Everything To ​ Know About Talalay Natural Latex Mattress​ Everything To ​ Know About Talalay Natural Latex Mattress​

Everything To Know About Talalay Natural Latex Mattress

We all need a specific ambience for the right sleep. Think for example of cool rooms, dim lights, and quietness. However, to be really able to enjoy sleeping we also need a mattress that is comfortable.

Resting on a comfy bed is just so much better! We believe that Vita Talalay natural latex mattresses are the right foundation for your pillow fortress. Our natural latex will change your life because it will make you feel like you are sleeping on air.

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Why You Should Consider Talalay Natural Latex Mattress

Vita Talalay mattresses are of the highest quality and belong into the most luxurious of homes. Vita Talalay’s amazing level of comfort is the result of years of experience with high-quality natural latex from reliable suppliers and a unique, patented fabrication method that creates the best Talalay natural latex mattresses for relaxing sleep.

Vita Talalay natural latex mattresses have sublime cushioning, natural hygiene and long lasting durability that all contribute to improving the quality of sleep in your home.

The components of our latex foam are, of course, 100% natural. We prefer the use of natural latex because it is better for the environment. Natural latex is a wonderful material for mattresses because it can distribute weight evenly, stays dry, and is resilient against germs.

Because of its unique qualities, Vita Talalay mattresses will stay cool and prevent you from heating up so that you will be able to sleep undisturbed even during the hottest summer nights. However, there is a catch, only natural latex that goes through the specialised Vita Talalay production process can offer you all these benefits .

Latex Production

Not All Latex Is Equal

In my opinion, latex is best when it is left in its natural composition. There is no need for any additives to produce a durable mattress using natural latex because, in nature, latex is a part of the natural defense mechanism of rubber trees.

Therefore, natural latex is hygienic; the tree uses latex to heal its wounds which make latex anti fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial. Trees produce latex when the tree needs to protect itself from herbivores or insects or when its bark is damaged.

Natural latex consists of proteins, alkaloids, starches, sugars, oils, tannins, resins, and gums that harden on exposure to air. The unique combination of these materials creates a protective, elastic structure that can let air and moisture pass through, but prevents further damage to the tree.

Latex can be harvested at regular intervals without destroying the life of the tree, and one rubber tree is harvested on average for 24 years, and then a new tree is planted in its place.

At Vita Talalay, we refuse to put anything but the best natural latex into our mattresses. This means that there is no chance that you or any of our clients and employees come into contact with any harmful chemicals that do damage to humans or the environment.

Natural Latex Mattress

Because natural latex contains a broad range of diverse and organic compounds, it is very difficult to produce synthetic latex. Additionally, synthetic latex is also filled with additives that decrease the quality of the latex so that synthetic latex is less durable and can cause skin rashes, allergies or in some rare cases cancer.

Therefore, we choose to combine the best natural latex we can find with the best latex mattress production process on the planet. The result is a Vita Talalay natural foam latex mattress.

Our mattresses are named after Joseph Talalay, who is the pioneer behind the way we work with our latex. Vita Talalay distinguishes itself from other latex production methods such as the Dunlop process in many interesting ways:

When you take a look at a Dunlop mattress, you will find that a latex mixture is combined with a so-called vulcanization paste (which helps the baking of the mattress), a chemical foamer (gelling agent) and some other additives like soaps.

After mixing them all together, the product is put into a mould (filled 100%) and then baked shortly at 100ᵒC/212ᵒF. Then it is washed and dried.

Latex From Rubber Tree

When we compare this production method to that of a Vita Talalay mattress, we quickly realize why the quality of a Vita Talalay mattress is so much higher.

When you make a Vita Talalay mattress, you do not use any chemical foamers (gelling agent) or soaps. Instead, the pure natural latex is filled into a mould.

The mould is not filled completely (only 30% – 60%) and then put under vacuum pressure. This allows the latex to expand within the mould. The expanding latex creates small round bubbles that are evenly distributed.

After the latex had time to expand, the mould is deep frozen so that the round air bubbles burst open and become interconnected. Only now a Vita Talalay mattress is vulcanized at 115ᵒC/235ᵒF. Then Vita Talalay takes an additional post-vulcanization step for 8 hours in which we improve the durability of the mattress.

The extra time and craftsmanship we take to make sure our mattresses have the best possible quality make Talalay mattresses superior compared to our competitors.

Often, non-Talalay mattresses are produced in four hours which is half the time of our post-production. Therefore, other mattresses lack a couple of the traits that make Talalay latex the best.

Latex Production Natural

Sleeping On Air

Have you ever experienced a hot summer night feeling like a fever-dream? I have, and personally, I hate it every time it happens. There seems to be nothing you can do to cool down.

Forget about opening the windows, if anything, it will only make it worse. Though, opening the window will bring fresh air into your home, the heat from the outside will come with it, so that the situation barely improves.

Ventilation is a prerequisite for a good night’s sleep, not only during hot summer nights but because our bodies’ ability to regulate its temperature is determined by air flow. As long as fresh air keeps circulating through the bed, we can sleep with a stable body temperature and in a cooler environment.

A stable body temperature can be the rise and fall of relaxing sleep because when the body’s temperature rises or falls drastically, it sends signals to the brain that may disturb sleep.

During sleep, the brain can quickly jump to irrational conclusions so that any sudden changes in temperature are interpreted as: “something is wrong”. If the brain cannot determine what it is, we are prompted to wake up, and this disturbs our sleep.

Once our sleep has been disturbed, it can be difficult to fall back asleep. I think all of us had some restless nights, but restlessness can get really annoying when it happens regularly.

Good sleep is required to feel fresh and alive in the morning so that we all would benefit from a mattress that helps our body to remain asleep by sleeping on a mattress that can help the body to regulate its temperature.

This is exactly what a Talalay mattress does. Because Vita Talalay latex is put under vacuum pressure and deep frozen the air bubbles that are dispersed in the natural latex allow air to circulate through the entire mattress. This is how a Vita Talalay mattress can circulate air and humidity out of bed and, this helps our body to rest better during sleep.

Sleep On Air

Of course, sleep is very important for the body. Every cell is emptied, replenished and prepared for the following day so that we can get the most out of it and this is why we should strive for the best sleeping environment that we can get. Our sleep is best for us when we can dream away!

While we dream our brains are engaged in highly coordinated rhythmic activity that is called REM-sleep. REM stands for rapid-eye-movement and is also known as dream sleep.

Researchers chose to name it REM-sleep because our eyes move rapidly under the closed eyelids while we are dreaming. While dreaming can be a lot of fun, it is also crucial for health. When we dream our entire brain is engaged and all brain cells communicate with each other which produces dreams.

The communication of the cells also helps us to form memories and keeps cells healthy because they are engaged in the most challenging brain activity of dreaming. So let’s try to identify some ways to sleep better!

It is much more common to have sleeping problems while you are resting on synthetic mattresses. The unnatural chemicals can cause skin rashes or allergies which can disturb sleep.

Also, non-Talalay mattresses are not produced with the help of a vacuum and a deep freeze so that they are much worse at air circulation. This is bad, because it prevents the body from regulating its temperature optimally.

To ensure sweet dreams the body needs to have access to a constant supply of fresh air. We already know that ventilation helps the body to regulate its temperature, but ventilation also contributes to the reduction of sweat.

During the night the body requires a lot of oxygen for its repairs and its supply of oxygen can only be guaranteed when there is sufficient ventilation. Because Vita Talalay Talalay natural latex mattresses allow oxygen to pass through, they are conducive to optimal sleep.

Sleep For Body

Air Flow - Important For Your Mattress And Your Body

A conventional mattress hinders the body’s efforts to remain asleep because it decreases the body’s exposure to oxygen. During sleep, we are constantly in skin contact with our mattresses and blankets, but like the rest of the body, the epidermis (i.e.: the skin) needs to breathe too.

Even though we breathe in most of the oxygen we consume through our lungs, a substantial amount of oxygen is also taken in by the skin cells directly. The skin is an organ for gas exchange and can breathe in or draw out various gases through skin contact. Amazing, isn’t it?

The reason why the epidermis can exchange gases and therefore “breathes” is because the outermost skin cells are at the outer rim of our blood circulation system.

These cells are the first line of defense against foreign organisms, and therefore they need a lot of oxygen. To get that supply they depend on direct oxygen uptake from the air via the skin.

As long as the skin has contact with fresh air, our bodies can use their pores to inhale or expel gases. This keeps the body at a stable temperature, but also helps the body to expel toxins.

While sleeping, the skin’s pores inhale gases like oxygen and expel copious amounts of water vapor, in other words you start sweating.

Sweating is useful to the body because it removes various toxins that can build-up inside of the body, but it is a nuisance if it occurs in excess, for example during a fever or incredibly hot night.
Latex Air Flow
Sleeping on a mattress that ventilates air is much better than sleep on a synthetic mattress because it does not stave off the body’s oxygen supply which is especially healthy for our skin.

However, if there is no possibility for air circulation through your mattress your skin won’t be able to breathe properly and remove toxins effectively.

Additionally, over time, you will have to deal with an increasing amount of heat and sweat which can become annoying when you try to fall asleep or wake you up after you have fallen asleep.

Condensed moisture can drown the body’s skin and suffocate your skin cells. Even worse, the body can interpret excessive sweat and heat as a fever and wake up.

Additionally, condensing humidity soaks the blankets, sheets, and mattress and those humid conditions are just what all kinds of bacteria love. These tiny organisms can be found in all textiles and sadly, it is impossible to avoid them altogether.

They live everywhere on our skin and are as beneficial for our health as they are harmful. However, we do not want these small organisms to live in our beds because that is where they won’t survive or contribute to our wellbeing.

Hygienically, this is a nightmare because bacteria that leave your skin and migrate to your bed have a low change of survival and once they start dying off their cells will stay on the bed and leave an unpleasant yellow-brown tint (a sweat-stain) behind. In extreme cases, some of these bacteria may leave an unpleasant smell behind and who wants to sleep in a tainted smelly bed?

Sleep Sweat

However, you do not need to worry about filthy bacteria in your bed if you purchase a Talalay natural foam latex mattress. Because of the natural latex’s antiseptic effects and the Vita Talalay vacuum process, Talalay natural latex mattresses are a hostile environment for bacteria.

Since nature designed latex to withstand foreign intruders like bacteria, fungi, and microbes; they just cannot flourish in your bed. And like this, Vita Talalay mattresses also make it much easier to keep the sheets clean.

Compared to natural latex mattresses, conventional mattresses also wear out much more quickly. This is because unlike natural latex, conventional latex does not prevent bacteria from flourishing on your bed.

Conventional latex does not rid itself of moisture but rather soaks it up so that bacteria will stay in the mattress foam and multiply until you are left with a sweat-stain and smell. This is why I just cannot recommend conventional latex mattresses over Vita Talalay.

Once the stains are in the fabric, it is difficult to remove them, but when we buy a Vita Talalay mattress all of the bacterial, fungal and microbial problems can be avoided.


Further Benefits Of Talalay Natural Latex Mattress

Besides superior air circulation, better hygiene and durability, there are many other advantages of natural latex mattresses over conventional ones. Natural latex is very versatile, which means that it responds quickly to weight.

Vita Talalay’s latex responsiveness makes it ideal for pressure relieve because the perfect round bubbles that form during the vacuum step in our production process distribute the weight evenly.

Such a quality is crucial for anyone with spinal problems because the mattress can help the body to distribute its weight according to its shape and size. We can even custom fit our mattresses to suit your needs.

With a custom made mattress just for you, you won’t have a stiff neck in the morning, and your sleep will be more relaxing. The excellent weight distribution also means that the mattress is not bouncy.

This means that you and your partner can get in and out of bed without disturbing each other or that you won’t fly out of the bed when your children jump onto it.

Since nature designed latex to preserve the life of damaged trees, the material has a lifetime that is two or even three times as long as that of conventional latex mattresses.

The material resists decay and is protected from bacteria, fungi, and microbes that could make other mattresses dirty.

Back Problems


With our product, you can rest assured that the producer of the material enforces rules that serve to protect the environment. Like this, we can make sure that our natural latex comes from ecologically friendly farms.

Vita Talalay natural latex foam has the Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification. The Cradle to Cradle philosophy is concerned with material health, material re-utilization, renewable (green) energy, carbon management, water stewardship, and finally social responsibility.

Our product fulfills all the criteria of the six categories to the fullest extent which is why Vita Talalay mattresses were awarded the Golden certification.


Talalay Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Naturally, habitat furnishing should not be entirely synthetic. However, if you want to keep your old mattress, there is a smart alternative for you. Meet natural latex mattress toppers, the stepping stone that can offer you the best of both worlds: affordability and comfort.

A topper adds a second a layer of ‘skin’ over your old mattress. Its new skin improves ventilation and improves the back support of your old mattress, which means you can keep the old one and do not have to refurnish right away.

A good mattress is always a worthwhile investment, after all, we will spend roughly one-third of our lives on them. Therefore, a mattress topper is the optimal transitional solution as you will be able to achieve the comfort of royalty for a fraction of the cost.

Talalay natural latex mattress toppers are the optimal transitional solution to try out the Vita Talalay experience, but be warned – once you have experienced sleeping on air – you won’t want to go without it.

Talalay latex topper

Customer Satisfaction

The customer is king, and in the case of Vita Talalay, Kings are also customers. We want to ensure that all of our clients are the happiest mattress owners.

We are confident that Vita Talalay mattresses are the best product on the market. Our company Radium Foam has the most experience, and know-how about premium quality natural latex worldwide and our patented Vita Talalay production system beats that of the competition.

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