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How to buy a mattress for you and your partner in 7 steps

Welcome to our mattress buying guide: how to buy a mattress for you and your partner!

How to buy a mattress for you and your partner in 7 steps

Welcome to our mattress buying guide: how to buy a mattress for you and your partner!

Do you feel your current mattress has become inadequate? Perhaps it has become old and has started to cave in, or your preference has changed over the years? Maybe you would like to upgrade to something new or want to try a different material which may suit you better.

Whatever your reason may be, we can both agree that learning how to buy a mattress is not a simple thing to do. That is why we will do our best to help you guide your way into this tricky business, step by step.

1. Never stop doing research, it’s an ongoing process

Now you may be thinking: "Well, of course you have to do research, I know how to buy a mattress online!" This may seem self-evident, but with so many different types of beds around, it can be hard to know where to even start. Whether you intend to spend a bit or not, getting a new mattress is a decision akin to choosing your next car, and should be treated as such. Keep reading other people’s experiences with materials, brands, their service etc in order to compare mattresses and help you narrow down your options and avoid unwanted surprises.

2. Troubleshoot your bed

Tip number 2 on how to buy a mattress: Check if any the following rings a bell, do you...

...Always wake up very tired or sore?

These are signs that your mattress isn’t providing any of the support your body needs to rest at night. You will toss and turn more often when this happens.

...Think your mattress looks worn out or saggy?

The quality of your mattress drops as the years go by. A good mattress that has received proper care can last up to 10 years. It is important to know in which stage of life your mattress is, especially when buying a second-hand mattress.

...Get better naps on your couch?

You definitely know something is wrong when your couch is doing a better job of being a bed than your bed.

...Turn around all night, barely managing to stay comfortable long enough to fall asleep

Assuming that there are no other factors at play (screens, state of wakefulness etc), this is usually an issue with the firmness of your bed. Your preferred sleeping position may also not be optimally suited to the firmness of your bed.

...Get allergic reactions from your mattress?

Your mattress has to be replaced whenever you are constantly sneezing and itching in bed. The mattress you sleep on could be full of dust mites or other organisms that give you allergic reactions. Make sure that your next mattress is certified as hypoallergenic.

3. When shopping, remember these 3 simple criteria:

1/ Your mattress should be comfortable & supportive.

Planet Earth's location is just right: Neither too cold nor too hot. Your mattress should work the same way with firmness. This is because the human body is curvy; A soft mattress may feel comfortable at first, but may not support the spine correctly. Conversely, a mattress that is too firm can put unnecessary stress on specific areas of your body. Either way, both extremes ultimately result in aches within your body.

The golden zone you should be looking for is a mattress that is soft enough for comfort, but supportive enough to keep your body healthy and in good condition. Latex and memory foam mattresses often do an excellent job here.

2/ Your mattress should be breathable.

Breathability is an extremely important feature for a mattress. Everyone has, at one point in their lives, owned or know someone who owned a pair of shoes that would stink of old sweat because of trapped heat. As you may have already guessed, the same applies to a mattress. A breathable mattress makes sure that you don’t wake up sweaty by keeping you at just the right temperature. This, in turn, ensures that your mattress stays fresh, hygienic and dust mite free.

3/ Your mattress should be virtuous.

A salesperson may try to sway you with bundles, attractive offers, gimmicks and brand reputation, ultimately distracting you from what really matters: Your comfort. This is not to say that you should outright dismiss the potentially valuable advice the salesperson may give you, but remember that whether a mattress is simple or complexly layered, the mattress should speak for itself. Anything else is a distraction.

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4. Have a flexible budget

In the mattress world, you actually do get what you pay for (at least up to a certain point, 6999$ mattresses are definitely over the top).

Consequently, it’s usually recommended to keep an open mind and not be too cheap on mattresses. What's worse than finding the right mattress only to discover that it is just above your price range? If this happens to you, it is better to wait a bit longer and save up if you can. Saving for a good, comfortable mattress that will last you 10 years is a smart and cheap investment over the long run.

That said, it is perfectly possible to find a proper mattress for as little as 100$. Once again, it all comes down to personal preference.

5. Visit a store or two and try the beds

Hit the shops! If you have the time, visit both big and small retail stores.

Big stores tend to have more options for you; they’re perfect places to try different beds, different levels of firmness or different materials. It’s a good time to explore whether you would want to try something new or stay traditional. There is a potential trade-off though: The staff might not be readily available, or their knowledge may be limited to the technicalities of a product.

Smaller, less crowded stores, on the other hand, are almost an exact opposite of this. They are practically guaranteed to assist you with their valuable, comprehensive expertise which allows them to help you find the right mattress for you, yet their most of their products may be above the average consumer’s budget.

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6. Consider online alternatives

Thanks to the internet, you can even order a mattress and try it for an extended period of time, usually for about a 100 days. What better than having a test mattress delivered at your doorstep and being given the time to properly try it out? If anything, it signals a brand’s confidence in their product and service!


Here’s something that not many mattress buying guides will tell you about: It is also important to be aware that these sort of marketing offers rely on tricking you into an illusion of ownership; They count on you getting used to the product over time, forgetting about the deadline or rationalizing into keeping the product.

For the record, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with ordering a mattress online. Just make sure to ask yourself questions like:

  • Will you be willing to go through the inconvenience of returning the mattress?
  • What would you replace it with?
  • How long would you have to wait for a refund?

7. The bed frame matters

 Buying a good bed frame  is practically as important as the mattress itself: Much like nice wine served in the perfect glass, a good mattress reaches its full potential on a proper bed frame. Slats are generally more convenient and allow for better airflow, whereas box springs do a better job at absorbing shock, thus extending the mattress’s lifespan.

If you live in compact spaces like an apartment, or if practicality is important to you and your partner, brownie points should go to bed frames that efficiently use space, like ones with drawers. If you live a spacious place, or if design is more important, then make sure that the bed frame fits the theme of your bedroom.

That’s about it! You’re now officially more knowledgeable than most people on how to buy a mattress for you and your partner. May your dreams be ever sweet!


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