Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses Store

999 Newport Ave (Rt. 1A)
South Attleboro , United States of America

Cardi’S Furniture Mattresses – Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Store In South Attleboro Massachusetts Cardi’S Furniture Mattresses – Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Store In South Attleboro Massachusetts

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Monday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Tuesday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Wednesday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Thursday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Friday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Saturday - 10AM- 9:30PM

Sunday - 11AM- 6PM

Cardi’s Furniture is a furniture retail store that is successful for over 100 years. Cardi’s Furniture stores are dispersed all over the United States of America. One of the Cardi’s Furniture stores is situated in South Attleboro, Massachusetts. Cardi’s Furniture is known for its rich and inspiring history. For over 100 years, Cardi’s Furniture distinguished themselves by offering an extensive home furniture selections, providing the best prices in the market and ensuring helpful and friendly customer service. In fact, when buying any product with Cardi’s Furniture, you receive a price protection. Price protection is a 100 percent price guarantee. Cardi’s Furniture ensure that you will get the best price in the market at any given day. If you find the same product, with the same brand and the same terms and conditions. You will get refunded the price difference immediately.

Cardi’s Furniture offers an extensive range of home furniture. You can choose to furnish your home based on the specific room. For example, you can choose specific furniture that fits to your master bedroom, youth bedroom, living room, dining room or office space. At the same time, with Cardi’s Furniture you can shop according to the specific item that you need. It can be anything from a night table, mirror, bed frame or rug. In fact, you can even choose your favourite mattress. You can shop mattresses with Cardi’s Furniture based on the size, style or price you prefer. In fact, latex mattresses sold at Cardi’s Furniture are with Vita Talalay inside. Vita Talalay produces natural latex mattresses that are 100 percent organic. Vita Talalay latex mattresses are extremely healthy for you health as well as the environment. Vita Talalay also produces 100 percent natural latex mattress toppers and latex pillows. Shop the best Vita Talalay natural latex mattresses with Cardi’s Furniture.

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