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Only 30 Minutes to a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle!

Do you lack motivation, finances or energy for a fancy gym membership? A 30 minute workout is the answer to all of your struggles! Everything from health benefits to easy and accessible workout options!

Let's run a quick test. Did you write down a gym membership as a New Year’s resolution? Or did you promise that the coming Monday would be a perfect time to start your new habit? This time you will definitely stick to your schedule and change your life!

And yet again, nothing has changed after the new year began. Maybe next year!

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If you think about it, the gym membership requires 2 months of rent, is on the other end of the world and, to be fair, who has time for it? If you feel the same, read more of the funniest excuses why people skip gym!

We present you the best solution to your struggle! It will not only fit with your schedule but also impress you with the various possibilities and all of that in just 30 minutes!

According to B. London for Mail Online, an A - list fitness entrepreneur, if you manage your workout clever, you can still get the same, or even better benefits of those 60 minute workouts within a 30 minute workout or less!

You can choose anything from working out at the gym, home or outdoors. Whether you prefer to use fancy machines and equipment or would like to do without!

You desire to gain or lose weight, tone up your body or feel healthier! All of this is possible with a simple 30 minute workout a day!

5 Health Benefits of Working Out

Maybe you wanted to start your workout routine but haven’t found the right gym yet. Or maybe you are still struggling from an injury or simply haven’t found the right time yet.

Benefits of exercising are far more than just losing weight or achieving that ‘bikini body’. Exercising improves everything from your sleep quality to your energy levels. It improves your memory, makes you feel happier and helps to live longer!

To boost your motivation and energy, we present you the top 5 health benefits of exercising!

Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

Whether your goal is to run 12K, to lift more weights than the day before or increase your bike mileage - setting and achieving your fitness goals is a scientifically proven self-confidence boost!

A 2002 study has proven that the secret in achieving your fitness goals is to set clear intentions.

This study was analyzing three groups of people. The first control group was asked to track how many times they exercised throughout the week. The second motivation group, was asked to do the same but also read motivational quotes before exercising. The third intention group, was asked to do all of the above and create a specific plan on what time, where and which exercises per day they will execute exactly.

As shocking as it can be, group one was exercising 38 percent of the time, group two performed the worst as they were only exercising 35 percent of the time. The intent group won the competition by far since they were exercising 91 percent of the time!

By implementing the power of goal setting, you can enjoy the benefits of working out and the confidence boost that comes along with it!

Boost Happiness Levels

According to the study of A Penn State University, physical activity yields feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.

The study had proven that this was true, regardless whether it is a mild, moderate or intensive workout. People who are working out feel much happier and enthusiastic in comparison to those who don’t practice it.

The people from the study claim, that especially on the days they exercised, they felt much more productive and happier. This means even a simple 30 minute workout can improve your mood significantly!

Improve Memory

Are you a person who constantly forgets their keys? Do you struggle to recall names? Committing to a regular exercise daily can help jog your memory!

A 2014 study found out that exercises like running and swimming boost the size of the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of your brain that is responsible for memory and learning.

Besides rocking that 30 minute workout, feeling happier and productive, you can improve your memory and learning skills!

Perform Better at Work

Could that be that feeling more productive, energized and happier at your workplace is connected to exercising?

Researchers of Bristol University are certain it is. The research results show that people who are exercising before going to work, or during their lunch break, are more productive, happier and suffer less stress.

In fact, they even performed better on exercise days!

30 minutes workout time before going to work could change your mood, stress levels and your day completely!

Increases Sleep Quality

You are prone to uneasy sleep during the night. You can’t fall asleep, it is hard to switch off your mind, you find yourself tossing and turning all night long.

A 30 minute workout routine could help you to sleep better!

Exercising helps in strengthening your circadian rhythm, feel awake during the day and avoid any health issues that are caused by chronic bad night’s sleep!

Another way to ensure a good night’s sleep is to make sure that you have the best mattress that fits your needs!

Vita Talalay produces pure natural latex mattresses! It is perfect for people who are working out, because it is ergonomic. This means that you are able to rejuvenate your back, neck, shoulders and muscles. You will always wake up refreshed, ready for all daily challenges!

Why a 30 Minute Workout over a 60 Minute Workout

A recent study brings good news to everyone who would love to implement and save time on a 30 minute workout instead of long gym hours!

The study was conducted on 60 men who suffer from overweight. They were divided into two groups.

The first group of men were exercising the entire hour each day. And the other half of the group committed to a 30 minute workout. Each of the trainings were created to ensure light sweat, and each week the intensity was increased.

All participants wore heart-rate monitors and calorie counters to collect the necessary data.

The results show, that men who implemented a 30 minute workout routine lost an average of almost eight pounds. Whereas the men who were exercising for a whole hour, lost an average of less than six pounds.

Interestingly, this study proves that exercising for an entire hour a day instead of 30 minutes does not provide any additional loss in body weight or body fat!

Moreover, the study found out that the group which did a 30 minute workout were more motivated. The workout time cut in half gave them more desire and energy for engaging into new physical activities!

How Does a 30 Minute Workout Work

If you are a person who does not want to spend their time in travelling to the gym, knowing how to use every piece of equipment or has time for sports classes: We have a perfect 30 minute workout plan for you.

All you need is a stopwatch, but your phone will work just fine!

How does it work?

  1. You need to do a total of 5 exercises
  2. 4 minutes of working out, and 1 minute of resting between each exercise
  3. You have to perform each exercise in a ‘Every Minute on a Minute’ format. This means that you start each exercise set at the beginning of every minute (0:00; 1:00; etc.)
  4. If you completed the exercise of the set, you have a remainder of that minute to recover before starting the next set
  5. The faster you complete the set of exercises, the more time you will have to recover before starting the next set. For example, if you completed 30 squats in 50 seconds, you can take the remaining 10 extra seconds to rest before the next set.
  6. Try to add one more repetition of each exercise in one minute. For example, if the first minute you accomplished 30 squats of the repetition, try to add 31 squats in the set.
  7. After 4 minutes of work, you will have an entire minute of complete rest.

The Best 30 Minute Workout

Now that you know the sequence of a 30 minute workout, you are probably wondering what exercises you can do!

The following exercise set is the best 30 minute workout that is easy to do from wherever you are! You do not need any fancy gym equipment and can track it as well as increase it by yourself! It can also be your perfect 30 minute workout at home!

This is surely the best 30 minute workout!

5 exercises you can use for your 30 minute workout plan:

The best 30 minute workout plan!


Stand on your feet being a shoulder width apart. Keep all of your weight on your heels and try to sit as if you would sit on a chair. Stand back up and repeat.

Plank Ups

You start in a position similar to a push up. The only difference is that you stand on your elbows. After that, you go into the usual push up position. Remember to keep your toes and back straight!

Tuck Jumps

Start with your feet a shoulder width apart. Quickly bend your knees as you are preparing your body for a jumping motion. Jump your knees up to your chest  and try to land softly whilst gently bending your knees. Find your balance before the next jump!

Push Ups

Start in a high plank position on your toes and on your hands. Your hands should be wider than a shoulder width apart. Ease your chest to the floor, and push back to a high plank. The beginners can modify the pushups starting from their knees!

Chest to Floor Burpees

Start with your feet a shoulder width apart and bend your knees taking your hands to the floor. Kick your feet back as far as you can and lower your chest to the floor. Reverse those steps to the standing position and repeat!

30 Minute Workout for Everyone

As we already distinguished, a 30 minute workout plan is extremely helpful. It is good for your physical and mental health. It is perfect as a 30 minute workout at home, or wherever else you are.

The best news are that your 30 minute workout plans can be made by yourself just by looking at the best 30 minute workout exercises above!

In fact, a 30 minute workout can be perfect for both men and women.

There are plenty different suggestions of 30 minute workouts for women. It is suggested to work on your problematic areas regardless of your age. A 30 minute workout for women can help by blasting you calories, building muscles and making your waist look leaner!

A 30 minute workout for women can be everything from an extremely intensive calorie blast workout, to a relaxed and rather easy workout.

As one of the most popular exercises suggested, one of the best 30 minute workout routines for women include walking lunges, split jumps, jump rope and squat presses.

Most of 30 minute workout routines for men suggest full body trainings! It is concentrated on helping men to lose weight, build muscles and work on their strength!

One of the most popular 30 minute workout routines for men is the so called Jumbo Training Program. It is concentrated on committing to a 30 minute workout for men by working on different areas every day.

For example, day one concentrates on shoulders, chest and triceps training. Whereas, day two suggests to concentrate on your back, biceps and abs.

30 Minute Swimming Workout

Are you still not convinced with any of those workouts? There is a solution for everyone

A 30 minute swimming workout is a perfect option when you don’t want to sweat and are a fan of water! This workout is a whole body workout and is gentle on your joints!

According to a health blog, there are two things you must consider when swimming. Firstly, investing in some dark-lenses goggles. This way, you can block the sun and glare from water. Also, you can enjoy the view under the water

Secondly, bring your water bottle with you! Just because you do not feel sweaty and out of breath, you still are losing fluids!

When committing to a 30 minute swimming workout, do not forget to warm up and keep track on different under water movements!

If you are a person who finds it difficult to go to the gym and commit to different sports classes because of your overloaded schedule, we highly recommend it a 30 minute workout. Try a 30 minute workout from home! In fact, it can be accomplished anywhere, as it takes no equipment, hard exercises or your time! Just 30 minutes of your day can have a big impact on your health, mood and self-esteem!

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