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Mother Nature’s Gift, Transformed Into Healthy Sleep

Discover how one of mother nature’s gifts is transformed to becoming one of the healthiest bedding materials known as Vita Talalay Latex.

Sleep Environmentally Healthy

Vita Talalay is the longest standing original Talalay latex foam brand (since 1961). Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Only by making a natural luxurious comfort material we can consciously say we do our best to make you sleep healthy and help preserve the earth.

The Journey to a Healthy Sleep,
Begins by planting the hevea brasiliensis seeds.

The planted seeds will become trees in 7 years before reaching the maturity stage when several farmers can start extracting the sap from the plantation.
Experience The Plantation

The farmers start the day at 4:00AM. Many hours and many drips later, the hardworking farmers return to manually collect each and every cup with the yield.

Experience The Plantation

After collecting the yield...

Each cup with rubber sap is then placed on containers and transported to the processing facilities to separate the water from the rubber.
Watch the Production Process

The birth of Vita Talalay

Watch the Production Process

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We Give Back to Nature What Nature Gives To Us

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Eat Well, Sleep Well.
Sleep Well, Eat Well.

How and what you drink and eat can have a significant impact on your sleep. We all know we shouldn’t eat short before bedtime and that we should not drink a double espresso either. A healthy and varied eating habit promotes a good night's rest, which plays a huge role in your daily functioning. At the same time, when you sleep well, there is no need to drink too much coffee to feel awake, and you do not crave for carbs and sugars.

Feel Well, Sleep Well.
Sleep Well, Feel Well.

A quiet mind means a better night’s sleep. If you are extremely busy, not feeling good about yourself or if you have too much on your mind, your sleep will suffer. A few simple exercises can help you, but with a good night's sleep, you will feel more relaxed and motivated to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Move Well, Sleep Well.
Sleep Well, Move Well.

Properly timed exercises can help you sleep better. Thirty minutes of exercise three to four times a week helps you to fall and to stay asleep more easily. Simultaneously, when you sleep well, your body regenerates as it should, giving you the necessary boost for your daily exercises.

Sleep Well, Sleep Healthy.
Sleep Healthy, Sleep Well.

Healthy living means a more balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress avoidance. What we often neglect to remember is that a good night sleep is equally, if not, more important to you and your family.

Sleep Healthy, Sleep Vita Talalay.
Sleep Vita Talalay Sleep Healthy.

The amount of sleep you get is important, but quality matters even more. The best mattress, topper and pillow make the difference and Vita Talalay latex plays an essential role herein.
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