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The best side sleeper pillow

Are you a side sleeper just like most people? Find out the benefits of this position and what type of pillow is more suitable for this position.

What is the side sleeping position

The side sleeping position is the most popular position for humans. It is similar to the fetal position, except for the fact that the legs aren't pulled towards your body.

For almost every position, there's a different type of pillow recommended, which we will talk about later. Like many other positions, it comes with advantages and disadvantages.


Sleeping on your side, preferably on the left side, brings some health benefits. It can help with:

  • Snoring, as it allows your airways to stay open (contrary to when you sleep on your back). However, if you have some form of arthritis, it may make you snore.
  • Back pain relief. Whit the proper body allignment, this position may reduce lower back pain as well as chronic pain.
  • Gut health. Sleeping on your left side allows your stomach to digest food more easily.
  • Brain health. Research shows that this position affects the amount of waste removed from your brain. Your brain gets rid of waste throughout the day and night, but the majority is done in the night and more efficiently by this position.
  • Pregnancy health. It is recommended for pregnant women to sleep in this position, since it is easier for the heart to pump blood through the body.
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While sleeping on your side may be the most comfortable for some, it also has its cons. You can experience shoulder pain from sleeping on side, or pain on the left side of stomach. Whether you sleep on your left side or your right side, the corresponding side on your body will experience pressure, causing misalignment. However, this does not mean that you need to stop sleeping on your side, as below you can find out what the best pillow for side sleepers is; to give you extra support.

Other positions

There are many sleeping positions besides side sleeping.

1. Skydiver

This sleep position is when you sleep on your stomach with your arms wrapped around a pillow.

2. Stargazer

This sleep position sleeps on their back, with both on their hands over their head and tucked under or beside their pillow.

3. Starfish

This sleeping position resembles a starfish since the sleeper is on their back with both arms overhead.

4. Pillow-hugger

The sleeper in this position holds a pillow close to their body, and usually have either their arms or legs wrapped around the pillow.

5. Fetus position

This sleeping position lies on their side with their knees touching their chest; resembling the fetal position when in the womb.

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6. Stomach sleeper

This sleeping position speaks for itself, the sleeper lies s=flat on their stomach.

7. The yearner

The sleeper in this position lies on their side with their arms stretched out.

There are many sleeping positions as you see and not every pillow goes well with each position.

Types of pillows

Understanding which type of pillow suits, you the best is extremely important. Some people prefer softer pillows, others don't care about consistency as long as it is high, etc.

Let's take a look into the different types of pillows and later see which one is better for the side sleeping position.

1. Firm and thin

2. Firm and tall

3. Soft and thin

4. Soft and tall

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What is the best pillow for side sleepers and why?

Firm and tall

The most comfortable pillow for side sleepers is a firm pillow which is also tall enough to keep your shoulders aligned with your ears. A side sleeper pillow is characterized by being firm and dense providing neck support and body alignment.

One of the best firm pillows for side sleepers are latex pillows. Vita talalay offers a numerous amount of options when it comes to pillow consistencies and sizes. In addition, the pillows are also breathable, dust-mite free and regulate your body temperature.

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