Vita Talalay Latex Pillow

Sleep on a Talalay latex pillow, it is the supportive cloud for your head

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Talalay Latex pillow reconnects Your Body To Your Inner Self

The more Vita Talalay latex in your pillow, the more it offers good support for your body, relief for pressure points and the more it keeps your sleep environment hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Vita Talalay latex Pillow
Ventilation Did you know that the best bedroom temperature to fall asleep lies around 15 and 20 °C? Vita Talalay mattresses are comfortably breathable, helping you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This ventilation, created by the open cell structure, helps prevent sweating, reduces dustmites and promotes a hygienic, healthy sleep.
Supportive softness Usually, pillows are either soft or firm. Vita Talalay latex pillows, however, present both soft and supportive features: the softness helps relieve pressure and pain in joints and muscles while its supportiveness provides a straight spine and prevents backpain. Our foam lifts and adapts to your body from top to bottom, providing a buoyant, weightless sleep experience.
Durable Vita Talalay is made to last. What we want, is to ensure that our clients get nothing less than outstanding. What we want, is to provide you with the most resilient, reliable and loyal servant for years to come. Gone are the days of hollow pillows that cave in, gone are the horrible mornings, and gone is regret. Vita Talalay latex pillows keep their shape for years.
Bouncy Naturally you turn in your sleep, up to 40 times per night. A good bed should not only provide the adequate support, but should also allow for easy movement. If you cannot move well in your bed, you decrease your chances for a good night’s sleep. Vita Talalay latex pillows are resilient, bouncy and responsive which ensure good and free movement, so you can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.
Dust Mite Resistant Beds, carpets, curtains, tapestry… Dust mites feed off organic detritus like skin flakes and excrete materials that could contribute to hay fever and asthma problems. Thanks to its open cell structure, Vita Talalay’s breathable latex pillows have the added hygienical advantage of being hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. The Talalay latex is inhospitable for these little bugs and it makes it harder for them to occupy your sleep sanctuary. Latex Mattress by Vita Talalay Dust Mite Resistant, Hypoallergenic and Hygienic
Unique We believe in our material: unique, inimitable and incomparable, yet simple: no need for complicated combinations, no need for difficult decisions. We aim to provide you not just one, but the one. Vita Talalay, with its proud history and incredibly devoted people, to bring you only what you deserve: a peaceful and healthy sleep.
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What Is a Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow?

The secret to a healthy sleep, is the inside of your pillow. That is why we produce the highest quality natural latex pillow core, present inside of the best pillows worldwide, to provide you the optimal sleeping experience.

The head is known for regulating 25% of your body heat. This asks for the best latex pillow that helps you with that regulation. When your head stays cool, your body will have a stable temperature as well. Vita Talalay® is highly breathable and helps regulating warmth.

On top of warmth regulation the moisture dissipation of a Vita Talalay natural latex pillow helps against allergies. Less warmth and moist means there is no ground for dust mites, mold or mildew to develop. This makes the pillow hypo-allergenic. Free of any petro-chemical product Natural Vita Talalay® pillows are the healthy choice to make.

It is known that the head should be in a horizontal position with the rest of the body to have excellent spinal alignment. You won’t like to wake up with a stiff neck or with a headache. A Vita Talalay latex foam pillow gives you excellent point pressure relief with that soft cushioning feel, without any tension on the muscles or skin. A Talalay latex pillow can be bought in different heights, firmness and shapes. So everybody can find its best ergonomic pillow that meets your needs, regardless whether you are a side, back or front sleeper or what build you may have. A Vita Talalay latex pillow relieves head, neck and shoulders allowing muscles to relax and to ensure a more restful sleep.

Why a Vita Talalay Natural Pillow?


Our natural latex pillow offers you a range of health benefits: its open cell structure allows air to circulate, making it more breathable for your head. Thanks to its breathability, our natural latex pillow helps you to feel comfortably warm during a cold winter night and to prevent you from sweating during the heat of summer.

Soft & Supportive

Vita Talalay's natural latex pillow is ideal for a good night’s sleep, creating the perfect alignment for your spine. Its softness relieves your body's pressure points, while it provides support for your shoulders, back, neck and, most of all, your head.

Everybody sleeps in different positions and has a different type of body. That is why we handcraft Vita Talalay natural latex pillow ensuring that back, side, or stomach sleepers get the healthiest restorative sleep.

And the best is that everyone can enjoy its benefits: it does not matter if you are an adult, teen, child or even a baby, our natural latex pillow is suitable for everybody!

Dust Mite Resistant

Vita Talalay's natural latex pillow is dust mite resistant by nature, perfect against asthma and dust mite allergy. Its natural resistance to dust mites will give you the pleasure of a truly restorative night's sleep.


Our natural latex pillow is manufactured with a patented recipe, and simply the best for your healthy sleep!

How Long Can a Vita Talalay Pillow Last For?

Our Vita Talalay natural latex pillow is produced with the purest quality of natural latex. And, together with our more than half a century of experience, we handcraft our natural latex pillows with the unique Talalay method. Our natural latex pillow is built to last, since it will not sag, tear or break. Your Vita Talalay natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep experience possible. As we are on the inside of the pillow brand, ask the store about guarantees.

Our Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow For You!

A Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, you need no pillow or a low Talalay latex pillow. It needs to be almost flat so that your head stays aligned with the rest of the body. You can still choose a shaped or shapeable option. Your Vita Talalay natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow For Back Sleepers

Are you a back sleeper? Then we recommend the natural latex pillow to give good support in the back of the neck, but not too much because that will bring your head too far forward. You will sleep in a comfortable straight 180 degrees flat position, which will prevent you from having neck pain. Your Vita Talalay® natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow For Side Sleepers

Is side sleeping your favorite sleep position? The best for you is a higher loft, soft or firm natural latex pillow. It needs to fill the distance between shoulder and neck. The pillow can be lower on a soft mattress (your shoulders will partly sink into the mattress already) and needs to be higher on a firm latex mattress. In this way, the distance between your ear and outside shoulder will be filled in. Another method to see if you have the right pillow height and shape is to see if you are able to breathe easy. If the breathing is improved than that is the right pillow for you. Your Vita Talalay natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you a healthy sleep.

Vita Talalay Natural Latex Pillow For Active Sleepers

A lot of people are active sleepers too. They move a lot in your sleep, or if you regularly turn over and also sleep on their back for part of the time. They do not sleep in one position only. We recommend to try different positions and pillows in store and get advice. Try any natural latex pillow and see if you can achieve optimal comfort. Vita Talalay natural latex pillow supports your head, neck and shoulders, enabling your muscles to relax. Vita Talalay's natural latex pillow adapts to your body, providing you the healthiest sleep.

Talalay Latex Pillow FAQ

• Is Vita Talalay latex pillows Eco Friendly / sensible for the environment?
Yes undoubtedly. There are several smart ecological reasons preferring Vita Talalay over the other comfort material.

• Is our latex pillow safe for individuals with allergies?
For someone with latex hypersensitivity reaction, Vita Talalay is safe. we've got never received any feedback from shoppers with regards to latex allergic reaction coupled to the proteins that cause the hypersensitivity reaction. the rationale is that the proteins are washed out throughout the production method and also the latex is tucked within the pillow. For individuals with dust mite hypersensitivity reaction, Vita Talalay brings another profit because the Talalay method makes such an airy product that it offers no ground for dust mites to live in.

• Is Vita Talalay latex pillow recyclable?
Yes, our Talalay latex is reusable. If the latex pillow is saved by the mattress store or given to a recycling purpose, the latex is reused for underfloor or insulation.

• How long do our latex pillow last?
Our Vita Talalay natural latex pillow is formed with the purest quality of natural latex. And, with our over half a century of expertise, we have a tendency to craft our natural latex pillow with the distinctive Talalay technique.
Our natural latex pillow is formed pure and so is constructed to last; it'll not sag, soften, tear or break.
Your Vita Talalay natural latex pillow can keep their form for years and years to come!

• Are Vita Talalay latex pillow washed ?

All Vita Talalay latex are washed well with pure, clear water, that's solely used one single time, laundry out soaps and left over proteins. Comparisons (analysis) with alternative latex suppliers have shown that our laundry method is incredibly thorough.

Where do we manufacture our latex pillow?
All Vita Talalay merchandise are one hundred percent created at radium Foam in the Kingdom of The Netherlands within the town of Maastricht. radium foam produces latex since 1932.

• Are Vita Talalay latex pillows certified?
We have many certifications: all our merchandise are Oekotex 100 class one certified; Natural Vita Talalay has the Cradle to Cradle Gold and also the Eco-Institut certification. All certifications show that our merchandise are safe. For the united kingdom we've the FIRA certificate, showing that the Natural Vita Talalay fr is fire-resistant consistent with Great Britain legislation.

• Is our latex pillow 100% natural?
Natural Vita Talalay is formed with pure natural latex. Within the production method we need a “vulcanization paste” that helps within the baking process. As a consequence ninety seven percent is natural latex and also the other three percent are natural remnants of the production method. The washing method washes out proteins and soaps used throughout the method.

• What is the composition of Vita Talalay® latex?
The latex used is either a mix of natural and artificial or created absolutely with natural latex.

Vita Talalay offers the subsequent variety of latex products:
• Superior: a combination of 40% natural latex and 60% synthetic
• Natural: one hundred natural latex.
• Embrace: A visco latex with a combination of 30% natural latex and 70% artificial latex with a viscose supplement.
• Intuition: a combination of 60% natural and 40% artificial with a supplement of phase transition material.
• Natural FR: A incombustible latex created from a combination 50% natural latex and 50% synthetic latex with a supplement of incombustible material.

• What is synthetic latex?
Synthetic latex is obtained from fossil oil. throughout world war II, there was a shortage of natural rubber. synthetic rubber was developed as an alternative to natural latex for creating tyres, among alternative product. It's a really stable product and easier to produce than natural rubber, and this is often why this can be included to most rubber compounds. Even now, several natural latex merchandise contain a precise amount of artificial materials. additionally to our pure natural Vita Talalay® latex pillow without any artificial latex, Vita Talalay® conjointly offers a mixture of artificial and natural latex pillows.

• What is Natural Latex ?
Natural latex comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree that grows in Asia and South America. The milky-white rubber sap from this tree is used in our latex pillows. we use a combination of natural and artificial rubber in our product. However, for our Natural Vita Talalay® latex, we don't use artificial latex. The Natural Vita Talalay® latex is formed from pure natural latex and it's offered within the best pillow brands worldwide.

• Are flame retardants employed in Vita Talalay latex pillows?
No, Vita Talalay doesn't contain fire retardants. The Natural Fr that is specially created for UK legislation will contain a natural flame agent that's in line with REACH legislation, and is Cradle-to-Cradle Gold and Eco-Institut certified as well.

• Is our Talalay latex pillow biodegradable?
The natural latex used is bio based and additionally biodegrades. However, there's no such factor as a foam being biodegradable! Not a memory foam, not a Dunlop latex and not a Talalay. Indeed, the tapped liquid natural latex rubber itself is perishable, however the finished product isn't. The rationale is that within the method, crosslinks are made from the molecules, that can't simply be undone. this is often a decent factor, because otherwise your bed would be degrading whereas you're laying your head on it.

• Is Vita Talalay latex safe while not being organic?
Food may be absolutely organic. however with a latex pillow, that doesn't add up. Harvested organic latex invariably need an addition of some inorganic materials to process it into a latex pad, topper or pillow. Organic certifications do some traceability of the latex itself however don't trace whether or not the superimposed inorganic materials (needed to urge from liquid to a solid material) are safe.

All Vita Talalay is Oekotex one hundred percent class one. With Natural Vita Talalay we even have 2 additional certifications that check the end product to be safe. And on prime Cradle to Cradle chemists have analysed not solely the latex, however additionally the inorganic additives. It shows that the latex and also the additives contains zero harmful materials for the health of humans and therefore the environment.

• How does the Talalay production method looks like and how will it dissent from Dunlop?
More on the production method here.

• Why are there pinholes in Vita Talalay Latex pillow?
During the Talalay production method, we use molds with pins. These have a practicality throughout the method. They're required for cold and heat transfer. This creates an airy open cell structure. The ventilation features of Vita Talalay are a results of the production method, and not as some foam makers will say because it's been “perforated”.

• Is our talalay latex pillow environmentally friendly?
Yes! There are several ecological reasons for Vita Talalay® preference over any other comfort material.

• Do I sleep cool on a Talalay latex pillow?
Yes, you do. Tests show that the resistance to the warmth (and wetness, that is created by the human heat, which may sweat) with Talalay is far less than with memory foam. confer the illustration below wherever Talalay compared with memory foam. take a look at Custom8 2013. This shows that the vertical penetration abundant less (in cm) within the latex of heat and humidness is compared to a generally-known memory foam.

• Which tests ought to be performed to make sure that the latex within your pillow is of acceptable quality and without risks?
We test the artificial latex for PH, dry matter and viscosity. we have a tendency to involve the merchandise of European makers who offer a whole product specification and that we ensure they work in line with the European legislation. For natural latex we have a tendency to take a look at PH, dry matter, mechanical stability and chemical stability. Radium Foam also uses its own technique of measure chemical stability and connections are tested on a day to day.

• Is there a risk of an allergy by sleeping on latex pillow with Vita Talalay?
Vita Talalay® latex pillow is totally non-allergenic, all pillows meet the Ökotex one hundred class I standard. this suggests that our product also are safe for babies. The washing method of the Vita Talalay® technique ensures that all proteins and soaps are washed out. individuals generally link the allergies to latex gloves with latex beds, however the material cannot be compared. Latex allergies are out there in several forms. a really rare type is hypersensitivity to latex. during this case, the sensitivity is caused by exposure to particles within the air. These particles may be derived from cheap unwashed latex. Frequent however still rare is that the sensitivity of the skin to latex, caused by long intensive contact with the skin. An allergy might occur. Causes may be chemical substances within the latex or the macromolecule within the natural latex.

Since the production start in 1961, radium Foam has never detected that our product have caused an allergic reaction. There are numerous reasons for this. The prime quality of the latex used. that every product is totally rinsed and washed and that the residues of proteins and soap are removed. Or as a result of there's no direct contact between the skin and Talalay. However a reason might also be that Vita Talalay® latex pillow are Oeko-Tex standard one hundred product class I certified, which implies that they're free from harmful substances and even safe for the baby's skin. however additionally as a result of Vita Talalay® is permeable, which suggests a lower accumulation of dust mites and fungus. Way more typically individuals are sensitive to house dust mites or have an bronchial asthma allergic reaction. that's why Vita Talalay® is suggested to people that are vulnerable to allergies.

• What is the price of a latex pillow with Vita Talalay?
Vita Talalay is found within many various mattresses, pad toppers and pillows from numerous brands. Therefore, the value of a pillow depends on the brand and also the model.

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About Latex mattress by Vita Talalay

Latex is a great material for pillows. The sap is extracted with care and expertise from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). A latex pillow is definitely the healthiest choice due to its natural properties, as opposed to many non-latex mattresses. The latter contain petroleum based foams, may release toxic chemicals as they age. Talalay latex is naturally cooling, whereas non-latex pillows have to add an additional chemical ingredient to try to keep cool. Enjoy a healthy sleep!

Latex Mattress by Vita Talalay Liquid Latex in Mould

Talalay refers to the name Joseph Talalay, who invented the Talalay production process. The latex mixture is filled with air, injected in a mould and expanded through a vacuum before being flash frozen at -30°C (-(22°F), which enables the round, open cells to retain their shape. Then the pillow is baked or “vulcanised” at 115°C (235°F). Finally the pillows are washed, dried and then tested for quality control.

Vita Talalay Natural Latex PillowMemory Foam PillowDunlop Latex Pillow
Pure Natural, derived from the rubber tree.Synthetic: derived from oil.Natural or mix of natural and synthetic.
Supportive. Optimal spinal alignment and pressure point relief.Little support, you sink in.Supportive. Considered sometimes as too firm / not cushioning.
Feels like sleeping on air. Buoyant. Soft yet supportive.Moulding, sinking. Quick sand. Hammock.Firm. Not soft.
Highly breathable because of open cells. Optimal ventilation.Minimal to no ventilation, creating a hot sleep and bacteria niche. Less air circulation and ventilation.
Easy to turn, free movement, without partner disturbance.You feel stuck. Turning requires energy for you.Easy to turn without partner disturbance.
You feel hugged. It embraces you. High pressure relief.Good pressure relief.Firmness can create pressure points.
Consistent feel. Keeps you warm during winter and cold during summer.Hard when cold, too soft when warm.Consistent feel.
Hypoallergenic. Dust mite resistant. Naturally antibacterial.Too dense for anti-allergy properties.Denser, warmer, more humid, better environment for dust mites.
Light latex smell, No harmful off-gassing. Free of toxic chemicals.Partly off-gassing doubtful materials. Very strong chemical smell, especially when new.Depending on the recipe. General no harmful off gassing.
Highly durable, round cells always bounce back into its original shape.In practice it becomes excessively soft or sag also due to warmth and humidity.Because of high density durable. No round cells.
Latex Mattresses by Vita Talalay Product Picture

Latex mattresses are great. A Talalay latex mattress is unsurpassed.

Latex mattresses by Vita Talalay allow you to float on nature while revitalizing your body

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Vita Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Vita Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Sleep on a Vita Talalay latex mattress topper, it is The cherry that tops your sleeping experience

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