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Vita Talalay Latex Pillow

Sleep on a Vita Talalay pillow, it is the supportive cloud for your head

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The Vita Talalay pillow reconnects Your Body To Your Inner Self

The more Vita Talalay latex in your pillow, the more it offers good support for your body, relief for pressure points and the more it keeps your sleep environment hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Vita Talalay latex Pillow
Ventilation Did you know that the best bedroom temperature to fall asleep lies around 15 and 20 °C? Vita Talalay pillows are comfortably breathable, helping you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This ventilation, created by the open cell structure, helps prevent sweating, reduces dust mites and promotes a hygienic, healthy sleep.
Supportive softness Usually, pillows are either soft or firm. Vita Talalay latex pillows, however, present both soft and supportive features: the softness helps relieve pressure and pain in joints and muscles while its supportiveness provides a straight spine and prevents back pain. Our foam lifts and adapts to your body from top to bottom, providing a buoyant, weightless sleep experience.
Durable Vita Talalay is made to last. What we want, is to ensure that our clients get nothing less than outstanding. What we want, is to provide you with the most resilient, reliable and loyal servant for years to come. Gone are the days of hollow pillows that cave in, gone are the horrible mornings, and gone is regret. Vita Talalay latex keep their shape for years.
Bouncy Naturally you turn in your sleep, up to 40 times per night. A good pillow should not only provide the adequate support, but should also allow for easy movement. If you cannot move well in your pillow, you decrease your chances for a good night’s sleep. Our pillows are resilient, bouncy and responsive which ensure good and free movement, so you can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.
Dust Mite Resistant Beds, carpets, curtains, tapestry… Dust mites feed off organic detritus like skin flakes and excrete materials that could contribute to hay fever and asthma problems. Thanks to its open cell structure, Vita Talalay’s breathable latex pillows have the added hygienical advantage of being hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. The Talalay latex foam is inhospitable for these little bugs and it makes it harder for them to occupy your sleep sanctuary.
Unique We believe in our material: unique, inimitable and incomparable, yet simple: no need for complicated combinations, no need for difficult decisions. We aim to provide you not just one, but the one. Vita Talalay, with its proud history and incredibly devoted people, to bring you only what you deserve: a peaceful and healthy sleep.
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What Is a Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow?

The secret to a healthy sleep, is the inside of your pillow.

The head regulates 25% of your body heat. This asks for the best breathable that helps you with that regulation. When your head stays cool, your body will have a stable temperature as well. Vita Talalay is breathable and helps regulating warmth.

On top of heat regulation, our natural pillow helps against allergies. Less warmth and moist means there is no ground for dust mites, mold or mildew to develop. This makes the pillow hypoallergenic. Moreover it is free of any petrochemical products.

Point of pressure relief is important. The head should be in a horizontal position with the rest of the body to have excellent spinal alignment. You won’t like to wake up with a stiff neck or with a headache. Our pillow gives you excellent point pressure relief and end any tension on the muscles or skin.

Why a Vita Talalay Pillow?


Our latex pillow offers you a range of health benefits. Its open cell structure allows air to circulate, making it more breathable for your head. The breathability helps you to feel warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Soft & Supportive

Our foam makes any pillow ideal for a good night’s sleep, creating the perfect alignment for your spine. Its softness relieves your body's pressure points. It's firmness provides support for your shoulders, back, neck and, most of all, your head.

Everybody sleeps in different positions and has a different type of body. We handcraft our pillow ensuring that everyone gets the healthiest restorative sleep.

Dust Mite Resistant

The Talalay production process, makes our product dust mite resistant. It is perfect against asthma and dust mite allergy. The resistance to dust mites will give you the pleasure of a restorative night's sleep.


We manufacture our pillow with a patented recipe!

How Long does it last?

The pillow produced with the purest quality of natural latex imported from Asia and South America. Together with our more than half a century of experience, we handcraft it with the unique Talalay method. Our pillow is built to last, since it will not sag, tear or break. Moreover, it adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep experience possible.

Our Natural Pillow is Made For You!

Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, you need no pillow or a low Talalay latex pillow. It needs to be almost flat so that your head stays aligned with the rest of the body. You can still choose a shaped or shapeable option. Our latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, we recommend the natural latex pillow to give good support in the back of the neck. You will sleep in a comfortable straight 180 degrees flat position. That will prevent you from having neck pain. The Vita Talalay pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

Side Sleepers

Is side sleeping your favorite sleep position? The best for you is a higher loft, soft or firm natural latex pillow. It needs to fill the distance between shoulder and neck. The pillow can be lower on a soft mattress and it needs to be higher on a firm latex mattress. In this way, there will be distance between your ear and outside shoulder. Another method to see if you have the right pillow height and shape is to see if you are able to breathe easy. The perfect pillow improve your breathing . Your Vita Talalay natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you a healthy sleep.

Active Sleepers

A lot of people are active sleepers too. They move a lot in your sleep, or if you turn over and also sleep on their back for part of the time. They do not sleep in one position only. We recommend to try different positions and pillows in store and get advice. Try any natural latex pillow and see if you can achieve optimal comfort. It supports your head, neck and shoulders, enabling your muscles to relax. Our natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

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About Latex Mattress by Vita Talalay

Latex is a great material for pillows. The sap is extracted with care and expertise from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). A pillow with latex inside is definitely the healthiest choice due to its natural properties, as opposed to many non-latex pillows. The latter contain petroleum based foams, may release toxic chemicals as they age. Talalay latex is naturally cooling, whereas non-latex pillows have to add an additional chemical ingredient to try to keep cool. Enjoy a healthy sleep!

Latex Mattress by Vita Talalay Liquid Latex in Mould

Talalay refers to the name Joseph Talalay, who invented the Talalay production process. The latex mixture is filled with air, injected in a mould and expanded through a vacuum before being flash frozen at -30°C (-(22°F), which enables the round, open cells to retain their shape. Then the pillow is baked or “vulcanised” at 115°C (235°F). Finally the pillows are washed, dried and then tested for quality control.

Vita Talalay Natural LatexMemory Foam PillowDunlop Latex
Pure Natural, derived from the rubber tree.Synthetic: derived from oil.Natural or mix of natural and synthetic.
Supportive. Optimal spinal alignment and pressure point relief.Little support, you sink in.Supportive. Considered sometimes as too firm / not cushioning.
Feels like sleeping on air. Buoyant. Soft yet supportive.Moulding, sinking. Quick sand. Hammock.Firm. Not soft.
Highly breathable because of open cells. Optimal ventilation.Minimal to no ventilation, creating a hot sleep and bacteria niche. Less air circulation and ventilation.
Easy to turn, free movement, without partner disturbance.You feel stuck. Turning requires energy for you.Easy to turn without partner disturbance.
You feel hugged. It embraces you. High pressure relief.Good pressure relief.Firmness can create pressure points.
Consistent feel. Keeps you warm during winter and cold during summer.Hard when cold, too soft when warm.Consistent feel.
Hypoallergenic. Dust mite resistant. Naturally antibacterial.Too dense for anti-allergy properties.Denser, warmer, more humid, better environment for dust mites.
Light latex smell, No harmful off-gassing. Free of toxic chemicals.Partly off-gassing doubtful materials. Very strong chemical smell, especially when new.Depending on the recipe. General no harmful off gassing.
Highly durable, round cells always bounce back into its original shape.In practice it becomes excessively soft or sag also due to warmth and humidity.Because of high density durable. No round cells.
Latex Mattresses by Vita Talalay Product Picture

Latex mattresses are great. A Vita Talalay is unsurpassed.

Vita Talalay allows you to float on nature while revitalizing your body

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Vita Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Vita Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Vita Talalay latex topper is The cherry that tops your sleeping experience

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