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Health Benefits of Napping

Do you know that napping during the day can boost your intelligence and your mood? Taking a daytime snooze is much more than just closing your eyes!

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Have you ever got caught in the middle of the day taking a nap? And you quickly tried to fight the fact that you were simply snoozing on the couch?

For years napping was perceived as a sign of laziness. But thanks to scientific discoveries taking a nap in the middle of the day is much more than just closing your eyes!

In fact, taking your rest in the middle of the day can boost your mood, alertness, creativity and your mood. A nap of 60 minutes improves your attentiveness of even 10 hours!

A recent study shows that pilots during a flight, also known as ‘NASA’ tests, benefit highly from naps. While the pilot is napping, the co-pilot takes over. As a result, the performance of the pilot was enhanced even by 34 percent! Therefore, the alertness was strengthened by almost 54 percent!

Therefore, a research by Harvard Medical School found that napping indeed can help you in boosting your brain performance. It shows that a nap of 45 minutes can improve your learning and memorizing abilities.

It is clear that short sleep implemented into your day can make you healthier, safer and brainier. However, to understand how you can nap best, you need to understand your body.

The following article answers the fundamental questions of whether napping is indeed good for your health. Where the concept of napping and ‘siestas’ come from. And most importantly, how to nap the best and what health benefits you can take out of your short nap moment!

How Napping Began

The traditions of napping dates back thousands of years! Therefore, the origins of today’s ‘siestas’ come from Spain. You could also say it started in warmer countries around the world!

The word napping comes from a Latin word ‘hora sexta’. It means the sixth hour of the day. The reason being, the beginning of the day was at dawn. Consequently, the sixth hour is the noon, when the nap time often starts.

Through the influence of many Hispanic countries. The sixth hour was soon shortened into ‘siesta’. Nowadays, siesta is internationally known word for daytime sleep. Or in other words, the time of the day when you rest!

Due to wide Spanish influence, siestas are most common in Spanish speaking nations. However, it is also very popular in countries such as Greece, the Philippines, Italy, and Nigeria.

Taking siestas typically occur in the countries with a hot climate. It is because it allows people to take a rest during the hottest part of the day.

While the siesta is now considered a luxury or a choice of a lifestyle. In the past taking a nap was a physical necessity! Especially in the hot climates, it was important for people to restore their energy and avoid sun’s strong midday rays!

For an interesting fact, it is believed that Spain invented siestas in order to provide farmers with a time to rest during peak temperatures!

Although siestas are still very popular to this day. Over the course of a few years, the climate got cooler and the heat is not as stifling as it used to be.

However, taking siestas is still the most embraced Spanish tradition. Only nowadays siestas during the day do not necessarily mean taking a nap. It also means having a meal with your family, chatting with your friends or enjoying your time in between working hours!

Following the traditions of today. In many western countries, the children and the elderly are also expected to nap during the day! Therefore, they are provided with designated locations and times when they could do so.

However, most working adults are not expected to take naps! In fact, it is widely unacceptable to take a nap especially in between your working hours.

Is It Healthy To Nap?

Just before we jump straight into health benefits of napping. Let’s find out whether taking naps is healthy at all? You probably have heard a lot of rumors regarding this topic. However, the truth is much simpler than you think!

As interesting as it is, people could be divided into two groups of nappers! Namely, people who are not habitual nappers and natural nappers! In fact, genetics is the best explanation on why some people are nap lovers and others aren’t.

People who are not natural nappers. They tend to fall into a very deep sleep almost immediately. Taking this into consideration, they tend to feel even more restless and groggy.

On the other side of the coin, natural nappers don’t fall into a deep sleep. They are natural snoozers and feel very refreshed and energized after a short nap in the middle of the day.

Interesting to note, in the United States even 34 percent of the whole population take naps daily! Therefore 38 versus 31 percent, men take naps more often. The biggest age group taking naps is above 80 years old.

In fact, elderly people tend to take more naps then the youngsters do. According to Sleep Education, elderly people have more difficulties in falling asleep as well as having long night’s sleep.

According to their studies, adults over 65 years old find 13 percent of men and 36 percent of women take at least 30 minutes to fall asleep! As their minimum sleep cycle of 9 hours is disturbed, no wonder napping during the day is crucial.

Dr. Sara Mednick, a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside, and author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life explains: “First of all, it’s important to ask yourself why you’re taking the nap”.

If you spend most of your day feeling drowsy and exhausted. It may indicate the more serious health issues that you are going through. The following may indicate that you are experiencing insomnia, high-stress levels or even depression!

However, if you are a natural napper. You may just enjoy all the benefits of napping! For natural nappers, in fact, it is really important to catch on their sleep. Otherwise, they feel no energy and are not feeling productive.

The following leads to reaching out to other energy sources as caffeine or energy drinks. In fact, this may lead to even more damage than just taking a nap and feeling fit again.

According to Dr. Sara Mednick, naps are usually healthy and good for everyone! As a matter of fact, it can improve your brain functions, increase productivity, memory, and creativity.

If you are a natural napper you should not hesitate to take your so much needed 30-minute nap! You should embrace a little break and enjoy the health benefits of napping!

Health Benefits of Napping

If you are a nap lover, you will love to hear all about health benefits of napping! As there are plenty benefits of napping, we decided to concentrate on specifically students, working adults and athletes!

Most importantly, everyone should look out for health benefits of napping individually. How does a short nap during your day affect you, the reasons why you are napping and most importantly, make sure you are not napping too much!

Benefits Of Napping For College Students

College students and napping come as a heavenly combination. A growing body that tries to acquire a lot of knowledge and stay proactive. In fact, a lot of college students find themselves napping!

As a matter of fact, all college students should nap. Naps can improve your concentration, information retention and can even be the key to the better grades! Here are top 5 benefits of napping for college students.

1.    Pre-Class – Improves Alertness

NASA nap of 26 minutes can enhance your alertness by 54 percent! Napping benefits your overtired grogginess and gives new energy to your body and mind.

2.    During Study Time – Boosts Concentration

Especially if you find yourself stuck on one task for too long. You may enjoy benefits of napping! It surely helps to re-approach the task with fresh and well-rested mindset!

3.    Essay Writing – Enhances Creativity

According to study on Good Morning Creativity. Naps, in fact, can boost your creative thinking, problem-solving and thinking outside the box!

4.    Post Class – Improves Memory

Napping for less than an hour can reset your short-term memory. Napping benefits you with sorting out the information, absorbing newly gathered learnings and remembering it in a long run!

5.    Furthers Understanding - Information Sets In While Asleep

One of the other benefits of napping for college students that it not only sorts out newly gathered information but also deepens its understanding. Napping, in fact, is a valuable time for your brain to move ideas and information across large areas of your brain.

Benefits Of Napping At Work

Let’s be honest. Work can be quite stressful. Sometimes we work extra hours, other days we have an extremely busy schedule. And for this reason, health benefits of napping are crucial to our health as well as our well-being.

As a matter of fact, there are more and more companies introducing napping rooms! Whether you have such a possibility, or you can quickly reach your home for a short time. You will love these health benefits of napping!

Improves Your Productivity

If you are feeling drowsy and overwhelmed. Taking a short nap will boost your energy and improve your results for the rest of the day.

According to NASA nap, all you need is 26 minutes! You could find this time during your lunch break, to feel rested and refreshed. In fact, you will feel more energized, awake and you will find yourself more productive than after a cup of coffee!

Helps To Boost Your Mental Health

Yet one of the other benefits of napping at work is that it helps to boost your mental health. Our job sometimes is very busy, with a filled schedule and a lot of work to do.

Health benefits of napping can help you to cope with stress, put everything into a perspective and have a more positive outlook overall!

Napping Before Workout

Whether you heard about it or not. Health benefits of napping for athletes are also extremely beneficial. They often incorporate it into their daily routines when feeling overly exhausted.

In fact, napping before workout can have significant effects on alertness and athletic performance. Therefore, napping during the day for athletes is crucial for their not only physical but mental activity.

One of those health benefits of napping is enhanced motor memory. Motor memory is your muscle memory, when introducing your body new movements.

Therefore, motor memory is extremely important in sports. Athletes often practice new skills as well as new techniques to perfect their performance. A simple nap can help to improve learning and memorizing new skill!

Important to note. Sleeping full nine hours during the night, and incorporating a short nap if needed during the day, is extremely important! Athletes who experience a shortage of sleep are more vulnerable to risks of accidents as well as illnesses.

All in all, it all depends on your genetics, health, and preferences whether you are a nap person or not. Non-natural nap takers may need some practice in order to avoid deep sleep during their nap. And natural nap takers cannot imagine a day without one!

Facts are, health benefits of napping are enormous. It boosts your energy, mood and gives you extra power to be productive and energized for the rest of the day! Most importantly, don’t nap too much and enjoy your siesta benefits!

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