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Pure natural talalay latex mattress manufactured

Knowing that your mattress is made out of natural Talalay latex is amazing!

How is a pure natural Talalay latex mattress manufactured?

How Incredible would it be to know exactly how your mattress is made and where your product comes from?! A nice fact is that the entire product is made from a sap that is extracted from a tree. This tree called ‘’Hevea Brasiliensis tree’’ grows in the Amazon rainforest in South Africa. The trees harvested there have no harmful consequences to the environment what so ever. The pure natural Talalay latex mattress comes from a tree. This sounds like sleeping in nature in your own bedroom. Who would not want that?

What is Talalay natural latex mattress made of?

Talalay Latex is derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The tree grows mainly in the Amazon

rainforests in South America. Among others, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil. The trees often grow in low altitudes and moist forests. When demand of the tree grew, the value of the trees increased and the trees were spread all over the world.

The tree can get 30-40 meter high and live up to 100 years. The white milky sap that is used for the latex mattresses is known as natural latex. Mattress manufacturers have to wait ten years after planting the trees to start cutting it in order to use the sap. The tree does not do any harm to the land where its grown compared to other crops. In fact, the trees boost the biological diversity of the environment where they are planted.

You can find the milky sap, that is used for the natural latex mattress, in the crust of the rubber tree. ‘’ Continuous tubes of latex known as “latex vessels” grow in a spiral around the bark of the rubber tree. When harvesting, the bark is carefully stripped away to expose the latex vessels. The latex then runs down the side of the tree into some sort of a container (often a coconut shell).‘’ The trees can be harvested for 24 years approximately. Each cut in the crust of the tree can give up to 6 years of latex sap. Every cut has time to heal for also 6 years, so no harm is done to the tree. The old rubber trees that are no longer needed or do not produce any more sap are cut down and used for other uses. For example, furniture and other items that are made with wood. The trees are always replaced with new plantations.

The process at the Vita Talalay manufacturer

The pure natural Talalay latex mattress has a very complex production process where 9 steps are being followed to create the end product. The competition only follows 5 steps in the production process, they skip steps 3, 4, 5, and 8 of the Talalay process.

• Step 1. Mixing The first step in the Talalay process is mixing the raw materials with air. No other fillers or synthetic materials are included with the natural sap from the tree.

• Step 2. Filling Then the mixture is filled on the core for 30% till 60%.

• Step 3. Vacuum formation Vacuum formation: The mixture is divided evenly over the core so that the entire platform is covered with the rubber sap.

• Step 4. Freezing The pure natural latex mattress is then frozen so the open cellular structure can be created. The open cellular structure allows the mattress to breathe. When manufacturers skip this step, their mattresses usually don’t ventilate that well.

• Step 5. Gelling/ Oxidation The mattress is treated with CO2. This helps the open cell structure to become firm.

• Step 6. Pre-vulcanisation At step six, the mattress is vulcanized to preserve the solid form of the Talalay latex mattress. This also improves the strength and resilience of the mattress. Plus it frees the mattress from stickiness and bad odor.

• Step 7. washing By washing the pure Natural Talalay latex mattresses they get a longer life. At this stage, the blocks of latex are washed clean. The machine has 8 rollers in total. The first 6 rollers rinse the mattress and the last 2 wrung the water out of the mattress so it can dry much easier later.

• Step 8. Drying and post-vulcanisation Finally, the mattresses are being dried 8 hours at 85ºC. The mattresses get their final form after this.

• Step 9. Finishing At the end, the final inspection is carried out. They test the mattress on its hardness and check the core of the mattress. When the Talalay latex mattress manufacturers are happy with the end result. Plus the requirements are met, the mattress gets a unique production number engraved. After this step, they are ready to be packed. You can choose your own package material for your mattress.

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Different materials used at Vita Talalay

Vita Talalay does not only produce the pure natural Talalay latex mattress. The company also has 4 other mattresses with different materials that they manufacture. Each of the mattresses can be produced in nine various degrees of firmness.


There are multiple pure natural Talalay products, such as the latex toppers and latex mattresses. Which are manufactured only with the tree sap, without any added synthetic material.


Then there is the Superior which is a mix of 70% synthetic latex and 30% natural latex.


Is also very similar to the Superior mattress, yet Embrace has a visco-supplement in the material. The mattress has more of ‘’memory foam feel’’ to it.


The Intuition mattress is a mix between the Vita Talalay process and the TES technology. (Thermal Energy Storage). The material made with this combination is usually called Phase Changing Material (PCM). ‘’PCMs are materials that use the transition between solid and liquid materials to either give off heat or remove it’’ When it is too hot the mattress cools down and when it is too cold it heats up. The bed is comparable to a thermostat. This helps your body to reach the wanted sleep temperature.

The Flame-Retardant latex mattress is a combination of 50% natural latex and 50% synthetic latex. In the synthetic latex, the fire-retardant material is added. The mattresses meet the British crib 2 regulations. This means the mattress contains a fire-retardant material. Also that it decreases the flammability of the mattress or delays it.

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