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Healthy Living is an all round bedding and sleep system retailer located in Waterford, Connecticut. They have a wide variety of products, which will allow you to get the sleep that you need and deserve. They offer pillows, mattresses, mattress toppers, duvets, and whole sleep systems. As they are focused on providing healthy sleep, they naturally also have products with Vita Talalay inside. This is because they know that sleeping on nature is the healthy choice as opposed to sleeping on oil. They have a latex mattress, latex mattress topper and latex pillow available which have been produced by Savvy Rest.

Savvy Rest is the producer of healthy and natural latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. In fact, it is the sole reason why the founder and CEO opened the business. He realized two important things: first of all, that the mattresses people are sleeping on are simply unhealthy. In fact, some may even be considered a health hazard. And the other, was that one of the main reasons behind this issue was that many were produced synthetically. This is when he discovered fully natural latex mattresses, latex mattress toppers and latex pillows with Vita Talalay inside.

The partnership between Savvy Rest and Vita Talalay has been an extremely fruitful one. This is because both are aiming for the same goal: to provide the healthiest sleep experience possible to their dear customers. Vita Talalay is made solely of pure natural latex – nothing more and nothing less. The special production process allows for the unique round and open cell structure to form. They are what give the fully natural comfort material their unsurpassed health benefits. These health benefits include high breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and that the comfort material is soft and supportive at the same time. There are many more as well, which is why Vita Talalay is the healthy choice.

    Healthy Living – Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Store In Waterford Ct

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