Boulder Furniture & Mattress Store

2125 Pearl Street
Boulder , United States of America
(303) 938-9800

Boulder Furniture Mattress Store – Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Store In Boulder Colorado Boulder Furniture Mattress Store – Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Store In Boulder Colorado

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Savvy Rest

Opening Hours

Monday - 10AM- 7PM

Tuesday - 10AM- 7PM

Wednesday - 10AM- 7PM

Thursday - 10AM- 7PM

Friday - 10AM- 7PM

Saturday - 10AM- 6PM

Sunday - 11AM- 5PM

Boulder Furnitire & Mattress is located in Boulder, Colorado. It is a family business run by the Schram family. Cary Schram is the owner of the local furniture and mattress store. After graduating from CU Boulder with a Business Management degree in the early 2000s, the doors of Boulder Furniture & Mattress have been open. Today, they boast with 15 years of retail experience within the industry. In addition, Cary has also been able to prove that he knows more than the usual ins and outs of the business. He also shines when it comes to customer relations as the ultimate goal is to find the perfect solution for every individual’s unique needs. He also knows that a latex mattress with Vita Talalay inside is the healthy choice.

This is what makes Boulder Furniture & Mattress so unique. Cary has been able to hand select his suppliers along with the ever changing and developing needs and wants of the customer. In addition, he is also aware of the dangers of misinformation and information overload which comes hand in hand with the online age. He continues to strive and once again strengthen the connection between sellers and buyers. Amazing is also Cary’s ability to remember every single customers name and what they had purchased – even after many years have passed!

The team at Boulder Furniture & Mattress also includes his wife Katrina Schram. She is respionsible for the marketing end of things after receiving the same degree as Cary. Everything from advertsing and digital parts of the store is thanks to her! A further member of the team is Cary’s father, Terry. He is a corner stone of the business as he is responsible for sales with his many years of experience and expertise.

If you are looking for a latex mattress, latex mattress topper or latex pillow, you are at the right place. Let them show you their Savvy Rest collection which has Vita Talalay latex inside. We promise that you will feel the difference of a latex mattress.

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