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Cantoni Furniture first opened their doors as early as 1984. Ever since, they have stayed true to their commitment towards their clients as well as their passion for modern design. Their secret is that they have been able to combine both, allowing them to provide their clients with living spaces which reflect their personalities to an impeccable level of perfection. This is proven by the fact that the vast majority of their clients return, and build lifelong relationships with Cantoni Furniture.

Today, Cantoni is seen as a leader in modern furnishings and interior design across the United States. In the US alone, the brand has six locations spread across numerous states. In addition, they support commercial, as well as private residence projects across the globe. That includes cities such as Dubai, New York, Shanghai, and even Nairobi. Michael Wilcov's passion and vision have allowed him to catapult his business into being what it is today.

At Cantoni Furniture, you will find exceptional and unique furniture pieces. Each of them have been handpicked from leading design houses from around the globe. In addition, each product has gone through testing to ensure their top material and build qualities. At this extraordinary furniture store, you will be able to find any item to complement and improve your own home: from furniture accessories, kitchen cabinetry, lighting, artwork, closet systems, as well as bedroom furniture. This also includes latex mattresses with Vita Talalay inside by Berkeley Ergonomics.

Vita Talalay produces a pure natural latex comfort material which is second to none. You will find no artificial additives or fillers our latex mattress, latex mattress topper or latex pillow. In fact, Vita Talalay has a toxicity score of ZERO! If you are looking to improve your sleep and get the healthy sleep that you need, we highly recommend to visit Cantoni Furniture in Dallas, Texas. There, you will find amazing products and impeccable consultation to find exactly what you need!

    Cantoni Furniture - Natural Latex Mattress Topper Dallas Texas
    Cantoni Furniture - Natural Latex Pillow Dallas Texas
    Cantoni Furniture Natural Latex Pillow Dallas Tx
    Cantoni Furniture Natural Latex Mattress Topper Dallas Tx
    Cantoni Furniture Natural Latex Mattress Dallas Tx

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