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Foods That Make You Happy: 20 Happy Foods

Nowadays, much has been told about food, dieting and healthy eating. But, have you ever heard of happy foods? Or actually foods that make you happy?

Because, your body has the possibility of reacting in certain ways after you eat specific kinds of food And, that is why there are some foods that can make you happier, simply, foods that makes you feel good. But, let us discuss more about which foods are these and why your body can have that reaction.

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What are Happy Foods?

Happy foods are foods that contain feel good properties by nature. Meaning, that its nutrients can have an impact on the way you feel. So, to understand that better, lets explain first what triggers your body to feel happier.

Your body produces chemicals to regulate certain behaviors, and when you feel happier your body increases the production of chemicals known as endorphins. So, several psychologists, nutritionists and doctors agree that happy foods can increase endorphins.

So, by eating and selecting happy foods that triggers the production of endorphins your body will have an endorphins release. So, this basically means that there is food that makes you feel good.

But how does that work? Well, your body benefits from endorphins release by breaking down happy foods thanks to the rise of the levels of these chemical substances in the brain. And especially because of the combination of nutrients that trigger endorphins release by eating happy foods.

To increase endorphins there are several ways: doing exercise is a very efficient way to do so. As experts suggest that endorphins release can be boosted by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. Causing you to feel happier after your workout.

However, there are other ways to increase endorphins, and food has proven to be a very efficient way of triggering endorphins release. So, actually eating foods that make you happy by causing your brain to produce a higher amount of endorphins thanks to the ingredients contained in happy foods.

Happy foods or food that makes you feel good generally contains higher amount of B vitamins – particularly B12-, C vitamins, Iron, Potassium, and Zinc. So, basically what has been found is that consuming foods that contain these elements will increase your endorphins release, helping you feel happier.

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Foods That Make You Happy

Happy foods that will boost your endorphins can be several, but we will provide you the exact name of foods to make you happier. So, get your grocery-shopping list and be ready to hit your favorite food store soon, as it is likely you will get your happiness rush after eating these happy foods!

The Chocolate Endorphin Tip

Okay, this makes the number one of the list because it is hard to find a person that does not love chocolate. Chocolate is simply a delicious food that not only will delight your palat, but also will help you increase your endorphins. The truth about the chocolate endorphin tip is that the more chocolate you eat the better, but of course it all has to be done with moderation, as eating too much chocolate is not very healthy.

So, how can chocolate make you happier? Well, chocolate contains a group of chemicals called the N-acyclethanoloamine group. Which are in charge of stimulating your brain in order to boost endorphins release. And, if you are a chocolate lover, you would know that consuming chocolate will increase your sensitivity and will trigger a feeling of euphoria – or extreme happiness.

So, if we would need to give chocolate a happiness score, it would certainly be 10 out of 10. As its effects on your body’s endorphins release is quite high.

The downside with chocolate is that as most of it contains high levels of sugars, these will also give you an energy boost, but sadly this will only be temporary as the sugar rush, as it is often called, will not last long. This is why some people recommend consuming preferably dark chocolate, or the purest chocolate that is of your preference, as they usually contain lower amounts of sugar.


Strawberries are also an excellent choice among the happy foods or foods that make you happy. And if you are also a chocolate lover, of course that you can also top the experience with chocolate covered strawberries. But, in any of your choices actually strawberries are definitely healthy food, which will produce an increase in your endorphins release.

Not only are strawberries happy foods because they are a fantastic source of C vitamin, but also these are a rich source of vitamin C, and potassium, but also because of its red color they contain flavonoids which can help you change your mood rapidly, helping you feel happier.


Moving away from the sweet treats, clams are magnificent happy foods that can increase endorphins on your body. Clams are really high in B vitamin, especially B12, which can enhance your happy mood.

The good thing about clams is that it is very easy to get their vitamins, as they are really packed with tons of them. So, even canned clams will do the trick.

And, if clams are just not your thing, you can always try to eat other seafood, such as salmon which on top is very rich in Omega 3 which is very good for your brain; and trout.


This might not be so surprising, as eggs are beneficial for your health in many ways, and it might not be unexpected to know that eggs make the number one choice of breakfast in many cultures. In the United States a very high number of people tend to have at least one egg for breakfast each morning.

And the best is that you can cook eggs in so many ways – scrambled, boiled, omelet, fried, just to mention a few- that it will be hard for you to get bored of eating eggs. Just let your creativity spark! Eggs are happy foods that go well with pretty much any savory food.

But what makes egg a happy food? Well, eggs and especially egg yolks contain a high amount of choline, which is an essential nutrient for your brain, because it helps your brain transmit better signals to your neurons. Thus, helping you achieve a happier mood in quicker way.

And since, we are already on the breakfast menu, lets skip to the next food.


If you are a coffee lover, or even consider yourself a coffee-holic, then you already probably know that coffee is one of the best foods that make you happy.

There are mainly two reasons why coffee helps you feel good. And this is why scientists argue that coffee encourages the release of dopamine – a neurotransmitter. So, it is dopamine’s responsibility to produce euphoria and happy feelings when you drink your cup of coffee each morning.

And the second reason is caffeine. Caffeine is actually responsible for boosting your energy and mood, so it is not surprising that people avoid drinking coffee at night, as caffeine can over stimulate your senses.

So lets admit it, the pure smell of fresh hot coffee in the morning is already a very good start to get happy enough!

But, if you really are not a fan of coffee… we also have a healthy alternative!


Oranges and orange juice are a great way of getting vitamin C, as they are naturally high on it. And, as I have already mentioned before, vitamin C is a natural booster for endorphins release.

Moreover, oranges contain also vitamin B and flavonoids. Making them fantastic happy foods on the list.  natural source High in vitamin C, which produces endorphins. Also contain good quantities of B vitamins and flavonoids.

And, as the rest of citrus fruits – such as lemons, limes, mandarins, just to mention a few- oranges are a magnificent way of boosting antioxidants in your body.

And if fruit is your thing, of course what follows are apples.


Did you ever hear the famous say “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, that is because apples are packed with lots of health benefits. It is not in vain that people have come up with thousands of ideas on how to eat apples. And ideas range from applesauce, to apple pie and even baked apples. But the truth is that apples are definitely foods that make you happier.

Not only are apples full of flavonoids and vitamin C, but they also are very rich in antioxidants. And if you are throwing the peel away, make sure you actually save it, as most of its properties are actually contained in the peel.

To continue with the fruits, lets bring on the next happy foods…


No wonders why berries and its many varieties have become hype these days. After this, acai berry bowl won’t be missing on your breakfast table. As these happy fruits are full of antioxidants, and along with other chemical compounds, berries promote communication between your brain cells.

Hence, boosting your happy mood! And to be honest, berries have so many varieties that it will be hard for you to kick them out of your diet.


Bananas are one of the foods which is higher in potassium. Potassium helps your nerves function correctly, this is why people recommend athletes to eat a banana to ease muscle pain.

Besides, bananas are fruits that are also high in natural sugars, so when you eat bananas, the natural sugars travel quickly through your the bloodstream, and as a result you get an energy boost.

And if this could not convince you enough, bananas are also high in starch and carbohydrates, which make your happy mood stay in your body longer.

But, if you are not of a sweet tooth, perhaps you can try with these other fruits.


Pomegranate is consumed by many cultures as a traditional fruit. In fact, in Thailand and Turkey – just to mention some examples- they even drink pomegranate juice to benefit of this happy foods.

Pomegranates are said to be a great source to reduce anxiety and fight depression, and people also admit to have been happier after consuming this vitamin C rich fruit.


Well, perhaps you had already thought of wines’ main ingredient: grapes! Grapes are also top rated happy foods, as they simply are a high endorphins release fruits, which are rich in vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants and sugar.

All of which are not only an amazing source to increase endorphins, but also to boost your energy levels.

And if you are also a fan of red wine, that has also similar benefits, so cheers!


With a sour-ish flavor, apricots are a very good source of vitamin B and antioxidants. As I have mentioned are good sources for increasing endorphins. But also, what makes apricots a good option to enhance your mood is its yellow color, which makes them full of betacarotene, also a fantastic source to brighten your mood.


This complex carbohydrate food is also a good food to make you happy, as it allows you to burn your energy slowly. Pasta is also a good source of Vitamin B and fiber. Which along with the complex carbohydrate help you to be happy for a longer period of time.

Is then the reason why Italians are considered to be happy people? Perhaps…

And to finish the list, a sweet treat.



Ice cream is a happy food because it is made with milk, and dairy is a very rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B – especially B12-, and Calcium. And, if you buy the added D vitamin milk of course that is even more beneficial.

The best is to try to eat ice cream that is low in sugar, such as frozen yogurt. But, the truth is that the benefits of dairy and the sugar rush will boost your mood in no time!

Now your only challenge will be keeping away from these delicious foods! So, eat on and be happy!

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