Talalay Latex vs Memory Foam

While memory foam is a mass produced material that often has an imbalance between value and price, Talalay latex is a hidden gem; it is a performance material.

Talalay Latex vs Memory Foam

Talalay latex vs Memory Foam

Both Talalay latex and memory foam are commonly used as bedding materials. While memory foam is a mass produced material that often has an imbalance between value and price, Talalay latex is a hidden gem; it is a performance material. Many people who work for bedding manufacturers and retailers sleep on a Talalay latex mattress because of its superb qualities. Here we compare memory foam vs latex, or more specifically Talalay latex; they could not be more diverse.

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Difference Between Vita Talalay and Memory Foam

  • Natural, pure, derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree.
  • Supportive, it’s like sleeping on air.
  • Cushioning: excellent point pressure relief.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Easy to turn without partner disturbance.
  • Is responsive and bounces back so that you need little energy to move.
  • You feel hugged.
  • Consistent feel with different temperatures.
  • Hygienic, moisture dissipating.
  • Hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal.
  • Zero potential harmful materials for humans and environment, no toxins.
  • Highly durable, round cell always bounces back into its round shape

Natural vs Synthetic/Chemical

Talalay latex is made with either 30% Natural latex or pure Natural latex. The latex is derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, also called the rubber tree. The milky white tree sap is captured from the tree and then processed to become a Talalay latex mattress. Vita Talalay is moving towards making everything with pure Natural latex and in North-America and Europe already more than half of the business is made solely with Natural latex sap. Memory foam does not have that option as it always is a combination of a polyol with TDI (Toluene DiIsocyante) or MDI (Diphenylmethane Diisocyante), and therefore a chemical product. There is increased debate on the health of diisocyantes. Also in general VOC levels of polyurethanes (like memory foam) are high and potentially harmful.

Some brands claim that they have a natural memory foam. However, memory foam is always at least 95% chemical (some polyols may have a natural component like soya). It does not make the material more healthy. With Vita Talalay Embrace (a Talalay with a memory foam feel) we can get up to 30% Natural making it the most natural “memory foam” option in the market.

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Environmental Friendly vs Impacting Natural Resources

Next to the health discussion it is sure that memory foam impacts on the natural resources of our planet as it is petroleum-based. There is a lot of energy involved with it and has a huge carbon footprint. Talalay latex has a reduced carbon footprint because it sources a fast-growing part of its latex from the rubber tree. Vita Talalay even has a pure natural latex option. This rubber tree takes CO2 from the air and replaces it with valuable oxygen. It does this for more than 20 years with little impact on the soil it grows in. Once felled, the wood is used for furniture and is often responsible FSC certified.

Now having covered the difference in the material, we can consider the functional differences of Talalay latex vs memory foam.

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Breathable vs Dense

Memory foam is a very dense material which reduces its ability to breathe. The lack of openness of the material creates a buildup of warmth and moisture close to your body. The difference in breathability is up to 25x more for Talalay latex! That lack of breathability of memory foam has many effects. Most importantly it affects the micro-climate in which you sleep. Memory foam sleeps up to 4ᵒC/7ᵒF warmer and because it is dense, moist stays close to your body, making your sleep clammy and less deep, making you wake up less well rested.

The effect of gel in memory foam does not change this. Gel is a conductive material, meaning that it is cool to the touch, but that does not mean it provides a cool sleep. Compare it with a ceramic coffee cup. It may feel cool to the touch, but when you add coffee, its function is the coffee warm, not to make the coffee cold.

Another consideration is dust mites. Memory foam, because of its temperature/moisture, is a good place for dust mite to multiply. That is why people with dust mite allergy choose latex, and results show it is best to choose Talalay latex.

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Supportive & Relieving vs Cratering

Talalay latex is the only bedding material that closes the paradox between being supportive and soft at the same time. Many things can be supportive, a table, a chair, a coil or salt, but those are not gentle, they build pressure points. Or things can be soft, like wool or down, but those do not handle weight well, they are not supportive. With the round cell structure of Talalay latex relieves where needed and carries where needed at the same time. This means you sleep ón a talalay latex mattress or topper, and do not sink into it like with a memory foam mattress which often feels like you are in a hole in your bed from which which it is not easy to escape. Therefore increasingly the thickness of the layer of polyurethane memory foam is reduced and a layer of non-memory polyurethane foam is used to give support to the mattress.

Energy Retaining vs Energy Dispersing

The story about memory foam is about NASA foam. But NASA never used memory foam to sleep on. It was made for astronauts seating to cope with G-forces. It was never used for sleeping in a rocket, and if it was, why would you use it here on earth under entirely different circumstances?

Also, anybody who has been in a hospital knows that memory foam does not give the best sleep. It is important for sleep that the material has bounce, because bounce helps you move on your bed. During the night, you change position about 30 times to remove pressure from your skin and improve blood circulation. Avoiding pressure to build up. Pressure builds up when you lie in a position for too long. If your mattress makes it almost impossible to move, you have a less restful sleep. With Talalay latex, the bounce helps you to move on your bed without effort and makes you sleep well and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

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