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Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis

Singles, doubles or against a backboard on your own. Tennis is a great activity that you can play both indoors and outdoors! Despite great physical benefits, tennis is great for everything from social interactions to brain training activities!

Singles, doubles or on your own. Tennis is a great sports activity for everyone from age of 5 to 95. As a matter of fact, tennis is great for anyone who is able to hold a racket! Including people with disabilities, children or elderly!

Tennis helps to train your body, build muscle and keeps your cardiovascular system in shape! Despite dozens of physical benefits. Tennis is a great mental and social activity!

Tennis helps to stay social, meet new people and have fun while training. In fact, focus and reaction required when playing tennis. Will keep your thinking sharp and will be a great training for your brain!

The following article is everything you need to know about tennis. Where tennis is originating from, what mental and physical benefits it offers. And if you are already convinced, the article will discuss what equipment and clothing you need in order to start tennis today!

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History Of Tennis

If you are living under a rock. Or maybe are not into sports but would like to try something new. Firstly, let’s briefly overlook what tennis is, and how it is played.

Tennis is so-called racket sport. It can either be played individually against a single opponent, also called singles. Or among two teams of two players playing against each other, also called doubles.

Each of the players has a single tennis racket. The racket is strung with tide cords in order to be able to strike a hollow rubber ball. And that's it!

The purpose of the game is to play the ball in such a way that the opponent would not be able to play a valid return. The player who is not able to return the ball. Will not gain any points, oppose to the player who was able to hit the ball back. Thus, the player with lesser points loses the game.

As simple as it sounds. Tennis is an extremely popular game and therefore, played in the Olympics. It is a great sports branch not only for people of different age groups. Tennis can be played by anyone who is able to hold a racket. Making it an accessible sport for wheelchair users as well!

So, where did it all start? Where are the roots of tennis? Historians believe that tennis originates back to the 12th century in Northern France. The first tennis game of its kind took place by hitting the ball back with the palm of the hand!

The first very enthusiastic player was  Louis X of France. He was very keen on playing so called ‘game of the palm’. He was therefore the first person to instruct an indoor tennis court. Which is apparent in nowadays modern tennis court style.

It wasn’t until the 16th century that the first rackets were introduced. In fact, ‘game of the palm’ now started to be called tennis. It was because of the French term tenez. For an interesting fact, tenez translated from French means hold, receive or take!

In the 19th century, the new rackets game emerged in England! In fact, England has patented the first lawn mowers for the games! England is known as the first movers for today’s modern-style grass courts, playing fields and sporting ovals!

Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis

Tennis is a great physical activity that provides you with both workout and fun. Therefore, there are numerous health benefits of tennis. It boosts your energy, improves your heart work and burns a bunch of calories at the same time!

Next time you decide to play tennis. Keep in mind all of the health benefits of tennis!

1. Tennis Improves Your Bone Health

Health benefits of tennis are not only building your muscle! It, therefore, helps to keep your bones healthy and flexible.

In fact, regular exercising can increase your peak bone mass. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), normal bone mass peaks at the age of 30. Afterward, it starts to decline, and you slowly start losing your bone structure.

Playing tennis can maximize your bone mass prior to age. It can slow down the bone loss and strengthen your bone structure through exercising!

2. Tennis As A Full Body Workout

Unlike other sports. Tennis is a great choice if you wish to exercise your entire body! You use your lower body for running, turning, jumping and bending to pick up a ball. At the same time, you use upper body to hit the tennis ball. Especially, your shoulders and upper back will be grateful!

3. Improves Your Heart Health

As one of the greatest tennis players of all time Björn Borg has described a tennis match: “a thousand little sprints.” Indeed, tennis is thousand quick anaerobic moves, sprints and running.

Playing a tennis match equals a lot of calories burnt, increased heart rate and high energy levels achieved. A typical tennis match lasts approximately one to two hours. In fact, it is optimal for improving your heart health, heart rate, increasing your cardiovascular health and essentially avoiding heart problems or a stroke!

4. Improves Your Flexibility, Balance and Coordination Skills

Yet one of the other most important health benefits of tennis. It requires a synergy from your whole body including flexibility, coordination, and balance!

Your feet need to maneuver you in the right position, your arms are responsible for positioning the racket in the right position to hit the ball. And your legs provide the power to send the ball to the other side of the court! In fact, all of this is required with every hit of the ball!

Tennis is great to improve all of these factors. It can, therefore, give you a wider range of motion, reduce your muscle strain and prevent injuries in the long-run!

5. Burns Bunch Of Calories And Fat

Probably while reading all of the health benefits of tennis. Quick calories and fat burning come as no surprise! All of the reachings, running, turning and bending is the best full body workout exercises!

Playing tennis with the right opponent can be the best training you have ever done! In fact, playing tennis can burn between 400 to 600 calories per hour! Tennis is known as the fattest burning exercises ever known! In fact, it beats everything from dancing, weight lifting or playing volleyball!

Mental Benefits Of Playing Tennis

Playing tennis is everything you can think about! It gives you a possibility to play outdoors, socialize, have fun and feel physically satisfied! In fact, even the mental benefits of tennis are endless!

A good match can significantly boost your mood, self-confidence, and cognitive thinking. The following is all you need to know about benefits of tennis beyond the physical activity!

Tennis Improves Discipline And Social Skills

One of the first mental benefits of tennis is practicing discipline and social skills. You learn discipline through mastering the skills required for playing tennis. Skills such as mastering to hit the ball or hold the racket. Mastering tennis requires a lot of time, dedication, and patience!

Therefore, tennis is great for socializing. You meet new people as you play. You get to play with different tennis players or make friends with the ones who you had a great game with. In return, your social skills get better and your friend cycle gets wider!

Boosts Your Mood

A good match of playing tennis will boost your mood and you will feel much better overall! As an interesting fact, when training your brain releases endorphins. Released endorphins in your brain reduce the feeling of pain and trigger positive feelings!

Tennis Boosts Your Brain Power

One of the other benefits of playing tennis is the training for your brain! Indeed, when playing tennis, you need a lot of creativity! You need to be tactical, coordinated and quickly reacting when hitting that ball!

Therefore, you train your brain just by playing! Playing tennis increases the number of neural connections in your brain. Furthermore, new neurons themselves are created. It happens because of learning new techniques on how to hit the ball, position your body and master the overall techniques of the game!

Tennis Boosts Your Self - Esteem

Last but not least, playing tennis will boost your self-esteem! It is not hard to imagine, when playing tennis regularly, your body image will change! You will get more fit and more muscular. For this reason, you will feel more confident and feel better about your body!

Also, mastering tennis techniques will boost your self-confidence! It will give you a satisfactory feeling of facing the challenges ahead of you and mastering the game nevertheless!

All About Tennis Clothing

If you admire benefits of tennis and would like to try it for yourself. You will love the following paragraph talking about tennis clothing!

In general, it is suggested to wear something light and comfortable. Bear in mind, you want to avoid very tight clothes, or anything long-sleeve! Tennis is very active and quick game, you want to move freely in order to perform at your best!

However, if you really want to gear up fully. Or might motivate yourself with some fashionable tennis clothing. There are few extras that you should know and may consider buying!

For women, it is very popular to wear a tennis dress or a tennis skirt. In fact, it is a skirt or a dress with built-in shorts underneath. You have various brands selling them, at different styles and fits.

Therefore, you can also invest in a visor, if you are playing tennis outdoors. Tennis wristbands or tennis socks are also something you can consider. It is not necessary, but it may boost your mood and motivation in playing tennis more often!

What Equipment Do You Need For Playing Tennis?

Most importantly, what tennis equipment do you need in order to start playing? If you are just starting out, you don’t need any fancy tennis gear and just simple tennis equipment will do fine for you!

Indeed, all you really need are tennis racquets and tennis balls. When looking for tennis rackets make sure you have a possibility to try it out. In order to make sure it is a good fit for you! It is extremely important what is the length, weight, head shape and strings of the racket. Choose the one that fits your playing abilities and style the best!

Secondly, make sure you have at least four tennis balls on you! When buying them, make sure you get surface specific balls. Or even better, try to get the tennis balls that are suitable for all surfaces. Playing with more balls means faster game, more time hitting the ball and much more fun!

The extra tennis gear you can make sure of is a water bottle, sunscreen, and towel! It will make sure of you staying hydrated, free of damaging x-rays and freshened up!

Why Tennis Is Beneficial For Your Kids

Whether you knew it or not. Tennis is extremely beneficial for your kids as well! Interestingly, there is a saying: “Many of life’s lessons can be learned on the tennis court.”

In fact, tennis for kids can teach them everything from discipline, social skills to problem-solving abilities. Tennis for kids teaches the ethics and sportsmanship from the young age!

Benefits of tennis are far beyond physical activity. It teaches you to achieve your goals, be disciplined in learning and achieving happiness once you mastered the game! Whether you are young or old, it is a great and fun activity for the whole family!

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