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Healthy Life Based On 4 Pillars

Do you ever ask yourself what is it that contributes to a healthy life? Well, according to Vita Talalay four pillars support a healthy life: food, mood, exercise, and sleep. Which make it possible for you to enjoy a healthy life. And these are.

Vita Talalay’s four pillars system help you by contributing each to your overall well being. So, by incorporating these four pillars in balance to your life, you help yourself to feel more satisfied and happy with your overall life and lifestyle.

The goal is that by having a healthy and balanced food diet, you contribute to a healthier body; also your mood can be enhanced by practicing the right activities and by having a balanced lifestyle; as well, by exercising you will help to balance your mind and body; and finally, sleep is the final touch that will make it possible for you to actually execute all of your activities and replenish in order to be actually fulfilled. And this is why the four pillars support one another and are interdependent, because in order to achieve a healthy life you need to apply them all and benefit from them all.

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Eat well, sleep well

Food is an important pillar for you in order to achieve a healthy life. Not only because you need food to live, but also because foods have nutrients and properties that can contribute to your overall well being.

So, they way we eat and what we eat can have a significant impact on the way you sleep. But also, the other way around, the way you sleep also affects the way you eat. And this is why Vita Talalay advocates for the right balance of all four pillars in order to achieve a healthy life.

An optimal food diet is a balanced diet that incorporates different types and colors of foods. And, each food has different properties that can promote certain reactions on your body. For example, it is well known that you should not drink a double espresso right before going to bed, because its caffeine will boost your energy levels and therefore falling asleep or even having a good night’s rest will be affected by the caffeine that is contained in the double espresso.

Conversely, if you drink a glass of valerian tea, chances are you will have a plentiful rest and an excellent good night’s sleep. And this is why you need to select the right foods for the right moments, but it is also why having a balanced diet will contribute to your healthy life.

Thus, having healthy and varied eating habits will promote a good night's rest. And perhaps you are wondering, why is a good night's rest so important? Well, sleep plays a very important role in your daily functioning. And it is precisely the amount and quality of your sleep that will keep your body feeling healthy.

Eating healthy does not mean implementing dietary limitations. On the contrary, eating healthy means knowing eating in a balanced way in order to feel great, with a lot of energy and all combined, contribute to a better mood overall.

It is sure that if you include a high number of packaged meals, takeout food, processed meats, sugary snacks, you will not feel at your best. As this unhealthy diet does not contribute to your body the right amount of nutrients that your body needs to function correctly.

On the other hand, if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you have a diet which is low in artificial sugars and select foods with natural properties, your mood will be brightened by the natural properties of the foods but also because your body will achieve the right eating balance. All, which will help you, feel at your best.

And if we think of it on just the opposite way, not only having the right balance will help you sleep better, but sleeping better will help you eat better, you will find out that your body is thankful to you as well.

When your body does not get the right amount of sleep, or it does not rest in the proper latex mattress your eating habits will be affected. As not sleeping enough or not resting as your body should can lead to altered eating habits, such as night eating syndrome, or simply the desire to eat unhealthy foods, and even skipping meals or having food at abnormal times.

9 Tips to Eat Healthy

Drink enough water

A healthy way of living could not be complete without incorporating the vital drink: water. Water helps you in so many ways: getting rid of toxins from your body; hydrating your body; preventing headaches; fighting carvings; and that is just to name a few of its benefits. You can read more on the benefits of water in here.

Select your foods wisely

Living a healthy life also means selecting the right foods to eat. This is why if you plan your meals and use varied ingredients from different food groups, such as combining properly proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables, your balanced eating habits promote a healthier body and therefore a healthy life.  This gets easier when you prepare your own meals, as you are completely aware of what you are adding to your foods.

Read product’s labels

Another way to be aware of what you eat and live healthy, is by reading the labels of the products that you eat. This way you will be informed about the ingredients that the products actually contain and its nutritional value. Because sometimes the products can have hidden sugars or additives that you could decide to avoid keeping your body healthy.

Serve smaller portions on your plate

A healthy way of living consists of having smaller portions. The more food you have on your plate, the more likely you are to eat it. Your mind is set to not want to leave food on your plate, so by serving less food on your plate you are likely to eat less, which is exactly what your body needs. It is also useful to use smaller plates, because the plate looks full this way, and because our bodies do not need bigger and fuller plates.

Do not ban unhealthy foods

Of course that part of living a healthy life also includes eating unhealthy every once a while, because completely banning these foods makes you desire them even more. But it is important to always eat these foods in moderation.

Replace artificial sugars with fruits

You can always try to curve sugar carvings by eating fruit. Fruits are rich in natural sugars, and when you avoid foods that are high in artificial sugars you help your body feel healthier.

Add color to your plate

It is always best to mix as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Some people even call it a rainbow plate. The more colorful your plate, the healthier it is, because each fruit and vegetable adds different nutritional benefits to your body. Therefore, it is always best to mix your fruits and veggies to achieve an optimal diet.

Incorporate fiber to your diet

A healthy way of living also can be achieved by adding fiber to your diet. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are higher in fiber but the truth is that the more natural a food is, the more fiber it contains. And of course, foods like whole grains, beans, and nuts, are also a great source of fiber. Fiber is good for your body as it aids it in multiple processes, such as having a correct digestion.

Choose your fats correctly

Last tip to eat well is that healthy fats are a big help to your physical and emotional health. Good fats include the healthy version of saturated fats (e.g. dairy products), the monounsaturated fats (e.g. nuts and seeds), and the polyunsaturated fats (e.g. fatty fish).

Feel Well, Sleep Well

A quiet mind means a better night's sleep. If you are extremely busy, not feeling good about yourself for whatever reason or have too much on your mind, your sleep will suffer. Before going to bed, you can quiet your mind with a few simple exercises, such as yoga sleep promoting poses. You can simply practice them in bed. Since that is where you will already be anyway. And a good night's rest plays a huge role in your daily functioning. The amount of sleep you get is important, but quality matters even more.

Your mood affects your life in many aspects. During a heated argument your blood pressure will rise significantly. These effects can last for a longer period, for example when you think about the argument a week later.

4 tips to feel well

Here are 4 tips on how to feel well

Cuddle someone, physical contact can decrease stress, which makes you feel better, and could improve your health. Even a quick hug can help.

Count your blessings, there are many things you might be thankful for, write them down. You will realize how fortunate you really are.

Play with a pet, it will distract you from your thoughts, and your pet can always cheer you up. It is also really fun to play with them; dogs especially are great at distracting you.

Listen to a happy song, or watch a funny video, these will act as an instant mood changer. You might start singing along or laughing, which is good for your mood.

If you have a good mood your life will be healthier and in consequence you will sleep better. But lets not forget that if you do not sleep enough or do not provide your body the right latex mattress, your sleep will be affected, which will lead to an unhappy mood. Therefore, sleep plays an important role in making sure that your mood is well kept each day.

Move well, sleep well

Exercise can also help you sleep better. And just the opposite, better sleep will help you exercise at your best. When your body gets the proper rest, it responds optimally, therefore it is important for you to sleep healthy to perform well while exercising.

Thirty minutes of exercise three to four times a week helps you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep. It is best to exercise vigorously during the daytime and avoid strenuous activity in the evening. Regular exercise can lengthen your average night's sleep, as your body feels rested and exercise is a great way to detoxify your body, which helps your body also to feel great. And a good night's rest plays a huge role in your daily functioning. The amount of sleep you get is important, but quality matters even more. That is why it is very important to sleep on the correct latex mattress for your body.

8 reasons to move well

A healthy way of living, equals minimizing stress. To do so, it is very helpful to take a walk or to have a workout at the gym. Sweating through a workout helps managing physical and mental stress.

Living a healthy life means being happy. Exercising releases endorphins that create a happy feeling. Exercising can also alleviate symptoms related to depression, which is why people suffering from depression might find it therapeutic to exercise.

One of the ways to live healthy, is by feeling healthy. Working out more doesn’t only make people feel healthier, but it also boosts their self-esteem and self-worth. They will have a better perception of themselves.

A healthy way of living equals having a well-functioning brain. Exercising can help the brain against a cognitive decline. Working out boosts the chemicals in the brain that support the hippocampus, which is an important part of the brain for your learning and memory.

Living a healthy life means creating new brain cells through cardiovascular exercise. Studies have shown that exercising stimulates creating new brain cells and improve brain performance in general.

A healthy way of living equals increasing relaxation. Working out is a very effective medium to fall asleep. During a workout, your body’s core temperature raises, and when it drops to normal levels, the body will perceive it as bedtime.

Living a healthy life means an extra flow of creativity. Exercising can boost your creativity levels for a few hours, and it will even be more effective if you work out outdoors in nature! Whenever you need creativity, just go for a stroll around the neighbor, or even better, in the park.

6 reasons to sleep well

Sleeping well improves your memory. During your sleep you are strengthening memories or skills that you learned recently. Whenever you are learning something new, for example a language or a skill, you will perform better after having some sleep.

Having too much or too little sleep has a negative effect on your lifespan. Always try to have just enough sleep. It improves the quality of your overall life, including your mood.

Just like exercising, sleeping increases your creativity. A good sleep clears your mind off of things, and makes room for creativity. A good sleep results in a better organized and structured brain.

Your performance as an athlete can be improved if you have a very good sleep structure. Always sleeping at least 8 hours a day will help you increase your stamina, and decrease your fatigue.

So, sleep is a very important factor to support the other three pillars: food, mood and exercise, but do not forget that it is all of them which lead to a healthy life.

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