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Good Mood Please! How To Get In A Good Mood

It is not a secret that after all, what we all want is to be happy. And a good mood or a happy mood is key to a joyful life. But, anyone who tells you that they are in a good mood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is most likely lying.

The challenge then is how to put yourself in a good mood as much as possible. And the truth is that it is not that complicated, but on the other hand, it is also known that it is inevitable to have a bad day. For whatever reason it might be, perhaps you had a bad sleep because you were sleeping on the wrong mattress, or maybe you had an argument with a loved one, or it could even be that you forgot to take the trash out. So, no matter what the reason really is, the truth is that even if you are mostly happy, a bad day and a bad mood is inevitable.

This is why it is important to know how to get in a good mood when you feel like your mood is simply not there. There actually are many ways that can help you to achieve a happy mood. But lets discuss them in detail! And maybe it would be a good idea to keep these ideas at hand, so next time you are wondering how to get in a good mood, you know how.

There are many ways that can help you boost your good mood, but to be honest it is a matter of knowing what to use at the right moment. So, here are a couple of ideas on how to stay in a good mood or how to put someone in a good mood, or even yourself.

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Sleeping in the Right Mattress

According to a study from Harvard University, your mood might be affected after having a sleepless night. This could turn you more irritable, and your temper might be shortened, so you could be more impatient and you could become more prone to stress. So, getting a good night sleep is really important if you want to have a normal happy mood.

Actually, studies from the University of Pennsylvania show that people that were sleepless, even for one night, were feeling stressed, sad, angry and exhausted mentally. And, as soon as they slept properly, the good mood returned immediately.

It is no surprise then that having a good night sleep is a basic for having a good mood. As your body and mind replenish during your night’s rest. This is why Vita Talalay manufactures the healthiest latex mattress for your body, allowing your body to rest and your mind to be at peace. So, by resting in the right latex mattress, you are already step ahead, as you will almost warranty that you will wake up in a good mood everyday.

Good Mood Food

Maybe you have already read or heard that there are certain foods that can actually boost your good mood. So it is a little bit like this “good food good mood” because by eating good food good mood for sure. And, there are specific foods that have actually the properties to impact your body by releasing chemical substances and altering your system, to get you in a happy mood.

The one thing that we need the most to be in a good mood is endorphins release in our bodies, this is the easiest way on how to get in a good mood. So when you eat specific kinds of foods, your body is more prone to releasing endorphins, which are in charge of your good mood.

There are actually several happy foods that could help you if you are wondering how to get in a good mood. But, the most powerful ones are the following:


Kale, a leafy vegetable is really a super food. Not only it is super rich in vitamins-especially B12- but also minerals, and it is known for boosting the energy of your body and hence uplifting your spirits.

So, next time you are in need of boosting your mood, make sure you include kale in your diet, as this surely is a good mood food that will prevent you from wondering how to be in a good mood. There are several ways to eat kale, and it will not be hard for you to find hundreds of recipes with kale.


You can actually eat cacao in many ways, you can ad it to your milk or hot water, or use it in different recipes, but who does not love chocolate? So, just make sure that if you are going to eat cacao to enhance your good mood, you eat a chocolate that is at least 70 percent pure. This will help you release endorphins and boost your energy levels, things that will help you stay in a good mood.


Would it be a coincidence that people in the Caribbean, were coconut grows in beautiful palm trees, are usually happier or in a good mood more frequently? Well, the truth is that coconut has oils that are super beneficial for your body. No wonder why coconut oil has become so popular nowadays.

What happens with coconut oil is that it mainly consists of good fats that boosts your energy, rather than just accumulating in your body and become bad fat. This in return, will not only help you to get a happy mood, but it will prevent you from feeling tired and with no energy throughout your day.

You can eat coconut in pieces, but you can also benefit from natural coconut oils or coconut butter.


How to be in a good mood! Well, energy is key to that, and this is why salmon is a great food to help you with that. As it is a great source omega-3 fatty acids that are in charge of a big part of your energy production. So, if you are a fish lover, do not hesitate on digging on the salmon to boost your good mood.

The best is that salmon is so versatile that you can cook it in thousands of different ways, or even eat it raw, and it will still taste delicious and help you benefit from its amazing properties.


Bananas are one of the world’s best foods for supplying your body with energy. Rich in potassium and B vitamins, they can provide your body with a more sustained release of energy. The supply of vitamins and carbohydrates in bananas make you feel full, help slow down digestion and keep blood sugar levels stable.


Okay, the number-one breakfast favorite! But, not only is one of the most eaten foods for breakfast, but it is also a rich energy booster for your good mood. As it is high in minerals and vitamins, especially B-vitamin. Eggs are actually so beneficial that its good mood boost can last for the whole day. No wonder why some people do not leave their home without a good breakfast (eggs).

There actually are many other foods that you can use for getting in a good mood, or as we have called them before, happy foods you can read the full list!

Good Mood Songs

Have you ever been in the traffic jam, in a terrible mood, and all of a sudden your favorite song starts playing in the radio, and you find yourself surprisingly happy and dancing or even singing in your car? Well, this is because music actually can have an effect on your mind, and therefore it can enhance your good mood.

Here are some songs that can actually help you are in a good mood, because of the rhythm that they use and the way your heart beats to the music. Now, you only need to hit play to achieve a good mood. Who would have thought that achieving a good mood would be so easy? Bring in the good mood songs please!

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

I remember actually standing up and dancing the first time I heard this song, it is really amazing how some songs can put an immediate smile on your face, and this is definitely one of them!

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye

On top of having amazing and inspirational lyrics, its beat its perfect to have you singing happily and surely keep you in a good mood.

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Let me confess that I have had this song as a ringtone since I heard it for the first time, it is such a happy song that it is simply inevitable to get in a good mood after listening to it. It really plays tribute to its name; it does make you feel really happy.

 "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake

 Not only is this song the soundtrack of a really cool movie (Trolls), but it is also a perfect song to make you achieve a good mood immediately, you really can feel “the feeling in your body”, the happy mood just kicks in!

"Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves

A classic and a favorite! Who could not smile while listening to this song? Its lyrics and its beat make it hard to resist smiling and being in a good mood.

"Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin

Well, the title of the song says pretty much everything! This song will boost your good mood guaranteed! The pure fact of repeating out lead the lyrics, will tune your brain into a positive thought area and you will actually get in a good mood.

"Don't Stop Believin'" – Journey

A true reminder of why you should never lose hope, the good mood will kick in immediately!

"Bittersweet Sympony" by The Verve

Rumors tell that this song is actually scientifically tested to help you enhance your good mood immediately, so why not give it a try?

So, get your speakers on, and start singing to the music!

And, now that we are already in the arts… here is also the list of some movies that you can watch when you are asking how to get in a good mood. So, movies to put you in a good mood are the following.

10 Things I Hate About You

A heart warming romantic young love comedy that will make you smile in no time! Good mood guaranteed.


I know what you might be thinking, but even if it’s an animated movie, it is not one of Disney’s top successes in vain. This movie will have you smiling and in a good mood for a while. So, do not be afraid of taking your inner child out.

Singin' in the Rain

I am not sure if it has to do with the song that lifts your spirits immediately, but this movie is a happy mood switch for sure.


Once again, a movie for kids, but it is a 100% guaranteed to have you in a good mood throughout the whole movie, and even after!

So, keeping yourself in a good mood might be challenging with the stressful modern world routines, but now you have plenty of options to try to be in a good mood, even when you had a bad day!
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