroom ​ Top Feng Shui Tips To Bring Balance To Your Bedroom ​

World of Feng Shui - Bring Balance To Your Bedroom

The world of Feng Shui has been around since 4000 BC and it is even more popular in the modern world we live in today.

Nowadays with just a simple google search, you can find a plethora of information about Feng Shui, and this article will provide you with our top Feng Shui tips to enhance your lifestyle.

What exactly is Feng Shui? How does it impact your life? And, how does it affect your bedroom?


What Is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is not a technique, it is a Chinese philosophical system that has been around for ages. The literal meaning of the word "Feng Shui" means ‘Wind-Water’ but it considers all five basic nature elements including earth, fire and metal.

The earliest use of Feng Shui was for auspicious reasons, such as placement of burial grounds, tombs, important buildings, and aligning them with the stars. Perhaps the most common foundational element of Feng Shui that everyone has heard of is “Qi” (pronounced as “Chi”).

Qi is a life force or energy that can be either positive or negative. The world of Feng Shui aims at increasing the “good Qi” around your house while reducing the “bad Qi” as much as possible.

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Five Elements

Importance Of Feng Shui Color

In the world of Fung Shui, colors play a pivotal role. It is believed that each color represents a different Qi flow and thus affects a different area of your life. You must have often seen Feng Shui experts suggesting separate color schemes for different parts of your house.

If you have ever wondered why, read futher to find out what primary colors play a role in Feng Shui:

1. Red and Orange

These two colors represent the element of fire. The meaning of red luck, attitude, boldness and high energy. Orange is associated with the social life as it is considered cheerful, extrovert and sociable. These colors should be avoided when painting a room that requires calmness and quietness such as a meditation room or a library.

2. White

In Feng Shui, the white color represents the element of metal. It is associated with purity, innocence, spirituality, cleanliness and calmness. If you are seeking calmness in the bedroom, white can be a powerful Feng Shui bedroom color, as it is also often used in bathrooms representing cleanliness and purity.

3. Black

Black represents the water element and it denotes mystery, secrecy and protection. In Feng Shui, black is considered a good color for career, skills and travel. It might be weird to paint your office black so it is suggested to use black accessories instead.

4. Blue and Green

Blue and green represent the wind element of Feng Shui. The meaning of blue is calmness, affecting the areas of health and family. The green color is representative of growth, vivacity and abundance.

While keeping green indoor plants inside the bedroom is considered useful by many (due to their CO2 absorption properties), some Feng Shui experts advise against it because the growth and vivacity energy of green is not suitable for the bedroom.

Due to the calming and familial effects, blue is suggested as the color of a bedroom in most of the top Feng Shui tips list - and green is the color of choice for the areas in your life where you seek growth.

5. Brown

Brown represents the earth element and denotes stability. Due to its stabilizing effects, many Feng Shui experts suggest using brown as a color for your office or around your workplace.

Carrying brown accessories is also suggested by experts.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Modern Feng Shui

Like many other ancient practices, Feng Shui has also undergone tremendous transformation through the millennia. The modern Feng Shui has two major elements “Ba Gua” and “Luo Pan”.

Ba Gua is also known as the energy map that is used to define which direction of your house is related to which areas of your life. Lo Pan is also known as a geomantic compass that is used to determine the precise direction of a structure, place or item.

The Feng Shui of olden days was a philosophy that promoted the concept of beauty and goodness in an architecture and creation of a harmonized environment around the household.

Let’s take a look at some of the common Feng Shui tips and how they relate to the modern world and you.

Propsperity Feng Shui

A Close Look At Some Common Feng Shui Tips

Keeping your house uncluttered

This is one of the primary suggestions you will find in any top Feng Shui tips list. According to Feng Shui experts, keeping your house cluttered prevents the free flow of Qi which in turn disturbs the Qi balance around your house and your life. Keeping the house clean and uncluttered promotes positive Qi flow thus bringing happiness and prosperity.

The ancient Chinese quickly understood the importance of a clean, uncluttered household. Positive Qi flow or not, a clutter free house is essential in boosting your spirit and giving you a general sense of cleanliness.

Ensuring quality airflow and natural light in the house

Once again, the practitioners will tell you that this promotes the flow of positive Qi around the house. Houses without quality airflow tend to be stuffy and gloomy with poor air quality - staying in such a house for too long can lead to lung infections, breathing problems and several other physical conditions.

On the other hand, not getting enough natural light in the house leads to humid damp conditions. Such an environment is ideal for molds and pests to thrive. Sensitivity to molds and pests can lead to serious health issues for the inhabitants. Houses that get plenty of natural light usually do not face these troubles.

The Feng Shui “Trinity”

Feng Shui experts emphasize on preserving good Qi in three main areas of your house; your bedroom, your kitchen and your bathroom. Together these are called the Feng Shui “Trinity”. Coincidentally, these are the three areas where we spend most of our time on a daily basis.

Keeping your bedroom and kitchen uncluttered, ensuring airflow in and around the bathroom, and preventing mold and pest growth in the kitchen or bedroom can do wonders for your health and mood. The ancient Chinese philosophers understood the importance of the Trinity and we are following the same ideals centuries later.

What Is Feng Shui

How Can Feng Shui Impact Your Life?

Feng Shui can impact different areas of your life and the application changes with individual needs of each person. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in Feng Shui so most top Feng Shui tips lists include as many examples as possible. Here we will touch on a couple of the most common areas of life where many people would like to get some extra help.

Feng Shui to attract wealth

Financial stability and prosperity is something everyone wants. If you are willing to give Feng Shui a try to boost your wealth, here are some of the top Feng Shui tips that might help:

  • Keep your house clutter free to allow free flow of good Qi.
  • Have a strong and secure front door - the front door of a house is called the “Mouth of Qi” and hence should be protected.
  • Keeping an aquarium at your house or office is often suggested as fish symbolizes wealth in Feng Shui.
  • Use symbols of water or place actual clean water around the house as water is a symbol of wealth.
  • Take the help of a Feng Shui expert or “Ba Gua” to identify the wealth area of your house and adjust its Qi with correct Feng Shui color and symbols.
  • Keep bamboo around the house as they also symbolize wealth.

Feng Shui Wealth

Feng Shui For Your Bedroom

If you are unable to get quality sleep, following Feng Shui bedroom layout tips or bedroom decorating ideas might come in handy:

1 Position your bed diagonally or away from the door. Many experts suggest placing the bed at a position from where you can see the door but it is not directly aligned to the bed. There are also fung shui bed direction charts to help with this.

2 Get a strong head board preferably made of wood. According to Feng Shui experts, the wood element of Feng Shui will provide support to your Qi while you sleep so you will feel refreshed in the morning.

3 Sleep in an elevated bed with enough room below. That way, good Qi is able to flow under the bed and the Qi flow in bedroom won’t be disrupted.

4 One of the top Feng Shui tips about your bedroom is keeping it absolutely clutter free. A cluttered bedroom will have poor Qi and cause problems for your health, sleep quality and relation.

5 Get a good quality mattress that can evenly distribute the flow of Qi. For better sleep Feng Shui, choosing a mattress according to the size of the bed is a must.

6 Mirror placement is important as experts do not recommend placing a mirror right in front of the bed. Such a mirror placement might cause uneven reflection and distribution of Qi aimed right at you. This type of bedroom arrangement could lead to nightmares and insomnia which is extremely bad for your health and your life. This one is perhaps the most important of the top Feng Shui tips for the bedroom.

7 Use blue or white as paint colors for your bedroom as those are the most positive colors promote to calmness, innocence and trust.

8 Above bed decor is important, as a certain type of decor can cause a unbalanced distribution of Qi. Having large artwork above your bed is the best option.

Feng Shui Philosophy

Feng Shui and Sleep

We have already established that Fung Shui can bring balance to your bedroom, but it also has an influence on your sleep. Rodika Tchi, a feng shui consultant based in Vancouver said that "Feng shui helps create a space with healing and nurturing energy in one's bedroom, a space that promotes sleep and relaxation, as well as sexual and emotional healing.”

When a bedroom has good feng shui, the nervous system can relax and we enter into a place of safety, which is very important for a good night sleep. In additon, having a good quality mattress curtial for your sleep and for distributing the flow of Qi.

A mattress with Vita Talalay inside would be a good option for this, as the natural latex provides many benefits such as - breathability, dust mite resistant, supportive, hypoallergnic and more.

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