Sleeping With Pets

Sleeping with pets isn’t unusual in most western countries.

American Pet Products Association conducted a research among pet owners. The survey found out that a large percentage of the pet owners are sleeping with pets at night. Nearly half of the dogs sleep with their partner at night. The smaller the dog, the bigger the change that the dog is allowed on the bed. However, even 32% of the large dogs sleep together with their owner. Cats are mostly allowed to sleep with their adult owners. Just 13% of the cats share the bed with children.

Sleeping with pets is not suitable for everyone, though. Know when to stop sleeping with your pet and keep them away from the bedroom.

Sleeping with pets can be unhealth

It’s not recommended to sleep with your pets if you are allergic to them or suffer from asthma. You shouldn’t even let your cat or dog enter your bedroom. You can consider purchasing an HEPA filter to get rid of the pet dander flying around in the air. Don’t let them go into your room, to give your nose a break so that it can recover at least a few hours a day.

If you still want the sleeping with pets experience, you might consider taking allergy shots. You can build a tolerance to pet dander. Pet dander is the element that causes allergic reactions. If you’re not allergic, there’s no significant issue with sleeping with pets, as long as it doesn’t disturb your sleep."

Sleeping with pets can be disturbing

Sharing the bed with a pet can disturb your sleep. You might get too warm, or your pet snores. You might not even know that they are the reason don’t get enough sleep. They can put their paws for example on your body, which make you twist or wake up lightly. If you have difficulty sleeping, you should consider not sleeping with pets.

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You can sleep better with pets

People, who have no problem falling or staying asleep, can sleep fine with their pets. Some people might even feel safer or calmer sleeping with pets. They can get used to the way they breathe, which helps them to fall asleep.

Intimacy while sleeping with pets

Many couples sleep with pets, but they deal with intimacy in different ways. Some put them outside the bedroom. Others give them the treat to distract them, and some couples don’t mind if the pet stays on the bed. It’s about how both people feel about the pet being there. You have to talk about it and make sure both people are comfortable with the situation. It’s also important that pets don’t physically come between couples at night; it can have an effect on your relationship.

Get your pet out of bed

If you don't want to sleep with your cat

You should never let your cat enter your bedroom, not even once if you want to sleep alone. You can’t open the door of your room whenever you want. Your cat gets very frustrated if you suddenly exclude them from the bedroom. They can show destructive behavior as the result. Cats don’t react well if you take away territory. It is therefore recommended to distract the cat by giving it something else to do at night. For example, move the cat condo in front of a window where you can see the street light. Watching the moths and flies around the light can keep the cat entertained throughout the night.

If you don't want to sleep with your dog

It’s fine to sleep with a dog that has no behavioral problems. It’s a compliment to the owner if a dog wants to sleep with him. It means that the dog trusts him. However, it’s better not to sleep with aggressive or dominant dogs to avoid problems. Make it a game to get off the bed, using lots of praise and petting. You might have a few sleepless nights, but you’ve got to stick with it.

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