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The best guide to a 30 minute workout at home

Do you lack motivation, finances or energy for a gym membership? A 30-minute workout at home is the answer to all your struggles. Everything from health benefits to easy and accessible workout options

Going to the gym and having gym motivation can be quite difficult, but who said you have to go to the gym in order to get fit?

Especially since the first covid-19 quarantine, people have been letting go of gyms and working out more at home. Some of these people went back to it once they were allowed to, but others stuck to home workouts. Most commonly, people do abs workouts at home or full body workouts.

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Before you make your workout plan you need to have these steps in consideration:

Step 1: Determine your goal

First of all, what's your goal? What is your fitness motivation? Do you want to increase muscle mass? Or would you simply like to get back to a workout routine to live healthier? Most people have weight loss motivation.

Step 2: What are you currently doing?

Are you doing any kind of workout now? Is it helping you achieve your goal? If so, fantastic. Otherwise, it's time to look for a new one.

Step 3: The external factors

You need to create a workout plan for women which also fits your life. If working out 30 minutes per day is duable for you, then do it. Otherwise, 30 minutes per week, for example, is better than nothing.

External factors also include your sleep. This should be a priority in a healthy person's life, especially if you workout regularly. A healthy sleep provides you enough energy and motivation to reach your goals.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, we recommend testing latex mattresses , latex pillows and latex mattress toppers .

Step 4: The choice of exercises

This is usually where many get stuck. Especially those who are only beginning to add regular exercise into their routine. As much as people try to complicate this step, about a hand full of different exercises is more than enough.

Step 5: Rethink sets and repetitions

It is always better than as many as you can. We recommend beginning with around 8 repetitions and 3 sets. Slowly increase as you get more confident and fitter.

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Why a 30 Minute Workout over a 60 Minute Workout

The results of a study show , that men who implemented a 30 minute workout routine lost an average of almost eight pounds. Whereas the men who were exercising for a whole hour lost an average of less than six pounds.

This study proves that exercising for an entire hour a day instead of 30 minutes does not provide any additional loss in body weight or body fat.

Moreover, the study found out that the group which did a 30 minute workout were more motivated. The workout time cut in half gave them more desire and energy for engaging into new physical activities.

If you are a person who does not want to spend their time traveling to the gym, an at home workout is perfect. You don't need anything except for a stopwatch (or phone) and perhaps a yoga mat. But, before we move forward, if you don't find written workouts handy, watch these guided 30-minute workout YouTube videos :

Or try out the best free workout apps:

  • Nike Training Club
  • Strong
  • Everfit

How Does a 30 Minute Workout Work

  • You need to do a total of at least 5 exercises.
  • 4 minutes of working out, and 1 minute of resting between each exercise.
  • If you completed the exercise before the ending of the set, you have the remainder of that minute to recover before starting the next set.
  • Try to add one more repetition of each exercise in one minute. For example, if the first minute you accomplished 30 squats of the repetition, try to add 31 squats in the set.
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The Best 30 Minute Workout

Now that you know the sequence of a 30 minute workout, you have to figure what exercises you can do.

The following exercise set is easy to do from wherever you are. You don't need any fancy gym equipment and can track it as well as increase it by yourself. If you find one of the exercises difficult to understand, click on the blue words and you will see better examples.

5 exercises you can use for your 30 minute workout set:


Stand on your feet being a shoulder width apart. Keep all of your weight on your heels and try to sit as if you would sit on a chair. Stand back up and repeat.

Plank ups

You start in a position similar to a push up. The only difference is that you stand on your elbows. After that, you go into the usual push up position. Remember to keep your toes and back straight.

Tuck jumps

Start with your feet a shoulder width apart. Quickly bend your knees as you are preparing your body for a jumping motion. Jump your knees up to your chest and try to land softly whilst gently bending your knees. Find your balance before the next jump.

Push ups

Start in a high plank position on your toes and on your hands. Your hands should be wider than a shoulder width apart. Ease your chest to the floor and push back to a high plank. The beginners can modify the pushups starting from their knees.

Chest to Floor Burpees

Start with your feet a shoulder width apart and bend your knees taking your hands to the floor. Kick your feet back as far as you can and lower your chest to the floor. Reverse those steps to the standing position and repeat!

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Why you should exercise regularly

There are many health benefits related to exercising regularly:

Losing weight

It is no secret that physical activity burns calories. If you exercise regularly, you will get rid of excess calories that you have taken in during the day.

Remember, however, that you should watch over the amount of calories you eat. For women, the recommended amount is 1500 calories per day to lose wight and for men around 2000.

Improving your memory

Your brain will have access to more oxygen during and after a workout. Many studies have shown that your memory and learning abilities increase if you work out regularly.

increased energy levels

Studies have proven that you will have more energy throughout the day if you exercise regularly. This also makes you more productive.

Less sick days

One of the many health benefits of working out is the fact that you boost your immune system. Therefore, you're contributing to getting sick less often.

You will be happier

A study by the University of Bristol showed that people's moods were significantly better on the days where they exercised. You are not only working on looking good but working out is also a self-care idea.

You will live longer

By exercising, you keep your muscles, bones and joints healthy. Furthermore, it has been proven to lower the risk of several diseases such as diabetes, and cholesterol.

Relieve stress

Exercising keeps your mind out of your daily struggles. It allows your brain to obtain lots of fresh air and feel overall better during the day.

Boost confidence

One of the most common motivation points that people use to go to the gym is their physical aspect. Exercising allows you to lose weight, fat and gain muscles. This makes you feel better about yourself and more confident.

Have better posture

If done the right way, you will most likely improve your posture by practicing certain exercises such the plank and push-ups. we advice you to learn with a professional how to practice them correctly since it can have the opposite effect to a better posture if done the wrong way. Most beginners, while doing the plank, have their lower back either too up or too low.

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Exercise and sleep

A benefit of exercise is sleep. If you exercise, you allow your body to distress, and get rid of excess energy.

One very important thing that is also often forgotten is that you need the right mattress in order to rejuvenate fully.

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