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Sleeping Position Says Something About Your Personality 

Everyone has their own way of sleeping, and often have their own sleeping position. This position often says something about the person. We would like to provide more insight into the various sleeping positions.

Body language during the day often reveals a great deal, but our sleeping position also gives away a thing or two about our personality. Although most people don’t really stop and think about the position they sleep in, it can still be quite significant. Researchers have found that our sleeping position is also a form of body language, and is something that says a lot about our character. The various sleeping positions were divided up into six categories, and all of them appeared to be associated with a certain type of personality. The differences were greater than expected, and it also appeared that over 90% of the people are very loyal to their sleeping position.

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People Who Sleep On Their Stomachs Are Sociable

About five percent of people sleep in the ‘freefall’ position, which involves sleeping on your stomach with your arms next to your head. Although these are generally very sociable people, these stomach sleepers tend to be extra sensitive to criticism and extreme situations.

This can cause them to come across as nervous, and easily offended. Sleeping on your stomach is actually not very good for your neck since it tends to get twisted during sleep. For this reason, it is advisable for people who sleep on their stomachs to use a low pillow.

People Who Sleep On Their Backs Are Good Listeners

The least common sleeping position is referred to as the Starfish, which involves lying on your back with your arms next to your head. The five percent of people who sleep in this position are excellent listeners and are always willing to help others.

These people however are not keen on being the centre of attention. We actually give away some aspects of our personality even when we are in an unconscious state.

Fetal Position; Rough On The Outside, Soft On The Inside

In the majority, 40% of people sleep in the so-called fetal position. This involves lying with your knees curled up and your hands under your chin.

More than twice as many women as men prefer this sleeping position. These people appear to be rather shy and sensitive, even though they may seem rather strong and tough at first.

Slightly Gullible People Sleep In The Log Position

Over 15% of people sleep in the log position, lying on their sides with their arms straight down at their sides.

This group of people are apparently sociable and eager to belong to a group. They also tend to trust strangers easily, and their weakness is that they are a bit gullible.

Side Sleepers Are More Suspicious

Around 13% of people sleep on their sides with their arms stretched out in front of them. This group of people tend to have an open attitude, but they also have a suspicious and cynical side.

These people are also relatively slow in taking decisions.

The Soldier Position Indicates Discipline

The last category consists of people who sleep in what is referred to as the soldier position. These people sleep on their backs, with their arms down at their sides.

They make up 8% of the total, and are usually quiet, reserved types, with a great deal of discipline and who place high demands on themselves and others.

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