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How Kickboxing Can Help You To Gain Confidence And Stay Fit

Are you tired of treadmills, weightlifting and having the same workout routine everyday? You should try kickboxing! It is the best way to get maximum cardio, tone your body and learn self-defense techniques!

If you are stuck in the same workout routine and looking for something to motivate you! Kickboxing is ideal for toning your body, gaining self-confidence and learning self-defense techniques.

Kickboxing has a rich history in its development. It is originated from two different martial arts and is firstly introduced in far East Asia!

Kickboxing classes are ideas for both men and women. Kickboxing workouts combine heart-pumping cardio, intense muscle workout and strategic thinking when it comes to technique mastering!

The following article will give you a detailed history to kickboxing, discuss different kickboxing classes that you can consider, describe all the benefits that kickboxing has to offer and kickboxing equipment that you need!

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What Is Kickboxing

Have you heard of kickboxing sports, maybe have seen it on television or heard a neighbor practicing it. But still wondering what is kickboxing? You will be surprised about the old kickboxing history and its origins!

Kickboxing moves can be found to date back to 2000 years ago! It first originated in far East Asia. It was a widely practiced as a self - defense discipline.

Generally, historians have difficulties in answering the question what kickboxing is. It is because kickboxing is a hybrid martial art. It is formed from the combination of elements of different traditional styles.

Kickboxing moves historically originate from Karate and Muay Thai moves. Karate moves are a Chinese martial art. Karate is a striking art where kicking, punching, knee and elbow strikes are practiced.

Therefore, Muay Thai moves are Thailand’s combat sports. Muay Thai is practiced by using stand - up striking together with various clinching techniques.

Kickboxing as an independent sport branch which was first introduced by the Japanese karateka named Tatsuo Yamada. He first established a new sport that combined both Muay Thai and Karate.

It was further practiced and explored later on. When finally the first competition between the practices of Karate and Muay Thai began. This influenced the adaptation of several modifications. This was to match the two different martial arts.

By the middle of the decade the first kickboxing events were starting to take place. The very first kickboxing match was held in Osaka, Japan.

Not long after the kickboxing sport was recognized beyond Japan. It further reached North America and a decade later Europe.

Today, kickboxing is described as a group of stand - up combat sports. It is based on kicking and punching. Therefore, combat sports is competitive contact sport with one on one combat.

Kickboxing is practiced in different variations. Some of kickboxers like to practice this sport in a ring against opponents. Other fitness lovers practice different kickboxing workouts. Kickboxing is also known as a perfect self defense practice!

Different Kickboxing Classes

If you are looking for a perfect sport branch for you. To increase your strength, coordination or confidence. Kickboxing classes have it all and will keep you coming for more!

The variety of kickboxing classes has a tremendous popularity in what it has to offer. Kickboxing classes focuses on everything from cardio kickboxing classes, women kickboxing classes to kickboxing classes for beginners!

Kickboxing classes therefore offer different elements you might be interested in. You can choose anything from improving. This includes your coordination, self - defense skills, and dancing. Other elements are martial arts or one-on-one competition.

Kickboxing Classes For Beginners

If you are interested in kickboxing classes you must know what it has to offer and what would you learn when choosing it! Kickboxing classes for beginners will teach you proper techniques as well as the importance of why you should use it.

Also, you will learn both offensive and defensive maneuvers of kickboxing. It is extremely important to know when and how you should apply both of them!

After understanding the importance of it, you will move further to the practical part. In the practical part you will learn how to apply different techniques on partners. This has to be in a safe and effective manner.

Generally, each kickboxing class will provide you with the theoretical knowledge first. Only afterwards you can move to the practical part.

The beginner level kickboxing classes answer all the ‘why’ questions to the students. It will teach you why you need to stand when kickboxing in a certain way. It will also teach why you need to punch in a certain way. Finally, it will teach why you need to keep your hands in a certain way.

The beginners to the kickboxing classes will be amazed about the variety of techniques and knowledge they will gain. After polishing the techniques it is quite immediate that you become a powerful kick boxer!

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

The purpose of cardio kickboxing classes is to complete an intense workout of 45 minutes! Interestingly, besides an intense kickboxing workout you will learn how to control your body and mind!

When choosing the best cardio workout for you, you should know that there is a variety of kickboxing workout classes! You can choose anything from Thai-Kickboxing or American boxing.

When practicing cardio kickboxing you will learn proper body mechanics. You will practice how to throw punches, knees, elbows and kicks. Cardio kickboxing classes helps to empower your own hidden powers. This is done with the techniques of personal self-defense movements.

Therefore, cardio kickboxing is a unique workout that you will experience! Cardio kickboxing can be extremely demanding and challenging. But at the same time extremely fun and surprising when you are able to push yourself towards a leaner and stronger body!

Cardio kickboxing workout has a lot of benefits. It will help you with weight loss, flexibility, and muscles toning. In addition, it will help you with better circulation and stress relief!

Women Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is extremely popular among women as well! You might have heard of a very successful female kick boxer named Lucia Rijker or Jessica Aguilar. They are named as the most ‘dangerous women in the world’. They have accomplished impressive achievements of this kind!

Women kickboxing classes offers basic boxing, kickboxing and also self defense techniques! Additionally to kickboxing you can get your daily cardio drills. They include striking pads, punching bags and circuit training drills!

When practicing kickboxing you can target different muscle groups. This depends on what you would like to work on the most! Muscle groups include glutes, abdomen, arms and legs! These are the most basic ones. Generally women kickboxing classes can help you to work on any muscle group you would like!

Therefore, women kickboxing classes have numerous benefits. It will help you to tone your body, teach you valuable self defense moves, and take out your aggression. In addition, it will remove stress and make you feel more confident!

For an interesting fact, there is a lot of fitness clubs that concentrate on women kickboxing classes only! They ensure that all staff members are women, and only women are allowed to attend it! It is a great way to make women feel comfortable working out and practice kickboxing techniques.

Kickboxing Classes Video

If you feel exhausted of the same gym routine, treadmills and weight lifting! And you feel like trying out something different? You may try kickboxing classes videos!

There are numerous kickboxing classes videos online! The most popular way to find these kind of videos are through online video platforms. A great example is Youtube.

You can find everything from cardio workout, burning your calories and fat or beginners kickboxing video classes. The best part about these kickboxing video classes is that you can do it from home! You do not need to go out for a gym and you can do it without any equipment.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Now that you know all the interesting facts about kickboxing origins. You also know about the different workout options. You will be very glad to know about all the benefits of kickboxing!

Kickboxing is ideal for anyone who feels stuck in their working out routine. Especially if you are looking for a high energy kickboxing workout!

Here are the 5 top benefits that kickboxing has under its sleeve!

1.- Boost Confidence Levels

One of the first benefits of kickboxing is that it boosts your confidence levels. According to Dr. Rose Windale, when practicing kickboxing your body releases endorphins.

Endorphins are a chemical compound that releases into your brain when practicing intensive workout.  It helps to boost your mood and feel more confident. Also, it will help you to feel more positive and happier!

2.- Burn Mega Calories

Therefore, there is a lot of benefits of kickboxing for weight loss. In fact, practicing kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour!

The benefits of cardio kickboxing will help you to tone your entire body and increase your metabolism.

Kickboxing is known as an extremely intensive workout! It is a high-power cardio routine and it is perfect for weight loss and getting in shape in no time!

3.- Reduce Stress

One of the other very popular benefits of kickboxing is stress release. It is because when practicing kickboxing you can punch your way to a stress-free zone within minutes!

It releases your stress tensions. You feel much lighter not only in your body but also on your mind! After such an intense kickboxing workout you are exhausted. You will feel better than ever before!

 4.- Improved Coordination

If you have problems with your posture or coordination skills. You maybe be interested in the benefits of kickboxing in terms of coordination improvements!

When practicing kickboxing workouts you will strengthen your body’s core. You will also improve your reflexes and coordination skills!

 5.- Learn Self-defense Moves

Kickboxing requires high attention levels and your full concentration. When punching and kicking during your kickboxing practice you will learn 2 things. Firstly, how to focus. And secondly, how to improve your coordination senses.

This benefit of kickboxing is very unique and one of its kind. While you can enjoy benefits of cardio kickboxing and benefits of kickboxing for weight loss. It also teaches you a great lesson.

Kickboxing is perfect for learning self-defense. According to kickboxing expert Addy Hernandez, kickboxing teaches jabs and strikes that can be used into practical defense applications.

Kickboxing Equipment

Let me guess! You are convinced by all the benefits and intensive workout of kickboxing! But now you left wondering how you can prepare for the first kickboxing training?

You need to make sure that you wear stretchable clothes. It should support your movements in any direction and feel extremely comfortable.

Therefore, you need a pair of good kickboxing shoes. All purpose trainer footwear would make good kickboxing shoes! Pay attention that your trainers provide you a stable fit and excellent traction.

Therefore, some extra accessories would be great for your first kickboxing class! Accessories such as a towel and a water bottle. It will help you to stay hydrated and feel comfortable when the first sweat kicks in.

Therefore, having kickboxing gloves is a plus! It is suggested to invest in a really good ones. Especially if kickboxing is your passion! However, if this is your first kickboxing class, your kickboxing gym should provide you with it.

Kickboxing is a great choice of sport. No matter whether you are a professional athlete or just a beginner. It is a sport branch that has a deep history to it. It has a lot of knowledge behind each movement and technique. It also offers countless benefits! Whether you would like to become the next strongest person in the world, or just burn some calories. Maybe you just want to tone your whole body? Regardless, start kickboxing classes today and you will feel better than ever before.

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Kickboxing and Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important pillars for a healthy life. This also includes exercise. Healthy sleep will make sure that you will have the energy you need to practice kickboxing properly.

This also works the other way around. Kickboxing is great for your sleep as it tires out your body. This way, you will get a higher quality sleep after a day of exercise.

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