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Best Latex Pillow For Each Sleeping Position

Sleeping on a good mattress is essential, but a good pillow is also very important. It should offer support for your head and body, increasing your sleeping comfort.

Choosing a pillow

A good pillow ensures that your head will remain in a straight, neutral and well-supported position while you sleep, preventing any neck and back problems. It is important to gear the choice of pillow to your sleeping position. There are pillows designed specifically for every sleeping position and that is why it is important to know how you usually sleep: on your side, back, stomach or a combination of these. A pillow should not have any pressure points and should feel soft to the touch to ensure optimal circulation.

Why Talalay latex?

Vita Talalay natural latex is known for being unique due to its extreme comfort and production process.

During our 9-step production process, an open-cell structure is created. This is one of the main reasons why our mattresses and pillows stand out and have so many benefits.

Features that make our product provide the best sleeping experience:


The open cell structure allows our products to be breathable. Inside the material, there are hundreds of tiny holes which enable free air flow and prevent a build-up of heat within it. Since it has an optimal ventilation, mattresses and pillows are warm in the winter and cool in the summer which prevents sweating. Therefore, it also a cooling pillow that provides a hygienic and healthy sleep.


One of the most bothering facts to people about bedding products is the existence of dust-mites. This can contribute to asthma and allergies, but this is not a problem for people who sleep on natural latex. Our products are hypoallergenic which make it quite impossible for dust mites to live or survive in it.

Mother nature's material
We value natural materials, that's why our natural latex comes from the Havea Brasiliensis tree, which grows mainly in the Amazon. The entire process of extracting the sap from the trees is sustainable which we prove by being FSC certified and other certificates.

The latex mattresses, mattress toppers and latex pillows maintain its shape and quality for many years. It has been proven that Talalay is more durable than memory foams or standard (Dunlop) latex.

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Best pillows for each sleeping position

Side sleeper pillow

People who sleep on their side experience the greatest amount of pressure on their shoulders and need more support for their neck. A medium-firm pillow is necessary in order to keep your head parallel to your shoulder to provide better support for your neck.

In addition, the best pillow for side sleepers is found to be slightly tall. The same goes for people who sleep in a fetal position.

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Back sleeper pillow

In general, back sleepers prefer to lie with their neck higher up in bed. However, this depends on the curvature of your back. The greater the curvature, the higher the pillow should be. A typical back sleeper often chooses a pillow with a big neck support. Therefore, the best latex pillows for back sleepers are usually firm pillows or wedge pillows to elevate the top part of the body.

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Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers turn their heads to facilitate free breathing. This means their necks often end up in the most extreme rotated positions. In order to keep a neutral spine alignment and healthy posture,The best stomach sleeper pillow is a relatively soft and flexible latexIl pillow that is about 2 inches (5 centimeters) or less, is the best choice.

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The heavy lifter

The positions mentioned above are the most common and the ones that have been studied the most. There are many other positions such as the heavy lifter. This position is quite common, with about 20% of adults resting this way at night. However, it is difficult to advise the best pillow for it, since it bring several health problems. Some of them are sacroiliac joint problems, shoulder instability and back pain.

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The bottom line

To sum up, we advise to try out the side, back and stomach positions and figure out which is the most comfortable for you, since most of the other ways to rest during the night time can be harmful.

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