Top 5 Best Bedroom Colors To Sleep Top 5 Best Bedroom Colors To Sleep

Top 5 Best Bedroom Colors To Sleep Better

What are the best bedroom color ideas? Are there bedroom colors for better sleep? How to choose your master bedroom color? All about bedroom colors!

Colors are everywhere! Wherever you look, you see many shades of different colors; sometimes you even get to see the full color palette. But, what about your bedroom? What are the best bedroom colors?

How To Choose The Best Bedroom Color?

For the majority of people, choosing on bedroom colors can be a difficult task. As if finding new furniture would not already be difficult enough! On top, you need to think and select the best colors that will fit your bedroom optimally. Or even your children’s bedrooms, and that… can surely be a difficult task! What paint color should the walls have? Which color would the bed be? And this can certainly be confusing. So, when having a full color palette, it is important to know how to select the best color, especially, when it comes to a bedroom color.

This article will help you understand better the effects that different colors can have on your bedroom. There are different theories around colors and its relation to people’s emotions or reactions. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui proposes that each color has a different energy, which affects a specific area of your life.

So, while some colors are more favorable for your relaxation and sleep, others are not. Then, Feng Shui can help you choose the best color for your bedroom.

Feng Shui Colors

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system, which has been around for ages. The literal meaning of the words Feng Shui is ‘Wind-Water’, however it also considers the other basic nature elements, which are earth, fire, and metal. Originally Feng Shui was used for auspicious reasons, like a placement of burial grounds, tombs, and buildings aligning them with the stars.

Perhaps everyone has heard of the most common foundational element of Feng Shui, which is ‘Qi’ (pronounced as ‘Chi’). Qi is a life force or energy that can be either positive or negative. However, the modern Feng Shui that is practiced around the world today, aims at increasing the ‘good Qi’ around your house, while reducing the ‘bad Qi’ as much as possible.

Bedrooms Colors Ideas

Colors play an important role in the philosophy of Feng Shui, as it is believed that each color gives off a different Qi flow. This means that different colors affect different parts of your life. A common activity of Feng Shui experts is separating color schemes for various parts of your house, and even for different areas of the same room.

If we would completely forget the philosophy of Feng Shui, and focus on the effects of different colors on our peacefulness, more than one color will be likely to end up in your bedroom. To have a very peaceful and soothing bedroom, it is recommended to use soft colors, as they are associated with freshness and cleanliness. They help keeping the room peaceful.

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Bedroom Colors

5 Best Bedroom Colors in Feng Shui

What are the best bedroom color ideas?

Bedroom color ideas – Red

Along with the orange color, this color represents the element of fire. But what does this mean? Well, for the red color it means that, on one hand this color is associated with luck, attitude, boldness, and a high level of energy. While on the other hand, it lacks features related to social life.

From all bedroom colors, Feng Shui does not recommend painting your bedroom walls red. It advises to use this color in doses, which will help redirecting the energy around your house and bedroom. Having certain red furniture or touches to your bedroom will do the thing.

Suitable color for bedroom – Pink

In Feng Shui, pink is the color of unconditional love and feminine energy. This might not come as a surprise, but its basic meanings include things like love, nurturing, romance, and peace. This is what makes this color so suitable for as one of the best bedroom colors of a house. It promotes the feeling of a romantic energy and still, keeps it peaceful.

But, how could you use this color in your bedroom? Painting your walls pink could be an example. A lighter shade of pink might actually look very nice. Pink bed linen might also be a solution, if your spouse would like it as well.

Best bedroom color – White

White is the color that represents the element of metal. It is associated with factors like purity, innocence, spirituality, cleanliness, and calmness. If what you are seeking is peacefulness and calmness, white is the color you need on your bedroom walls. This explains why white color bedrooms and bathrooms are very often found everywhere.

But, there are many more things that you could use white for. White furniture can look amazing in a bedroom. Obviously, using colors to accompany your white furniture is perfectly fine, as long as it would not become too messy and crowded.

Bedroom Color Ideas

Suitable color for bedroom – Black

Surprisingly, the water element is represented by the black color, and it denotes mystery, secrecy, and protection. It is also a good color for career, skills, and travel. As someone who really loves the black color, even I would not use too much black in my house and bedroom. However, Feng Shui promotes the use of this color when used in moderation.

It is very understandable that you would not want a room painted in black. Nonetheless, a good bedroom color idea for black is having some black furniture and accessories is more than enough. However, the black color should be avoided when wanting to express yourself-, which is why it suits the bedroom.

Bedroom color idea – Blue

Along with green, the blue color represents the wind element of Feng Shui. The blue color has an effect on the areas that are associated with health and family. Due to the calming and familial effects of blue, this color is suggested as one of the best bedroom colors. Which is not a coincidence!

Blue is an easy color to use in a bedroom, mostly because all shades of blue give off a nice touch to a bedroom. And with even little imagination, painting your bedroom walls blue could even transport you to a beach, which sounds incredible to me!

Best Bedroom Colors

5 Best Colors For A Peaceful Bedroom

Bedroom colors that will promote a peaceful feeling

Bedroom color ideas – Dove Gray

As you might have expected, dove gray is one of the 50 shades of gray- no, we are not talking about the movie. Unlike the film, dove gray is a very subtle gray that can be combined easily with other colors. This is why, it is often a popular bedroom color. Light colors usually go pretty well with dove gray, and I personally think it goes really well with white, light coral, and pastel pink.

Suitable color for bedroom – Light Coral

Light coral can be considered pink, when looking at it. And while is not really one of the brightest pinks, it is still definitely a good option. So light coral might work really well as a children’s bedroom color scheme for a girl. In my opinion, colors like white, dove gray, pale gold, and spa blue accompany light coral very well.

Best color for bedroom – Pale Gold

This color represents a lighter version of gold, but still giving the same impression, and a similar vibe of royalty, if done right. On its own it might look a little boring, but when combined, this color will bring life to the bedroom. Colors like white, light coral, pastel pink, and spa blue can easily help pale gold bring together an incredible bedroom.

Best Bedroom Design Ideas

Suitable color for bedroom – Pastel Pink

Please, do not confuse pastel pink with light coral. Pastel pink is a brighter version of pink than light coral. Maybe, that is the reason why this color is also a very suitable children’s bedroom color scheme for a girl. This color will look amazing with colors including white, dove gray, pale gold, and spa blue. However, on its own it would look just as good.

Bedroom paint color idea – Spa Blue

What color would be considered more relaxing than spa blue? The word ‘spa’ is literally in its name, which makes me believe no color will beat it! I believe this color would be one of the best bedroom colors for a children’s bedroom color scheme. Personally, I believe this color is perfect to accompany other colors, but it also goes well on its own. But, if would like a secondary color to go along with it; white, light coral, pale gold, and pastel pink, would be the best options.

Bedrooms Ideas

Not The Best Colors For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Colors to Avoid

Not suitable color for bedroom – Orange

Together with the red color, orange represents the element of fire. The orange color is associated with the social life in general, including its features like cheerful, extrovert, and sociable. Unlike its red counterpart, the color orange lacks luck and attitude, according to Feng Shui.

According to Feng Shui, this color is selected as one of the worst bedroom colors. However, it would be excellent as a color in more sociable places, instead of the bedroom. Not a Feng Shui believer? The orange color could still look good in a bedroom.

Bad bedroom paint color ideas – Green

Just like blue, green represents the wind element of Feng Shui. The color we call green represents growth, vivacity, and abundance. This is why people keep green indoor plants in their offices, since it is the color of choice for the areas where you seek growth.

Although green could be used nicely in a bedroom, Feng Shui proposes that the bedroom is not where this color belongs. On the contrary, it would be fantastic to use in a working and studying area.

Bedroom Colors Ideas

Not suitable color for bedroom – Brown

As you might have guessed, brown represents the earth element, as it denotes stability. So, it is suggested by many Feng Shui experts that because of its stabilizing effects, brown should be used in your office, or around your workplace. Although, carrying brown accessories will also do the job.

However, even if we would ignore its Feng Shui effects, it would still not be ranked high in the list bedroom colors. Brown bedroom walls are not very common, but brown furniture could look nice if combined well with your other bedroom colors or your bedroom walls.

Not the best color for bedroom – Yellow

While yellow is a cheerful and uplifting color, it should not be associated with the bedroom. The yellow color triggers the intellect and is mentally stimulating, which is the opposite of what we are looking for in the bedroom. This means that it fits better in an office or maybe in a study room. The color simply does not calm down your nerves, which is needed in a relaxing bedroom.

Gold on the other hand, is a nice bedroom color. If you are keen on having a yellow-ish touch to your bedroom, it might be a good idea for a bedroom color to use pale gold.

Even though purple has a feeling of royalty, wealth, and high spirituality, it is simply too eye-catching in a bedroom. It does not create a peaceful room, since it is more chaotic. Usually, chaos is not a pit. Chaos is a ladder, but not in this case!

If you want to feel more connected to yourself and to earth, purple is not the color that will help you achieve your goal. But do not worry, as the color palette gives you plenty of other beautiful colors to choose from!

Not The Best Bedroom Design Idea
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