How and where can we purchase Vita Talalay® products?

Stores that carry brands that have Vita Talalay inside their mattress, topper or pillow can be found here.


Why should you purchase Vita Talalay® products?

There are many reasons to buy a Vita Talalay. All benefits are linked to the open, round cell structure, that makes you sleep fresh and with a lifting comfort. There is more explanation here.

How much Vita Talalay® products cost ?

Vita Talalay is inside many different mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows from different brands. Therefore the price of a mattress depends on the brand and the model.

Where are Vita Talalay® stores located?

Stores that carry brands that use Vita Talalay can be found here. Either click on the brand to get to their store locator, or in some occasions click on the map where all stores are shown direct.

Do you deliver and how long is the delivery time?

For delivery conditions contact the brand with Vita Talalay inside found in our find a retailer page.

Do you produce customized products?

Depending on the brand, customization is possible or there is plenty of choice to accommodate for every person.

What are the conditions concerning guarantee, warranty and the return policy?

For conditions contact the brand with Vita Talalay inside encountered in the following link.

How can I be sure I bought a Vita Talalay® product?

For all brands on our website you can be sure you bought a mattress, topper our pillow with Vita Talalay inside. In case you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.


Is pure natural Vita Talalay as natural as pure natural dunlop?

Yes, it is. Looking at the end result the product is most of the time even more natural, but as long as there are no artificial additives or fillers used you will usually get to an end result of more than 95% natural. Look for the Eco-Institut certification with latex that analyses a product to be made out of pure natural latex.

There are companies and retailers that call products with 85% natural latex already a natural product. We don’t do that. It has to be as pure as possible. We guarantee.

Is Vita Talalay Eco Friendly / good for the environment?

Yes definitely. There are many good ecological reasons preferring Vita Talalay over any other comfort material.

Are flame retardants used in Vita Talalay?

No, Vita Talalay does not contain fire retardants. The FRX which is specially made for UK legislation does contain fire retardants that are in line with REACH legislation on acceptable chemicals in the European Union.

Are Vita Talalay products safe for people with allergies?

For somebody with latex allergy Vita Talalay is safe. We have never received any feedback from consumers with regards to latex allergy linked to the proteins that cause the allergy. Reason is that the proteins are washed out during the production process and the latex is tucked in the mattress.

For people with dust mite allergy Vita Talalay brings an added benefit as the Talalay process makes such an airy product that it gives no ground for dust mites to live in.

Are Vita Talalay products recyclable?

Yes, they are. If they are reclaimed by the mattress retailer or given to a recycling point, the latex can be reused for underfloor or insulation.

How long do Vita Talalay products last?

Vita Talalay is used being part of many mattresses, toppers and pillows. It is tested to be more durable than memory foam or Dunlop latex. However the brands we use decide on the warranty terms they can offer. In general bedding brands love Talalay because they get very little complaints on durability exceeding the recommended consumer replacement times of a pillow (3 years) or mattress (7 years) by far.

Are Vita Talalay products washed ?

All Vita Talalay products have been washed well with pure, clear water, that is only used one single time,  washing out soaps and left over proteins. Comparisons (analysis) with other latex suppliers have shown that our washing process is very thorough.

Where does the production take place?

All Vita Talalay made products are 100% made at Radium Foam in The Netherlands in the city of Maastricht. Radium foam produces latex since 1932.

talalay production location

Are Vita Talalay® products certified?

We have several certifications. All our products are Oekotex 100 Class 1 certified. Natural Vita Talalay on top has the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification and the Eco-Institut certification. All certifications show that the products are safe. For the UK we have the FIRA certificate, showing that the Vita Talalay FRX is fire-retardant according to UK legislation.

Are Vita Talalay® products 100% natural?

Natural Vita Talalay is made with pure natural latex. In the making we need a “vulcanization paste” that help in the baking process. In the end result 97% is natural latex and the other 3% are natural remnants of the production process. The washing process washes out proteins and soaps used during the process.

What is the composition of Vita Talalay® latex?

The latex used is either a combination of natural and synthetic or made fully with natural latex.

  • Superior: A mix of 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic
  • Natural: 100% natural latex.
  • Embrace: A visco latex with a mix of 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex with a viscose supplement.
  • Intuition: A mix of 60% natural and 40% synthetic with a supplement of phase change material.
  • FRX: A flame-retardant latex made up of a mix of 50% natural latex and 50% synthetic latex with a supplement of fire-retardant material.

What is synthetic latex?

Synthetic latex is obtained from crude oil. During World War II, there was a shortage of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber was developed as an alternative to natural latex for making tyres, among other products. It is a very stable product and easier to produce than natural rubber, and this is why this is added to most rubber compounds. Even now, many natural latex products contain a certain quantity of synthetic materials.  In addition to our pure natural Vita Talalay® without any synthetic latex, Vita Talalay® also offers a combination of synthetic and natural latex products.

What is Natural Latex ?

Natural latex comes from the Hevea brasiliensis tree that grows in Asia. The milky-white rubber sap from this tree is used in our product. We use a mix of natural and synthetic rubber in our products. However, for our Natural Vita Talalay® latex, we do not use synthetic latex. The Natural Vita Talalay® latex is made from pure natural latex.

What is Dunlop latex?

Dunlop latex is made with the dunlop process. It can be made in a mold or with continuous poor process. For both methods a chemical foamer is added to the latex to give the latex a bit of an airy feel. With talalay you do that with a combination of vacuumizing to create round bubbles and freezing to create openness.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that has viscoelastic properties. That gives the foam its slow response properties, it remembers the place you have been sleeping.

For Vita Talalay Embrace we have some viscoelastic properties added to the material, showing a better pressure relief and support than with memory foam. Also it still makes it easy to turn while sleeping.

Where does the latex come from?

Most of our latex is sourced from South East Asia, Thailand.


Is Vita Talalay latex biodegradable ?

The natural latex used is biobased and also biodegrades. However, there is no such thing as a foam being biodegradable! Not a memory foam, not a Dunlop latex and not a Talalay. Claims like “biodegradable as an oak leaf” are misleading. Indeed the liquid natural latex rubber itself is biodegradable, but the finished product is not. The reason is that in the process crosslinks are made of the molecules, that can not easily be undone. Which is a good thing: otherwise your bed would be degrading while you are sleeping in it.


Of course, after a long time the particles would get smaller and smaller until you can’t see them anymore. But they are still there: instead of bio-degrading it is deteriorating.

Is Vita Talalay safe without being organic ?

Food can be fully organic. But with a latex mattress that does not make sense. Harvested organic latex always need an addition of some inorganic materials to process it into a latex mattress, topper or pillow. Organic certifications do some traceability of the latex itself but do not trace whether the added inorganic materials (needed to get from liquid to a solid material) are safe. All Vita Talalay is Oekotex 100 Class 1. With Natural Vita Talalay we even have two more certifications that test the end product to be safe. And on top Cradle to Cradle chemists have analysed not only the latex, but also the inorganic additives. It shows that the latex and the additives contains zero harmful materials for the health of humans and the environment.


Why are there pinholes in Vita Talalay® Latex ?

During the Talalay production process, we use molds with this pinhole structure (pinholes are needed for heat and cold transfer). The ventilation features of  Vita Talalay are a result of the round open cell structure, not the pinholes.


Is there a difference in comfort to a mattress topper?

Comfort depends on the person, its posture, and its preference. We always recommend testing the product before you buy and getting some good advice. There is no such thing as a one size fits all mattresses. That is why we work with the best brands to help find the right mattress for you.

Why should you buy a mattress with Vita Talalay in it ?

The manufacturer determines whether they will combine their Talalay latex mattress with (pocket) springs, supporting and filling materials (foams), or make a complete Talalay latex mattress made entirely with Vita Talalay. As a bed manufacturer, it takes real craftsmanship to be able to provide support, softness, and ventilation. The more Vita Talalay latex in your mattress, the more it offers excellent support for your body, relief for pressure points and keeps your sleep environment hygienic and hypoallergenic. It is the healthiest, most hygienic and natural comfort material in the world!

Mattress Topper

When can I use a topper ?

To “upgrade” any kind of mattress and to increase support.

Find out more information here.

Is there a difference in comfort to a full mattress?

Comfort depends on the person, its posture, and its preference. We always recommend testing the product before you buy. A Vita Talalay topper can help make up for lost comfort or compensate for a mattress that is too firm. The memory foam mattress too hard? Many people buy a Talalay latex on top of memory foam mattress to get some comfort from their bed.

What is a mattress topper ?

A mattress topper also referred to as a pillow-top mattress or mattress pad, is a (thin) mattress that you lay on top of your regular mattress.


What are Vita Talalay® flakes and how are they made?

Vita Talalay flakes are small chunks of pure talalay latex, mainly used for pillows. A pillow is very personal. Some people prefer a shapeable pillow. With flakes you can mold/squeeze your pillow in any shape, just as you were used to with your feather/ down pillow, but now with the breathability and the lifting comfort of a Vita Talalay.


Will I stay cool sleeping on Talalay?

Yes, you will. Tests show that the resistance to heat (and the moisture that develops as a result of human-generated heat, which causes you to perspire) is much lower with Talalay than with memory foam.