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How To Detoxify Your Body - Detox Drinks

What is a detoxification and what is the best way to do it? Much research has found that a long-term detox with small and slow steps is more efficient than a week of consuming detox drinks and detox pills

What is a detoxification

Detoxification is the medicinal removal of toxic substances from a (human) body. There are many ways one can do a "detox" but before you start this diet, it is important to understand the reason why you want to do it, how and for how long. Some people tend to impulsively start doing a detoxification treatment without having the right information and/or supervision to do it in a healthy way.

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Why doing a detox?

The human body is already well equipped to remove toxins on its own, so it is essential to understand if someone really needs to detoxify. However, detoxification does bring several benefits which can improve one's health. The following are some of the reasons why people choose a detox diet:

Energy booster

The consumption of whole natural foods such as berries, vegetables and fruit provides us with important bioactive components to support the detoxification process. Not only do these vitamin rich foods give you energy, but cutting down on the fat unhealthy foods you were ingesting before, will also make a significant difference.

Eat well, sleep well

The nutrients you take in when you follow a healthy diet provide your brain with the chemical environment that it needs to produce the neurotransmitters which are needed to maintain an adequate sleep.

Improved digestion

Eating light clean foods that are only slightly cooked or blended into a smoothie, makes it easier for your body to digest food.

Weight loss

It is easily visible how a detox causes weight loss in the short term, but more important than that is to establish some stable eating habits that are more realistic than following a juice diet for a week, for example. Cutting on fats, processed foods and substituting them for vegetables and beans, makes a much healthier and realistic life-changing difference.

Alcohol recovery

Intoxication can occur when alcohol is ingested in excess. Although not for the long term, a lot of people decide to do a detoxification for just a few days to accelerate the body's ability to clean its organs.

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How to detox your body

Drink lots of water

Drinking a lot of water aids digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition, it even detoxifies your body by removing waste products. Water transports this waste through urination and sweating, for example.

Focus on good sleep

Sleeping allows your brain to recharge and remove toxic waste byproducts that accumulate throughout the day. To get the best sleeping experience, it is recommended to have natural latex bedding products. Talalay latex mattresses, mattresses toppers and latex pillows, support your body and allow pressure points to have more relief, allowing you to always wake up refreshed and motivated to keep working on your goals.

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Cut processed foods and sugar intake

Excessively consuming junk food often leads to chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. These conditions harm certain body organs, making it difficult for your body to detoxify naturally.

Eat antioxidant-rich foods

Eating foods such as berries, nuts and fruit helps your body reduce damage caused by free radicals and can lower risk of several diseases. Naturally, you should avoid the intake of detox pills since organic food will do the job perfectly fine. An easy way to consume so many antioxidant foods is to drink detox drinks. This is how you build the best detox drink:

  • Choose your favorite berries (strawberries, blueberries, etc.)
  • Use nutritious veggies such as spinach or kale.
  • Include spices such as ginger, curcuma and mint.
  • Use water as a liquid to blend. You might want to add lemon juice as well
  • And blend!

For detox drinks recipes, have a look into this 13 delicious detox drink recipes article.
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Doing a detox is beneficial if done in the right way with the supervision of a professional. Before you make any decisions, be sure to do your research and find out what type of detox diet you need. moreover, all the tips given throughout this article can be adopted at any point in your life since they aren't drastic and are great habits to have in general. To find out more about how eating habits affect your sleep, have a look through more of our health articles.

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