Vita Talalay® latex is the most breathable, most supportive, softest comfortable material in the world, and is used to produce five different types of mattresses, each of which is available in nine different degrees of firmness.

Superior Vita Talalay


The standard in supporting comfort and luxury is the Superior. This is how the inventor, Joseph Talalay, once intended his … read more…
natuurlijke latex matras


The Natural latex Vita Talalay® is made from pure, natural latex without any artificial additives. The milky white natural latex … read more…
vlamvertragende frx


The Vita Talalay® FRX is based on the classic Vita Talalay® mattress, and contains flame-retardant additives which make these mattresses … read more…


The Intuition is the most recent addition to the Vita Talalay® range. It intuitively helps adapt body temperature as needed.
perfecte ondersteuning embrace


Radium Foam has applied all its knowledge and expertise to create Vita Talalay® Embrace. This mattress boasts unsurpassed features in … read more…