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Chemical-free mattress

A chemical-free mattress is extremely important for your health. After all, you do spend about a third of your lifetime in bed. Even more so as a child! But hold on - were you even aware of the fact that the majority of mattresses are full of hidden dangers? Although you may not feel the effects immediately, you may end up paying the price in the end.

Living in a 100% toxic free environment is unfortunately impossible. However, it is important to keep the exposure to toxic chemicals as much as possible. This article will tell you all you need to know about the different dangers you may encounter in a mattress. They differ in the numerous comfort materials. In the end, we will also reveal what a chemical-free mattress is made of as there is only one healthy choice.

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The importance of a chemical-free mattress

Before we get into the numerous dangers which may lurk in your bed, we wanted to stress how important it is to sleep on a chemical-free mattress.

First of all, under normal circumstances, one spends about 8 hours a day in bed. If you think about it, that accounts for a third of your day. Ultimately, this means that you spend about a third of your life in bed! In fact, infants, children, and teenagers tend to spend even more time in bed than adults. As they are still growing, it is even more important to make sure that they sleep on a chemical-free mattress.

A chemical-free mattress can save you from severe health issues. The thing is that the chemicals found inside your mattress can reach you in two ways. That is, through touch and simply by breathing! The hazardous chemical components, such as the flame retardants, can cause an allergic reaction by simply coming into contact with it. After all, you will have to touch your mattress to sleep on it! In addition, a mattress which is not a chemical-free mattress will be an off-gassing mattress. What this means is that some of the dangerous components will begin to crumble from the off-gassing mattress. The small particles are then released into the air that you breathe. This may not be all too bad for you for a night or two. However, on average, a mattress should last you at least 8 years. This means that you will be spending almost 3 years of that time on that mattress. That is far too long!

Chemical-free mattresses from Vita Talalay

Vita Talalay latex is the healthy choice. This is because it is produced without a single drop of hazardous chemicals. This means no fillers, additives, binders, flame retardants - you name it! It is the best organic mattress money can buy. As opposed to memory foam, it is fully made out of natural ingredients. Memory foam, on the other hand, is purely synthetic.

In fact, even the sourcing of the natural latex is controlled. The latex which is sourced from responsible and sustainable plantations do not use any pesticides. They do not even use fertilizers for that matter! This is because we have made sure that our chemical-free mattress is safe for both humans and the environment. It truly is the best organic mattress comfort material in the world.

Chemicals in a mattress

The dangers that lurk in a mattress depend fully on the material it is made of. Let us have a look at one of the most common comfort materials in detail. This purely synthetic material is called memory foam.

Memory foam

First of all, it is important to understand that memory foam is made of purely synthetic materials. It is essentially a blend of two components. The first is a polyurethane memory foam layer. The second is a polyurethane foam core layer. It is also important to understand that polyurethane is basically plastic. Both parts are then glued together and wrapped in fabric. In addition, every mattress is required to have a form of flameproofing. This is necessary to meet federal safety laws.

However, there are some manufacturers which choose to add other materials into the mix. Some add gel-infused foam, wool, latex foam, cotton or even polyester! It is important to understand that all of the mentioned components fulfill the same purpose. That is to give the material additional fire-proofing. The fact that some types may need additional flame retardants is not reassuring. Even more so after having a more detailed look at the chemical compounds. However, the list is so long that we can’t get into every single compound. So, let’s have a look at the most hazardous ones only!

Memory foam and polyurethane foam components may include the following compounds:

1. Polyols

Polyols are a binding ingredient. In fact, they are derived from petroleum oil. Would you really like to sleep on oil?

2. Diisocyanates

This is a reactive agent. What that means is that it reacts with the polyols mentioned above. This is how flexible polyurethane foam is produced. The most common used diisocyanates are MDI and TDI. Both have a negative impact on your breathing in their raw forms.

3. Blowing agents

These help to add carbon into the mix. This way foam can be created.

Now, let’s have a look at the byproducts which are created simply by producing memory foam.

1. Methylene dianiline / MDA

This component is, in fact, a suspected carcinogen. This means that liver and thyroid damage with ingestion may occur, as well as skin and eye irritations. Although there is only a minuscule amount left on the mattress by the time it reaches your home. The fact that there is still some left is not reassuring.

2. Vinylidene chloride

Being exposed to this chemical may lead to the irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. It is also a possible carcinogen which may lead to organ damage.

3. Methylbenzene

Inhaling this hazardous chemical will negatively affect your nervous system, especially over a longer amount of time.

4. Dimethylformamide

Organ damage is possible here, and it is once again also a possible carcinogen.

5. Acetone

Although it does take a large amount to really have bad effects on your health, it is still a toxic chemical. Acetone has only shown to have limited effects on low amounts.

6. Methylene chloride

This chemical is bad for your mucous membrane. It is, as usual, a possible carcinogen, as well as a solvent. It is important to note here, however, that the usage has thankfully gone down. This is due to the strict EU regulations. However, if you live outside of the EU, you may still find some in your mattress.

7. Formaldehyde

This is usually not added to the mix of foams. However, it is a possible byproduct. This is because formaldehyde may be created through the chemical reactions or adhesives.

So, what should a chemical-free mattress be made of?

Now we have a had a glimpse of what you may find under the cover of your mattress. But what should a chemical-free mattress have inside? There is only one answer to this question. The answer is Vita Talalay latex. Let us explain exactly why that is the case.


Chemical-free mattress from Vita Talalay is safe for humans

One of our main concerns for producing a chemical-free mattress was that it had to be safe for humans. There are no chemicals used in the creation of Vita Talalay latex. Not even flame retardants! The only exception here is for the UK - this is because it is mandatory by law to add flame retardant chemicals.

However, we have been working on a new formula to even circumvent this in future. The thing is that latex is naturally flame retardant in itself. In order to make it 100% flameproof, we added some more graphite into our proprietary recipe. This way, even our flame-retardant material which we produce specially for the UK is 100% natural. Our latest innovation here meets all stringent fire-retardant regulations, as well as all of the most stringent safety and toxicity requirements worldwide.

Another step that we take here is that we wash every single block of Vita Talalay latex. Yes, every single one. We do so with clean well water which we wash in our own high-end filtration system. This way we can reuse the water multiple times and do not let a single drop go to waste!

The washing occurs directly after the blocks leave the mold. This way we make sure that the blocks go into the post vulcanization process as 100% clean and pure. All exempt process materials, proteins, and soaps are then fully removed from every block.

There are many more reasons why Vita Talalay latex is safe for humans. If you would like to get a more detailed view on this, we have a full article about this topic right here.

Best mattress for kids

Vita Talalay latex mattresses also make the best mattress kids and babies. In fact, we saw this as being our “minimum requirement”. If it is safe for kids and babies, it is also safe for adults. This is because an adult is more resistant to external dangers than kids or babies.

It is also always important to understand that an adult human being spends about a third of their adult life in bed. Kids, babies, and even teenagers spend even more time in bed. This is why a chemical-free mattress is even more important for kids and babies. Another reason is also that being exposed to toxic chemicals as they grow may be worse than for an adult. This is why the best mattress for kids is one with Vita Talalay latex inside.

Chemical-free mattress from Vita Talalay is safe for the environment

As we want to make the healthiest comfort material, we had to make sure that it is also healthy for the environment. Not just for humans! We do so in numerous ways. Including using renewable energy, being climate positive, and taking part in different environmental projects across the globe. In addition, we also make sure to use water in the most sustainable way possible, whilst also making sure to recycle as much as possible. And one thing is for certain: we will continue to improve our sustainable efforts. There is always something more we can do!

In terms of renewable energy, we have made a massive leap in the past couple of years. We are proud to say that we have fully shifted to renewable, great and clean energy! We use green wind energy from an offshore Belgian wind farm. In fact, we do so to 100% - from the production to the offices!

In terms of carbon management, we are proud to be able to say that we are climate positive. This means that we take up more CO2 from the air than we produce. This way, our presence in nature is even beneficial for the environment. In fact, if you purchase a 2-person mattress with Vita Talalay inside, you will have directly contributed to this. You will be the one responsible for up taking 4000g or 8.8 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere!

One of our greatest projects in the past was working together with CO2OL. Together, we worked on the CO2OL Tropical Mix Afforestation and Reforestation project. This took place in Panama, where the local wildlife and forestry were in great need of help. Our efforts led to the reforestation of 588 metric tons of CO2. In simpler terms? We replanted 3.9 hectares of trees in the rainforest - which is equal to about 4000 trees.

We have done much more for the environment, and if you would like to read more about it simply click here!

Vita Talalay latex

Were we able to catch your interest in a chemical-free mattress? We highly recommend having a look at all of the health benefits of Vita Talalay latex right here. We also strongly recommend visiting one of our many retailers around the world. Comfort may be subjective, but once you lie on a Vita Talalay latex mattress you will feel the difference.

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