Top 4 Bedroom Hacks

Take a look in your bedroom. You probably have more than just a bed, working table and a closet. Nowadays, you probably have a TV, a laptop or computer, posters or books in your room. This article gives a few bedroom hacks!

Top 4 bedroom hacks for better sleep

Take a look in your bedroom. You probably have more than just a bed, working table and a closet. Nowadays, you probably have a TV, a laptop or computer, posters or books in your room. You can stay there for hours without getting bored. Might as well eat there, so you can get more work done or finish the last episode of your favourite show. The more distraction you have in your room, the harder it gets to fall asleep.Therefore, you might want to consider following the following bedroom hacks from our list.

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Top bedroom hacks number 1: Keep your room dark

It is important to eliminate any light exposure to optimise your night rest. The body produces melatonin, the hormone that helps you to fall asleep and regulates the sleeping cycle. Light exposure limits the melatonin production and makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. Some tips for a darker room without painting it black:

  •   Cover your windows. Get darker and thicker curtains or even get shutters to prevent all the street lamps and moonlight from outside.
  • Hide your digital alarm clock. Even the little light from a digital alarm clock can keep you up, so hide it, turn it around or get another alarm clock.
  • Put your phone away or flip it face down. It’s too tempting to check your e-mail, Facebook or messages. Not to mention the blue light has an effect on the production of melatonin.
  • Use dim lights. Your room should be as dim as possible in the hour before your planned bedtime. Installing low-wattage bulbs in your room and using night-light in your hallway or bathroom prevent disruption in your melatonin levels.

“Light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that naturally promotes sleep. “Even if you doze off, light can be detected through your eyelids—and your brain won’t produce melatonin if it’s confused between night and day,” says Joyce Walsleben, PhD, associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine. ‘You want as much darkness in your bedroom as you can handle without tripping over things.'”

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Top bedroom hacks number 2: Keep your room cool

Lowering the temperature of the heating will not only save you money, but you will have a better night rest as well. Your body temperature naturally drops during your sleep. Most experts advise, to keep your room at a temperature between 15 and 18 Celsius. However, it is different for every person due to your biological clock, age and gender.

Find what works best for you and do your best to regulate your bedroom to that temperature each night.

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can also cause you to ‘sleep hot’. People usually confuse latex mattresses with memory foam mattresses. The difference is that latex mattresses allow airflow to circulate better than any other type of mattresses, which result in a cool and comfortable sleep. The reason for that is because the latex is processed into open cell foam block that allows a lot of airflows. Not to mention that latex mattresses have pinholes at regular intervals to stimulate further airflow. Latex mattresses also allow extra airflow when you move during your sleep. The open-cell structure of latex creates a 'pump and suck' effect that encourages air to move into the area you just vacated.

Read this article if you want to know more about latex pillows.

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Top bedroom hacks number 3: Keep your room quiet

If you live in an urban environment or you wake up from the slightest sounds, you can try to mask this with earplugs or white noises. ‘’White noise’’ is any type of unchanging, continuously background noise such as the sound of raindrops or waves. Adding more noise in your bedroom may sound ridiculous, but it actually blends the external sounds into the overall background noise; sound masking. We can use color as an analogy. Imagine a green paper in a bright room. You would notice it immediately but put the paper in a green room. You will have to look twice, since it’s barely noticeable.

If you’re the type of person who listens to music to fall asleep, you use a music device with a ‘’sleep’’ function. The music will automatically shut down after a half hour or one hour. You go to different stages during your sleep and unexpected noise may disturb your sleeping cycle.

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Top bedroom hacks number 4: Keep your room zen

You should be peaceful in a familiar and calm environment. Remove everything that can keep you up from your sleep such as mentioned before computers, books, emails or dirty clothing. You can feel stressed about the activities you still have to which effects your ability to relax.

A bedroom hack is having clean sheets

Change your bed linen and pillow case regularly to give a refreshing feeling. Invest in a higher quality pillow, blanket, bed or mattress. Latex mattresses might be a big investment, but the benefits in return are for the long run. Make your room a more inviting place to rest and relax.

Top bedroom hacks number 5: Having clean sheets

Another one of the fantastic bedroom hacks! Change your bed linen and pillow case regularly to give a refreshing feeling. Invest in a higher quality pillow, blanket, bed or mattress. Latex mattresses might be a big investment, but the benefits in return are for the long run. Make your room a more inviting place to rest and relax.

Top bedroom hacks number 6: Keep your pets out of the bedroom

Many people loving sleeping with their furry friends in the bedroom. This usually starts to become a habit when our best friends are still small. Falling asleep next to little kittens and puppies is simply one of the best feelings in the world. The slight movements make us feel warm and secure.

However, there are a few down sides to this habit. The issue is also that these down sides increase as our best friends get older.

For example, slight movements during the night by a little puppy may make you feel warm and secure. As soon as they become a full sized dog though, these movements may end up disrupting your sleep. Of course, this depends partly on the breed.

Another reason to keep our furry friends out of our bedroom are allergens. Whilst they go about outside during the day, they carry pollen and other allergens back into the bedroom. Some may be lucky enough to not suffer from allergies, but it does increase the risk of getting one. Especially over a longer period of time.

Finally, dust mites love our furry friends. Probably even more than we do! The additional sweat and dead skin shed by them adds to the perfect environment for them. This is where a breathable mattress, topper or pillow is of high importance. The healthy and breathable choice in this case would be our natural Vita Talalay latex.

For more information about the importance of a breathable mattress, topper or pillow click here!

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Top bedroom hacks number 7: Natural sun light

This is one of our favourite bedroom hacks! Waking up in the morning in to some sun light is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it? We are not talking about the sun shining aggressively into your eyes in the bedroom. We mean some warm light touching your skin. What better way is there to wake up?

Sun light in the morning is great and healthy. It is not only a great feeling, but has actual benefits. The reason for this is that it releases chemicals in your body which regulate sleep schedules.

It is highly recommended to get at least 20 minutes of natural sun light every morning. This will help you to wake up refreshed and ready for life’s daily challenges.

At this point, we would also like to remind you to avoid synthetic light. Here, we mean specifically the light produced by gadgets such as your phone, tablet or computers. We recommend to leave the gadgets be for at least 2 hours before your go to bed.

Another good thing to do is to get as little exposure to blue light as possible. The reason is that low exposure to blue light helps your brain to get ready for bed. In addition, it allows your body to create melatonin - the sleep inducing hormone. We recommend to have low exposure to blue light for at least 3 hours.

Top bedroom hacks number 8: Minimalism

For those unfamiliar with the term minimalism, let’s have a quick look at what that actually means!

Minimalism is a lifestyle where you live with things you really need. No more and no less. This means, for example, that you do not need more than a sweater or two. The Minimalists have defined the term even closer. Minimalists should try to live with a maximum of 100 things. This includes everything around you. Clothing, gadgets, cups, forks, knives, and so on.

Although this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone, we recommend to implement it in your bedroom. This is because a less ‘busy’ bedroom is much healthier to sleep in.

The reason for this is that a bedroom with only a few items allows the mind to relax. The contrast is clear when you imagine sleeping in a fully cluttered room in comparison to a room with only a bed and two lamps. If you do have a few more things and are simply missing space, there are many great ways for optimal bedroom storage.

Minimalistic Bedroom

Top bedroom hacks number 9: Cleanliness and tidiness

Generally living in a cleaner space is healthier in numerous ways. The obvious reason for cleaning to to get rid of potential threats to your health. This includes fungus, allergens, and so on. This is one of the bedroom hacks which is very important!

Would you prefer to sleep in a room which has not been cleaned for the past couple of months? Or would you rather sleep in a fresh and clean room? We think the answer is quite clear!

The added benefit, of course, is that it simply looks much nicer. Just as the top bedroom hack number 8, a cleaner environment also allows for healthier sleep.

The same applies to having a tidy bedroom. Imagine for a moment to sleep in a fully cluttered bedroom. In fact, think about trying to fall asleep in such a bedroom. Apart from having a very busy mind, you may simply accidentally knock over things. You may even end up breaking them. All of these points will simply not be beneficial to your sleep. So, how to organise your room?

Should you have space limitations, we also highly recommend to look at a few bedroom storage hacks. There are many ways how to organise your room. Regardless of the limitations you have, there are always options for everyone. This includes low budget to pricy solutions, as well as solutions which require near to no space. A quick google search will do wonders!

Top bedroom hacks number 10: Get grounded

No, we do not mean to ground yourself to the bedroom. Although, that would be nice sometimes for a day or two, wouldn’t it?

In all seriousness, we mean to make sure that all electric currents are out of the room. This includes your smart phone or any other gadgets. If you must have them in the room, please switch them off!

By the way: electric currents also include charging your gadgets. Also, make sure to take out the plugs of electric equipment which you don’t need during the night. That basically means everything!

Also another important factor which plays a role is WiFi. This is a great home hack! Although the effect may be minimal, it is healthier to turn off your WiFi during the night. This also applies if your router or other internet device is in another room. Unless you really need to download something over night, we highly recommend to switch off he WiFi until the next morning where you may want to read the morning news.

We hope you liked our many bedroom hacks and home hacks! If you would like to know more about healthy living, simply click here!

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