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  • How and where can we purchase Vita Talalay® products?

    Stores that carry brands that have Vita Talalay inside their mattress, topper or pillow can be found here.

  • Why should you purchase Vita Talalay® products?

    There are many reasons to buy a Vita Talalay. All benefits are linked to the open, round cell structure, that makes you sleep fresh and with a lifting comfort. There is more explanation here.

  • Where are Vita Talalay® stores located?

    Stores that carry brands that use Vita Talalay can be found here. Either click on the brand to get to their store locator, or in some occasions click on the map where all stores are shown direct.

  • Is pure natural Vita Talalay as natural as pure natural dunlop?

    Yes, it is. Looking at the end result the product is most of the time even more natural, but as long as there are no artificial additives or fillers used you will usually get to an end result of more than 95% natural. Look for the Eco-Institut certification with latex that analyses a product to be made out of pure natural latex.

    There are companies and retailers that call products with 85% natural latex already a natural product. We don’t do that. It has to be as pure as possible. We guarantee.

  • Is Vita Talalay Eco Friendly / good for the environment?

    Yes definitely. There are many good ecological reasons preferring Vita Talalay over any other comfort material.

  • Are flame retardants used in Vita Talalay?

    No, Vita Talalay does not contain fire retardants. The FRX which is specially made for UK legislation does contain fire retardants that are in line with REACH legislation on acceptable chemicals in the European Union.

  • When can I use a topper ?

    To “upgrade” any kind of mattress and to increase support.

    Find out more information here.

  • Is there a difference in comfort between a mattress topper and a full mattress?

    Comfort depends on the person, its posture, and its preference. We always recommend testing the product before you buy. A Vita Talalay topper can help make up for lost comfort or compensate for a mattress that is too firm. The memory foam mattress too hard? Many people buy a Talalay latex on top of memory foam mattress to get some comfort from their bed.

  • What is a mattress topper ?

    A mattress topper also referred to as a pillow-top mattress or mattress pad, is a (thin) mattress that you lay on top of your regular mattress.

  • Will I stay cool sleeping on Talalay?

    Yes, you will. Tests show that the resistance to heat (and the moisture that develops as a result of human-generated heat, which causes you to perspire) is much lower with Talalay than with memory foam.

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