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Monday Blues And How To Beat Them

Do you feel sluggish and unmotivated because Monday is just around the corner? Chances are, you’re having Monday Blues! Don’t worry! When reading this article, you will learn on how to stay motivated, happy and have the best Monday laugh you need!

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When it comes to Mondays. A lot of people dread to go to work after a long and fun weekend! Before the week even started, a lot of people start panicking about upcoming tasks or meetings.

That's why a lot of people like to refer to Mondays as ‘Monday Blues’. It is the time of the week when fun just ended and hard-work is about to begin!

Although Monday blues is an interesting topic. It’s even backed up by science! Indeed, a lot of people feel sluggish and unmotivated when it comes to the beginning of the week!

However, we are here to help you in overcoming Monday blues and look at it from a different and fun perspective!

Let’s firstly discuss where this concept comes from. And what it usually means to you and your colleagues! Afterwards, let’s learn how to overcome Monday blues and have some fun and motivation with the best Monday Blue solutions to motivate you!

What Is Monday Blues

You may be wondering what Monday blues is? You might have heard someone saying that? But you still not quite sure what to make of it?

‘Monday blues’ is a saying that people use in order to describe negative emotions related to the beginning of the working week.

People usually say it when they are not satisfied with their work. Or feel quite unmotivated to start their working week.

According to Alexander Kjerulf, an international speaker on happiness at work: “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”

Saying ‘I have Monday blues’ is so widespread, it actually became a cultural phenomenon! A. Kjerulf further explains, having Monday blues is often laughable and people have fun with it.

However, sometimes it can be much more than just a silly joke and passing tiredness. Sometimes, it can be a serious sign that something is not right in your working space.

You may dislike your job. You feel unmotivated with the given tasks. Or there are serious problems within your working space in terms of communication between you and your colleagues.

This, in fact, can lead to feeling unhappy, unmotivated or even feeling depressed!

Yet another Philadelphia-based career coach Rita Friedman, agrees. “If you love your job and are passionate about what you're doing, going into work Monday morning is another opportunity to do what you love,” she says. “But if you're feeling under-appreciated or unsatisfied with your job, it can be especially difficult to start another seemingly endless workweek.”

In fact, having Monday blues and feeling in continuous de-motivation and dissatisfaction. Will not only affect your mood, your productivity and your quality of work. It will also affect other colleagues you share your co-working space with!

Plenty of studies on psychology and neurology proves that. As a result, your current emotional state has a huge effect on your learning abilities, productivity, and quality of work you deliver!

Therefore, your mood may spread to other people. Ryan Kahn, a career coach, explains that Monday blues are contagious! Your mood and overall well-being can drastically change the people surrounding you in the same environment.

Indeed, if you feel unhappy and unmotivated. Other people will feel that, and it will be difficult for them to feel otherwise or help you to feel better.

Don’t get discouraged! Monday blues is usually just a fun saying that people like to use in order to express their sadness towards the end of the weekend. Stay tuned for what Monday blues is according to science, as well as the ways on how to overcome it!

Scientific Reasons Why People Experience Monday Blues

Yet another interesting question to ask. Are stormy Monday blues is a myth? Everyone likes to complain and have difficulties in putting a little two-day holiday behind once in a while.

But what is Monday blues scientifically speaking? Can all these bad feelings and de-motivation at the beginning of the week be explained?

The answer is certainly - YES! If you are wondering just like we do. Take a look at top four reasons why you and your colleagues have Monday blues!

1. Sudden Change

Interestingly enough, Monday morning blues are not as blue as you think! A study about people’s emotional intervals during the working day was conducted.

The results will shock you! People actually don’t feel worse on any other specific working day. People who experience stormy Monday blues have exactly the same feelings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Only Friday comes ahead of all of them! It is only because people associate Fridays with upcoming weekend and good emotions.

The only scientific explanation why Monday morning blues seem the worst. Is actually the sudden shift from the weekend. ‘Other than that, well, all other weekdays are just as equally terrible’ - jokingly says Kathy Benjamin.

Stormy Monday blues are thought to be the worst only because it was right after the weekend. It is a much greater emotional shift from Sunday to Monday. Then between the two working days! And no matter what, Monday blues will always seem the worst!

 2. You Are Less Healthy

Once again, it all boils down to the weekend activities. You were probably enjoying your weekend with your family. You went to the nice restaurant, and why not - you had a nice dessert as a treatment.

In fact, most of the fitness and lifestyle gurus talk about Sundays being the best choice for spoiling yourself and having unhealthy snacks!

You were probably out and about, having the greatest weekend of your life. And before you know it's Monday morning! And all you can think about is eating unhealthy snacks and not listening to your diet.

In fact, Monday is the day when your diet starts all over again! And that’s where Monday blues meaning starts kicking in. You have to start on your clean eating all over again. And you feel guilty about the snacks you had the days before.

3. Sleeping Patterns

We all know that our bodies are completely dependent on our natural sleep cycle. Just think of when you change the clocks by one hour during the spring.

Just one hour change immediately has an effect on our sleep cycle and how we feel during the day! That’s exactly what we do to ourselves every single weekend.

We often feel like we don’t get enough sleep during the week. And we try to compensate those sleep hours during the weekend.

And all of those extra hours of sleep during the weekend. Confuses your body on what your body clock is! In fact, according to these scientists, this extra sleep makes you feel even more tired and exhausted.

Because your body is confused by the extra hours of sleep. And therefore, your natural body clock is thrown off. You find it even harder to wake up on Mondays!

This is yet another reason why you have stormy Monday blues. And everyone feels like Monday morning blues are the worst day of the week!

 4. Socializing

Yet another explanation what Monday blues is and why we feel Monday morning blues. Is the aspect of socializing.

Humans by their nature are social animals. After the weekend of meeting your friends and family. You may feel like continuing the social aspect of it!

However, when going to work you may feel uncomfortable speaking up. Or you feel like you are restricted to share your weekend memories and good times.

For this reason, your Monday morning blues may seem even worse. In this case, the best way to overcome it. Wait till you have a break and you can have a good laugh with your co-workers! And you will not even notice when your stormy Monday blues are long gone!

Ways To Beat Monday Blues

Now we know all about the meaning of Monday blues. We should also learn how to beat Monday blues! Stay motivated and happy on Monday can be the best life-changing decision!

If you are a person who indeed has Monday blues all the time. And you really wish to beat the Monday blues. You will love to read about the top six secrets in order to improve your Monday blues and your motivation!

1. Identify The Problem

As easy as it sounds. The first solution in order to beat the Monday blues. Is to identify the problem and find out what is bothering you.

According to Sara Sutton Fell, CEO, and founder of FlexJobs, you should make a list that's bothering you. That may be your boss who you need to speak to the first thing on Monday morning. Or maybe the tasks at your job are not challenging anymore.

Identifying the right problems can lead to the most effective solutions! It will empower you to take charge and beat the Monday blues in no time!

2. Prepare For Monday On Friday

The following solution on how to beat Monday blues. Is to be prepared and planned your Mondays beforehand!

In fact, Mondays can be very overwhelming and stressful because of the work you left to do in the previous week.

In fact, you should finish all the difficult tasks during Friday. That way, you don’t have stressful Monday morning, Monday blues and you are set for a good kick start of the week!

3. Get Enough Sleep And Wake Up Early

This tip on how to beat Monday blues is especially important to the ones who have difficulties in waking up! The best solution you have is to go to bed a little earlier on Sunday. And wake up a little earlier on Monday.

You wonder, how is this going to help you in beating Monday blues? Try to take your time off on Sunday. Turn off your phone before your bedtime, read your favorite book and relax your mind! In fact, try to sleep earlier in order to feel much more rested in the morning!

Also, as controversial as it sounds. Try to wake up earlier on Monday morning. You will be surprised what 15 or 30 minutes extra will do to your morning! You will have extra time for your morning coffee, read the news and set your mindset for the work!

And most importantly, it will help you to beat the Monday blues immediately!

4. Keep Your Monday Schedule Light

If I ask you about your Mondays. You are probably thinking about hectic meetings and tasks left over from the week before. In fact, the best strategy to beat the Monday blues is to keep your Monday schedule light!

Try to keep your Monday schedules clean and simple. Therefore, try to have nothing complicated on the list. More of the routine tasks that you need to do.

Interestingly, experts suggest that the best task to do on Monday is replying to your emails!

But beware! Don’t leave too much free time for your Monday morning! In such case, you will feel blue just by sitting around and being unproductive!

5. Have A Post-Work Plan

Yet another important trick on how to beat Monday blues. Have some exciting plans for after working hours!

You should not only drag through the day of Monday. Thinking how to beat Monday blues and how to make this day go faster? Make it exciting and something to look forward to!

You can have a meeting to go on a dinner date with your beloved ones. Or have a cinema date with your friends. Make this day to be exciting and in no time,  you’ll beat Monday blues!

6. Make Sure to get the best Sleep

And last but not least, the solution to beating Monday blues. Make sure that the sleep you get during your resting hours is the best!

In fact, a Vita Talalay latex mattress will make sure of the best sleep quality there is! It is made of 100 percent natural latex. It does not give dust mites a chance, is highly breathable and extremely comfortable!

This natural latex mattress will not only adjust to your body to make it comfortable. But also will make you warm in winters and cool in summers! It will keep you fresh and rested. While helping to get rid of Monday blues and feel refreshed and ready for the week!

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