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Hiking Benefits For Your Body And Soul

There is nothing better than getting your daily workout by going on a hiking adventure! Grab your good pair of shoes and enjoy all the benefits for your body and soul while hiking!

As the famous environmental philosopher John Muir has once said ‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks’. That, in fact, is more truthful than you think!

The question is, how often do you take a walk? How often do you take a stroll in the park? Or try to escape a city life into unknown forest pathways?

Having a great walk and connecting with nature does more good for your health than you may think! As a matter of fact, hiking is known to help your body and soul!

Taking an adventurous hike can drastically improve your health. It can boost your mood and feeling of happiness. And therefore, help your physical health in no time!

Amusingly, different parts of the world think of hiking differently. In fact, they even have different names in order to describe different hiking!

If you are interested in natural benefits of hiking. Would like to learn on how to start and how you can prepare yourself for an unforgettable hike. Keep on reading and learn more about it!

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Understanding The Roots Of Hiking

Shortly before we jump straight into health benefits of hiking. Let’s understand the concept of hiking and how different parts of the world use it differently!

The word hiking is mostly used in Canada and the United States. Hiking is a term to describe a vigorous and long walk.

Mostly, hiking refers to a walk on trails, in the countryside or a mountainous area. While the word walking means a short walk in the nearest park, to the grocery store or to meet your friend!

On the other hand, in the United Kingdom word walking is applicable to any type of walk. You can use it to describe a short walk in the park. At the same time, a long and adventurous hike in the Alps!

Interestingly, in the United Kingdom, people use a lot of synonyms of hiking in order to describe their walk! For example, rabbling, hillwalking or bushwhacking! Rambling is used to describe an easy walk. Hillwalking is used to refer to a walk in mountainous areas.

Lastly bushwhacking is used to describe a difficult walk in a dense forest, undergrowth or bushes! Bushwhacking is mostly used to describe a walk when you push vegetation to the side areas!

A common term to describe hiking used by New Zealanders is tramping! It is used particularly for overnight or longer trips.

Therefore, a common word to describe hiking is trekking. The term trekking is used to describe a multi-day hiking through places such as South-America or East Africa.

Regarding the history of walking. It was popularized in the 18th century. When the attitudes towards landscapes and nature were changing often associated with the romantic movement.

The romantic movement is also called romanticism. It was an era at the end of 18th century when literature, romance, and music reached their peak! Walking, therefore, was popularized as a pleasure and romance.

As a matter of fact, in the early days walking was perceived as poverty or even vagrancy. It indicated a lack of money to own any means of transportation and having to walk.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Countless studies and practices have proven, regular exercising does not only improve your physical health. But therefore, lengthens and improves your overall quality of life!

Getting regular physical activity enormously decreases any risks of heart diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure! Going on a hike is therefore good for your weight! It trains your muscles, makes sure of healthy bones and joints!

As a matter of fact, hiking is one of the lower impact sports! It means, while getting all of the cardiovascular benefits, you don’t need to attend any fancy gyms, go to aerobics class and get your heart pounding out of your chest!

If you are asking yourself what the health benefits of hiking are, keep reading. The following are the top 5 benefits of hiking according to the science!

1. Helps With Hypertension

One of the first benefits of hiking is it helps to fight hypertension. Hypertension is namely abnormally high blood pressure. It is therefore referred to as a silent killer. Since it is hard to detect. And having hypertension can lead to stroke, heart attack or other serious problems.

According to American Hiking Society. Hiking can lower hypertension up to 4-10 points. Therefore, when losing weight your hypertension lowers up to 5-20 points! So, don’t snooze and enjoy the hike!

2. Helps In Fighting Diabetes

Yet another hiking benefits it effects against diabetes. According to CDC News Report, in a total of 100 million of United States citizens fight diabetes today!

Doctor of Diabetes Institute Richard Eastman suggests that it’s due to low activity levels! As a matter of fact, a good diet and regular exercise can help in fighting diabetes. It can reverse the course of the disease!

3. Protects From Heart Diseases

Therefore, benefits of hiking also include taking care of your heart! By exercising regularly, you can significantly reduce the risks of heart problems. Enjoy your daily walks and connectivity with nature!

4. Helps With Arthritis And Osteoporosis

Therefore, hiking can help reducing arthritis and osteoporosis. Arthritis is namely inflammation of joints which can cause pain and worsens with age. Osteoporosis is a condition when your bones become weak and vulnerable.

In fact, hiking can help in fighting these problems by increasing the bone density. Slowing down the rate of calcium loss and decreasing the chances of bone breakage.

According to the research conducted by the University Of Washington. Women who walked one hour three times a week, over a course of nine months. Increased their bone density in the spine by even 6 percent!

Just by walking in a good posture you can strengthen your bones and muscles!

5. Helps With Obesity

Lastly, hiking benefits helps to fight obesity. As a matter of fact, hiking is one of the best and easiest ways of losing weight. Also, it is one of the best ways in lowering the cholesterol levels!

Interesting to note, those who lose weight through hiking or walking maintain the healthy weight for longer. Oppose the ones who lose weight through dieting!

Benefits Of Hiking For Mental And Emotional Health

Going on the long walks through the park, beach or forest. Can do you much more than just a great exercise for your body. In fact, it has a lot of mental benefits you didn’t know about.

Especially hiking is known for being extremely therapeutic for your mental health. It boosts your creativity, clears your mind and increases your happiness! Continue reading to learn about mental benefits of hiking and connect with nature in a different way!

Clear Your Mind

Mental benefits of hiking are much better than going to the walk in the city or your local park. Hiking gives you a feeling of stillness and happiness. Connecting with nature helps to put your worries into perspective and understand your inner-self better.

Hiking in the countryside environment offers a lot of mental benefits. In fact, hiking reduces the effects of the brain that produces negative emotions! So, go on the adventure of hiking and clear your mind altogether!

Improve Your Outlook

Because of the fast-paced lifestyles and quickly developing technology, a lot of people have tendencies to overthink, ruminate and dwell on the past situations.

One of the mental benefits of hiking is that it helps to eliminate these emotions. Hiking helps to focus in the moment, put your problems into perspective and forget of the negative.

Boost Your Brain

Amusingly, hiking can boost your brain - literally! According to the research Creativity In The Wild, people who spend more time in nature are more creative! Research shows that people who are less exposed to the technology and spend more time in nature are up to 50 percent more creative in problem-solving.

Therefore, hikers and walkers have a better memory than the ones who don’t connect with nature that often! In fact, regular connection with nature can restore your cognitive thinking and keep you more focused!

Physical Benefits Of Hiking

Nevertheless, there are countless physical benefits of hiking! People who take the walks regularly are healthier, more fit and feeling better altogether!

A Hiker’s Heart

Hiking in contrary to any other physical activities. Is sustainable for any age groups and people with different physical levels. For seniors, walking helps to reduce chances of strokes and danger of heart diseases. For children, walking helps to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

Regular hiking can prevent your heart from any disturbances, regulate your body’s rhythm and keep you healthier altogether!

Hiking To Lose Weight

A lot of people commit to exercise as a reason to lose some extra pounds! And what better way to exercise than going on a hike!

In fact, an intensive walk through hilly environment can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Interestingly, mostly you burn more calories while hiking rather than running through flat city’s streets!

Also, hiking in the mountains equals to training your muscles. Especially because of the ups and downs due to an uneven surface. In fact, all the muscles in your body are alert and you naturally get a full body workout!

Better Physical Strength

Yet one of the other physical benefits of hiking is getting stronger in general! Hiking encourages stronger bone density and building your muscles through walking.

Therefore, your core of the body improves as your balance gets better when jumping from rock to rock. Carrying your backpack, therefore, is natural weights. It makes you stronger and more physically fit!

Hiking Essentials

Now that we are fully aware of the hiking benefits for both your body and soul. Let’s take a look at what hiking essentials do you need.

The following is a check-list for everyone who is going on a one-day adventure! Check all of these hiking essentials before you go, and you will enjoy your adventure fully!

Hiking With Your Dog

It is therefore very popular to go on a hike with your beloved pet! In particular, a lot of people love hiking with dogs. However, depending on the hiking difficulty and the type of dog. You should answer few questions before heading to this adventure!

It is important to firstly inspect whether your dog is ready for the hike? You should evaluate your hiking route, whether it is not too difficult for the dog. Therefore, consider your dog as social or antisocial when it comes to meeting other animals or people on the way.

It is important to know whether your dog is vaccinated as well. When hiking your pet might catch diseases through fleas or ticks!

When hiking with dogs, remember to consider people around you. As well as the nature around you! Try to keep your pet on the human-to-dog ratio. This way you ensure yours and other safety. And keep your pet well and sound!

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