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Talalay vs Dunlop latex - What is the difference between talalay and dunlop latex?

Let's compare the two and find out!

A dunlop latex mattress is always a better choice than memory foam. Dunlop material mostly finds itself in lower layers of a bed. There are many reasons for this. You will notice just as many reasons why talalay latex makes the healthier mattress. Do you already know about the differences? If not, let’s have a closer look at talalay vs dunlop latex.

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Comparing dunlop vs talalay latex…

What is Vita Talalay Latex?

  • Natural talalay: Purely natural as it is entirely derived from rubber trees
  • Highly durable as round cells always bounce back into their original shape
  • Contains no fillers and no artificial additives
  • Uses clear water for each Talalay block
  • Filters out larger particles are before production
  • Proves the highest safety in the market: Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification
  • Needs no harmful materials for humans and environment
  • Offers comfortable inconsistency and large open cells
  • Feels highly breathable
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Dissipates moisture
  • Is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-microbial / anti-bacterial / anti-fungal.
  • Allows no fertility for dust mites
  • Makes round cell always bounce back into their shape
Talalay Latex Material

What is Dunlop Latex?

  • Natural dunlop: Natural or blend of natural and synthetic
  • Durable due to high density
  • Uses chemical foamers and other additives
  • Washes and dries chemical ingredients
  • Mixes all particles before washing and drying
  • Does not earn Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification
  • Needs potentially harmful materials for humans and environment
  • Holds consistent and standardised structure
  • Gives less breathable material
  • Neglects the relief of pressure points
  • Allows moisture build-up
  • Shows to be negligent towards allergies, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Offers better chances for dust mites to develop
  • Keeps cell structure less flexible
Dunlop Latex Material
Talalay Vs Dunlop Latex Comparison Infographic

Not all Latex is alike

Have you ever been to a bakery to buy flour? Likely not. The same goes for latex. Latex is just a raw material. It is used to make different things like tires, floor mats, hoses, or talalay and dunlop. So, not all latex is the alike – you should not expect to always get the same. Talalay latex and dunlop latex is different. You will notice by the structure and texture, its breathability and feel, as well as its durability. The key to making the best mattress is vacuuming and freezing. Through this step, Vita Talalay’s production process creates round, open material. This makes the product so much more resilient, durable, and breathable.

Not all Latex brands are alike

There are various dunlop suppliers in the world. It is very difficult to find out if you bought high-quality material. You will only find out, once it is too late. Deciding for a Vita Talalay Latex mattress already assures you of high quality. Vita Talalay makes sure their products are safe for both humans, as well, as the environment. A reliable point of reference often lies in third-party endorsements. So, you might want to have a look at some certifications Vita Talalay has earned. If that is not enough, there are many satisfied users to talk to.

Not all bed manufacturers are alike

Many bedding brands do not compromise on quality, either. They aim to deliver the best mattresses, toppers, and pillows on the market. If that was not the case, they would likely offer cheaper dunlop with lower quality. Instead, these brands stay true to their goal and their customers. Their goal is to provide you with the healthiest sleep experience possible.

Talalay Latex Production Cycle Infographic

Do ‘natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘safe’ all mean the same?

Is the Vita Talalay Latex Mattress made with 100% natural latex? Yes, analysis has shown that 95% of the end product is natural latex and the rest are natural remnants.

What is organic latex? ‘Natural’ latex is a biodegradable material tapped from the rubber tree. The production process of organic talalay and organic dunlop products requires non-organic materials. These are ammonia, soaps, and vulcanisation pastes. Some certifications certify latex foam and latex foam mattresses to be organic. That means the producer set up a supply chain that traces the liquid used for the latex rubber back to its initial plantation. This is an excellent step towards traceability. At Vita Talalay, we cover this step by working with FSC that creates a chain of custody which starts at the plantation.

The ‘safety’ of the whole recipe has an impact on the protection of the product. This is an important distinction to make. Be careful to not allow misleading marketing to deceive you!

All the materials used in the production process of Natural Vita Talalay Latex are safe and non-toxic. This is confirmed by German chemists from EPEA awarding the Cradle to Cradle Gold certification. This certificate if awarded to the patented Vita Talalay Latex. The proprietary recipe assures no toxins in either the production process, or the final product. Cradle to Cradle Gold is the strictest norm for product components and off-gassing.

Eco-friendly vs impacting natural resources

So, how would you make the most eco-friendly choice? It is crucial to understand the negative impact of petroleum-based products on the earth’s resources. The production and use of these products emit carbon into our air. This is destructive to the environment. Natural latex has no impact on the earth’s resources. It even removes carbodioxide. Vita Talalay is proud to know it takes up more carbon than it produces. This goes back to the rubber tree itself. It serves as an effective carbon sequestrator. For our energy we use green sources. Many Dunlop manufacturers do not use green energy buy fossil energy instead. When trying to find the most eco-friendly latex, talalay latex proves to be friendlier to the environment than dunlop latex. Vita Talalay also purchases carbon credits from sustainable rubber tree farms in Guatemala. Every year, this supports the surrounding nature, as well as local communities. There is another decisive aspect to look out for. You can start by asking if the product recipe has been analysed to be safe for the environment. With other latex products, this has not been done. To reach Cradle to Cradle Gold status, it is required to do so. The aim of Cradle to Cradle is an indefinite use of non-toxic raw materials. Vita Talalay Latex has an official toxicity score of 0. This applies to every product of the brand.

Breathable large open cells

Looking at an image of the Vita Talalay Latex mattress, you can see large, open cells. This is one of the things that make it so unique. It also brings along many of the benefits Vita Talalay has to offer. One of the benefits is increased breathability. In fact, a talalay mattress is four times as ventilating as a dunlop mattress. Not only in terms of breathability talalay latex proves superior to dunlop latex. The body support, pressure relief, and product durability are of higher standard, as well. Dunlop may be a reasonable option to use as the core of a bed. Though, you will find yourself much happier with talalay latex mattress or talalay latex topper as a comfort layer.

Supportive relief vs dense material

A mattress should be lifting and pressure relieving, at the same time. This combination makes up the healthiest mattresses for your body. It ensures an aligned spine, keeping the muscles relaxed.

The best mattresses are also soft on the skin, allowing no pressure to build up. Once pressure builds up, so does heat. Here, the Vita Talalay Latex mattress and the Vita Talalay Latex mattress topper play an essential role. They are soft and supportive, at the same time. Competitors often see this combination as a paradox. The unique properties of Vita Talalay Latex make it happen.

Higher quality, more durable

Vita Talalay was compared to several Dunlop materials. Results showed that on the compression set test and the dynamic fatigue test both in loss of height and loss of firmness Vita Talalay performs 40% better.

Cool in summer and warm in winter

A unique benefit of the Vita Talalay mattress and the talalay mattress topper is the ideal sleeping temperature. It is caused by the single round, open cell structure, and its breathability. The Vita Talalay latex mattress allows the optimal sleeping temperature of 21 °C. 21 °C is the temperature neutral sleep temperature, which is best for a restful sleep. The average sleeping temperature of a dunlop latex mattress and a dunlop latex mattress topper shows to be 2 °C warmer. This is a considerable difference you will feel when trying to sleep in it.

Dust mite resistance

Natural latex material is always hypoallergenic. Vita Talalay Latex bedding combines this trait with a high level of ventilation. This leads to a comfort material that gives dust mites no chance to thrive. Both talalay latex and dunlop latex do not allow dust mites to get cosy. Though, in a talalay latex mattress, your sweat and dead skin disappears before the unwanted critters can get to them.


When you hear of ergonomics, you may think of an office or a car. Have you heard of ergonomic bedding before?

Ergonomic things rather adapt to you than the other way around. This is how a talalay full latex mattress feels for you. The soft sinking effect allows the mattress to adapt to your body shape. This means, the mattress is perfect for anyone, lying on it. Different kinds of mattresses feel considerably firmer than the Vita Talalay Latex mattress.

Does all of this apply to the talalay topper and pillow as well?

Yes, of course! You will be able to find the same properties in the talalay mattress topper, as well as in the talalay latex pillow. Of course, this is only true if you choose the high-end Talalay brand: Vita Talalay.

Discover the benefits of Vita Talalay's natural latex bed. Feel how it can let you get the rest your body needs.

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It is always sensible to consult professionals at the retail. The final piece of advice should come from an experienced expert who you can talk to, personally. That way you can make the right choice, tailored to your body. Different bodies may require different mattress types.

Do you still have doubts that there is a world of difference between the two? Then we would love to welcome you at one of our many retailers around the world. Nothing will convince you more than having tested a Vita Talalay Latex product.

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