Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress

So there is no difference between Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex for mattresses? Guess again!

Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress?

There is no difference between Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress?

Although we always would prefer a Dunlop over those polyurethane memory foams there are reasons why Dunlop is used mostly in the lower layers of the beds and why luxury brands like Vita Talalay are so much better. So there is no difference between Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex for mattresses? Guess again!


Vita Talalay Latex

Not all latex is alike

I bet you never went to the bakery store to buy flour? The same goes for latex. Latex is just the raw material from which you can make different things like tires, floormats, hoses, dunlop and talalay. So not all latex is alike so do not expect to get the same: the structure, texture, feel, durability, breathability, etc., all will be different comparing dunlop to talalay. The secret is that Vita Talalay is made with two key steps that a Dunlop can not take: vacuuming ánd freezing. This creates a round ánd open material that make the product so much more resilient, breathable and durable.


Dunlop latex

Dunlop is a process where a mixture is made of latex, vulcanization paste (that helps in the baking), a chemical foamer (gelling agent) and some other additives like and soaps. After mixing all together the product is put into a mold (filled 100%) and then baked shortly at 100ᵒC/212ᵒF. Then it is washed and dried.

So compared to the Vita Talalay latex process this process cuts some corners / solves it differently.

With talalay instead of using a chemical foamer the material is put in the mold and then is vacuumed. This creates the round cell structure. Then the freezing makes sure that the cells burst open getting interconnected. Then after vulcanizing at 115ᵒC/235ᵒF Vita Talalay takes an additional post-vulcanisation step for 8 hours in which the durability is further increased.

Next to molded dunlop there is also continuous pour dunlop. Continuous pour dunlop is made on an endless conveyor belt (similar to the way memory foam is made) and is usually made for sheets as the product can not get higher than 7.5cm (3 inch) and most of the time even less. From this continuous pour dunlop sometimes “look-a-like” talalay is made. Talalay can not be copied! Regardless how they bake it, with microwaves, or with steam, it stays a dunlop with smaller cells and less durable!

                           Dunlop                                                                                           Talalay Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress

Not all latex brands are alike

There are so many dunlop suppliers in the world and quality differs so much that you never know if you bought a high quality one. When you buy a Vita Talalay mattress there are many things that assure you, you have bought a quality product. Not only because it is a Vita Talalay but also because of its high focus on safety in health and environment. So if you want to take care of yourself and significant others consider buying a brand that is endorsed by third parties from a country with reliable legislation and business ethics.

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Not all bed manufacturers are alike

The same for the brands we work with. The bedding brands do not compromise on quality either. They want to deliver the best performing mattresses, toppers and pillows in the market, if not they would already have changed over to cheaper, less performing Dunlop or a lesser performing Talalay brand.

Breathing 3

Natural vs Organic vs Safe

Sometimes the question is asked whether Natural Talalay is really made with only natural latex.  Sure it is. According to Eco-Institut, the product is made with pure natural latex. During the production process, some perfectly nontoxic and safe vulcanization (baking) additives are needed to turn the latex sap from the rubber tree into a solid latex rubber mattress. The additives are used up and washed out during the process.

And can Dunlop latex foam be just as natural? Yes it can be. Look for their third party test results like the one from Eco-Institut.

Then what is organic latex? Natural latex is a biodegradable material tapped from the rubber tree. For the production process, nonorganic materials are needed like ammonia, soaps, and vulcanization paste. There are some certifications that certify the latex foam as being organic. That means that that producer has setup a supply chain that traces the liquid used for the latex rubber foam back to its original plantation. This is a nice step in traceability, but it does not assure that all nonorganic materials (like the vulcanization paste) are safe. The safety and nontoxicity of the whole recipe are a lot more important and impactful for the safety of the product.

All Vita Talalay is completely safe. But for the Natural Vita Talalay latex, we took extra effort to make sure that all materials, not only the liquid latex, are safe and nontoxic. This has been checked by the German chemists of EPEA who submitted Natural Vita Talalay latex for the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification. This certificate is a patent-pending Vita Talalay latex that assures that in the recipe no toxics are found. Cradle to Cradle Gold is, therefore, the highest possible norm in both content of the material as well as the off-gassing.

When it comes to safety and health, don’t just choose an organic mattress, make sure Vita Talalay is inside.

Eco friendly vs impacting natural resources

So what to do when you want to make the most eco-friendly choice. First, petroleum based product impact earth’s resources, and not only that the use of it brings carbon in the air. Natural latex does not impact the earth’s resources ánd it also brings oxygen in the air.

Then second to look for is whether the recipe has been fully analyzed to be safe for the environment. With other latex products this has not been done, but with Cradle to Cradle it is mandatory to do so in order to reach the Gold status. With Cradle to Cradle it is the aim to use nontoxic raw materials indefinitely.

Breathable large open cells

As you saw in the comparison picture talalay makes large, open cells. That increase breathability being up four times more breathable than a similar firm dunlop latex.

Sleep Topper Air

Supportive & relieving (lively feel/bounce) vs dense (dead feel)

In terms of health for your body it is important that a mattress is both lifting and pressure relieving. That makes sure that your spine stays aligned and relaxes muscles and is soft on the skin, not building up pressure (and therefore heat).

It is not without a reason that most manufacturers and retailers recommend dunlop in the lower layers (or not at all). It has a deadlike feal that makes it less pressure relieving than talalay.

Dunlop latex vs Talalay latex Mattress

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