Talalay Latex Vs Memory Foam – Everything You Need To Know To Make The Right Choice And Find Healthy Sleep Talalay Latex Vs Memory Foam – Everything You Need To Know To Make The Right Choice And Find Healthy Sleep

Talalay latex vs Memory Foam – everything you need to know to make the right choice!

Have you heard a lot about the latest mattress innovations, but are unable to determine which one suits you best? Both latex and memory foam are types of foam, but when it comes to sleep, they are not the same.

Talalay Latex vs Memory Foam

The way they feel, and what they consist of may be the most relevant factors. Although the durability and costs are also relevant to make the best decision for yourself. There are several types to choose from, such as simple foam, memory foam, innerspring and latex. Above all, Talalay latex and memory foam are getting plenty of positive feedback from their users. Let’s compare Talalay latex vs memory foam and find out everything you need to know to make the right choice!

Both Talalay latex and memory foam are used as bedding materials. Memory foam is a mass-produced material, often imbalanced in value and price. Talalay latex consists of material that is carefully produced to the highest quality in every aspect. This may be the main reason many bedding retailers choose to sleep on a Talalay latex mattress themselves.

But it all depends on your personal preference. So how do you decide which type of mattress is the best fit for the way you sleep? Start by peeking under the hood to really understand the differences. Below are some key points of distinction between a latex vs memory foam mattress.

Vita Talalay Latex Open Round Cell Structure Vita Talalay Latex Open Round Cell Structure

Conventional Memory Foam Cell Structure Conventional Memory Foam Cell Structure

Memory Foam - Construction and Benefits

Memory foam is a man-made foam. It includes polyurethane and additional materials that create viscoelastic properties. Some brands claim they produce a natural memory foam with plant-based ingredients. For example, soybean oil instead of petroleum derivatives.

Unfortunately, most types of memory foam consist of a combination of chemicals. These are polyol and TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) or MDI (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate). This factually makes them a chemical product. Memory foam is always at least 95% chemical. Although some polyols may have a natural component like soya, this does not make the material healthier to use. Vita Talalay Embrace, a Talalay mattress with a memory foam feel, reaches up to 30% natural components. There is no other memory foam option on the market as natural as this. Being elastic, this comfortable material reduces pressure on the body. It gets even softer when in contact with body temperature. This is where the body-hugging feel kicks in, which is why some people opt for memory foam.

Is a memory foam mattress the right choice for you? Let’s find out more about Talalay latex before we draw conclusions.

Talalay Latex - Construction and Benefits

One of the big differences between Talalay latex and memory foam lies in the raw material used. Memory foam mattresses consist of synthetic material. Contrary, a Talalay latex mattress uses latex harvested from rubber trees. This offers greater elasticity and faster recovery time to return to its original shape. Latex mattresses are known to be more lifting than a memory foam mattress and even feature a distinct “bounciness”.

For those who don’t know, there are three types of latex recipes available in both Dunlop and Talalay:

● Natural

● Synthetic

● Blended variations of both synthetic and natural

Another big difference between a Talalay latex mattress and a memory foam mattress is the production process. Memory foam is made by chemical foaming, and creates a dense, closed structure, which is not very responsive (therefore sometimes called lazy foam). Vita Talalay latex is made with mechanical foaming, injecting air to create a foam structure that has round, open cells.

What About An All Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural latex is a suspension of rubber particles in water. The raw material is an extract of the rubber tree through longer incisions in the bark of the tree. Behind the cortex, there are vessels from which the latex flows. Don’t worry - this does not affect the development of the rubber tree. In fact, latex can be extracted from a single tree for up to 28 years!

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The Benefits of Talalay Latex

Without a doubt, the best natural latex mattress is made of Talalay latex. The benefits are endless. They are not only more elastic, breathable, porous, and adaptable. They have proven to be durable and natural, as well as softer and healthier than the Dunlop latex mattress. This includes a wide range of firmness levels, from soft to hard. Soft Talalay latex gives you a sensation comparable to memory foam without the sinking effect. The comfort offered by Talalay latex is great for body contour. Its unique cellular structure provides durable body support and a floating feel. Natural Talalay latex is one of the most breathable foams in the world. Customers can enjoy the comfort of Talalay latex without the risk of heat building up. This is because it provides perfect sleeping temperature, thanks to its breathable properties. Any other type of foam does not have this level of breathability.


Memory foam mattresses consist of dense material. A Talalay latex mattress, on the other hand, is porous and is much more breathable than memory foam. This lack of breathability in memory foam has many effects. Most importantly, it affects the micro-climate in which you sleep. During regular sleep, memory foam can get up to 4ᵒC/7ᵒF warmer. Because of its density, moisture stays close to your body, making your sleep clammy and not as deep. In turn, you wake up more often during the night and are not as rested as you should be. With it's round and open cells, Talalay latex allows good air circulation inside the mattress. These cells are visible through a magnifying glass. This ensures a constant sleep temperature without generating heat or moisture build-up. Talalay latex is proven to be the most breathable foam in the world.


Talalay latex reduces pressure points on your muscles and bones. This provides a relaxing feel and allows optimal blood circulation. As a result, your sleep will be deeper and more restful. Not only will you benefit from changing sleeping positions less. Your partner's sleep will be deeper and less disturbed as well. With a Talalay latex mattress you will not feel any motion transfer. This makes the quality of your sleep independent of your partner.


Due to the structure of Talalay latex, the latex mattress responds to our movements. This helps you to change your sleeping position. This way, you won’t disturb your partner’s deep sleep.


A Vita Talalay latex mattress contains up to 100% natural latex. This ensures firmness and durability. The latex is a product of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, also called “the rubber tree”. After extracting the milky white tree sap from the tree, we process it to become a 100% latex mattress. The production of Talalay latex does not include any artificial additives or petrochemicals.


Talalay latex has many antibacterial and natural anti-fungal properties. So, a Talalay latex mattress or Talalay latex mattress topper is also the more hygienic choice. Every block is washed several times before it leaves the premises.


Another consideration is dust mites. Memory foam is a fertile place for dust mites. The higher temperature and resulting moisture level make it so fertile. The open cell structure of a Talalay latex mattress gives dust mites no chance to thrive. That is why a Talalay latex mattress is the best choice for people with a dust mite allergy.


Thanks to the design of its internal structure, Talalay latex maintains all its features for its entire life cycle. The life cycle of a Talalay latex mattress may exceed 10 years.

Latex vs Memory Foam Mattress

Are you still not convinced why a latex mattress is the best choice? We have compiled a summary that dives into the advantages of a latex mattress or latex mattress topper. This way you can be sure to understand the difference between memory foam and a Talalay latex mattress:

● Natural, pure, derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree

● Supportive, it’s like sleeping on air

● Cushioning: excellent pressure point relief

● Highly breathable

● Easy to turn without disturbing your partner

● Responsive texture so that you need little energy to move

● You feel hugged

● Consistent feel throughout the seasons – consistent perfect sleep temperature

● Hygienic, moisture dissipating

● Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial / anti-bacterial / anti-fungal

● No harmful materials for humans and the environment, no toxins

● Durable, open round cell structure bounces back into its round shape

There are plenty of key points that show why Talalay latex is superior to memory foam. Let’s have a look at the three powerful comparisons between the two.

Supportive & Relieving vs Cratering

Talalay latex is the only bedding material that is supportive and soft, at the same time. What do we mean by that? Well, many things can be supportive. A chair or a springy sofa can be supportive, but those are not gentle, they build pressure points on your body. Materials can be soft, like wool or cotton, but those do not handle weight well, they are not supportive.

The round cell structure of a Talalay latex mattress relieves pressure and supports weight where needed, at the same time. This means, sleeping on a Talalay latex mattress or natural latex mattress topper, you do not sink in like on a memory foam mattress. Sinking into the mattress can feel like lying in a crater, making it difficult to move freely.

Energy Retaining vs Energy Dispersing

The story of memory foam originates from research done by NASA. Memory foam helps astronauts cope with G-forces while seated. It was never used for sleeping in a spacecraft. Even if it was, why would you use it here on earth under entirely different circumstances?

Anybody who has stayed in a hospital knows that memory foam does not provide the best sleep. It is important for a good night’s sleep that the supportive material is a little bouncy. This helps you move freely on your bed. During the night, you change positions 30 times on average. You do this to reduce pressure from your muscles and improve blood circulation. Essentially, this avoids pressure building up. Pressure builds up when you lie in the same position for too long. If your mattress makes it almost impossible to move like it is the case with memory foam, you have a less restful sleep. With a latex mattress, the small bounce helps you to move on your bed with minimal effort. This makes you sleep well, and it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Environmentally Friendly vs Impacting Natural Resources

Our products are not only the best choice for personal health. We care about the environment just as much as about your health. It is certain that memory foam has a negative impact on our planet, as it is petroleum-based. Its production involves a lot of energy and leaves a huge carbon footprint. Talalay latex has a reduced carbon footprint because it comes from a natural source, the rubber tree. Vita Talalay even offers a 100% organic latex mattress. The rubber tree takes CO2 from the air and replaces it with valuable oxygen. It does this for more than 20 years with little impact on the soil it grows in. Once felled, the wood can be used for FSC certified furniture.

So, by choosing a 100% natural latex mattress, you opt for an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.

Now we have covered the differences between the materials. Let's look at the functional differences between a latex mattress vs memory foam.

So here is the big question: Latex vs. Foam mattress — Which One Is Right For You?

How would you decide between a natural latex mattress and memory foam? It all depends on what benefits you are hoping for. Both types of comfort materials serve a purpose and are a good fit for certain kinds of sleepers.

Memory foam is a decent choice that will allow you to get some sleep. Though, if you are looking to get the best sleep possible, reconsider your choice. Keep in mind that you spend a third of your life in bed. A Vita Talalay latex mattress is the most durable choice you can make. It provides you with more bounce, support, and optimal sleep temperature. In addition, it is the most responsible choice for the environment.

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Here is an overview on the differences between Talalay Latex and Memory Foam!

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