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Breakfast In Bed for A Happy Mood

Since I was a little kid, I was told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, there is even a saying that mentions that you should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.

 So, breakfast is a really important meal for your body and mind to function properly throughout your day. But, what if on top you could have breakfast in bed? Would not that be amazing? This is almost a warranty for having an excellent day and a happy mood!

Well, it does not really matter if it is for valentine’s day, mother’s day, another special occasion, or just to pamper someone you care about, but the truth is that having breakfast in bed is surely an unbeatable gesture.

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Breakfast In Bed Ideas

There are actually hundreds of ideas for having breakfast in bed, and the best is that it does not really matter whether it is a slice of toast with butter, or benedict eggs, but the truth is that what really matters about having breakfast in bed or serving it for someone you care is that it fills the lucky eater with feelings of love, warmth and appreciation. So, probably what is so fantastic about having breakfast in bed is the gesture on itself and the pampering that fills your body with happiness and thrill.

Surprise Factor

What is the best breakfast in bed idea? Well, first of all, the surprise factor is what makes the best impact! It does not matter if you are sharing the bed with the person that you will be serving breakfast for, or you are simply cooking for your mother, father, or even your roommate.

But, what always does the trick is to let them sleep longer, so you get ahead with the cooking and preparations and actually have time to surprise them with the breakfast when they are still in bed. After all, that is the whole point!

Prepare Ahead of Time

Having breakfast ready should also not be a punishment for yourself, and for sure you do not want to have to wake up to have things ready hours in advance. Also it would be really unfortunate to mess something up and realize halfway through that you have ran out of ingredients to repeat the recipe. So the best that you can actually do is to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Make sure you do all of your grocery shopping and buy your decorations some days before. You could also have some food ready with some days in advance, like baking muffins ahead of time, or even preparing the granola during the week. But, try to not leave everything for that morning, as you want to make sure that the breakfast surprise runs smoothly!

Keep It Simple

Having room service delivered in your hotel room is one thing, but actually preparing it yourself and making the whole effort to keep it as a surprise while your significant other gets some extra rest is already giving you points ahead.

So, try to keep things simple. Avoid dishes that are too complicated or elaborated and time consuming.

You should stick to things that are easy to prepare and serve a hot dish that can keep warm for a longer time if you leave your oven temperature on low. Scrambled eggs, French toast or waffles, are great options for breakfast in bed ideas. You can always help yourself by serving room temperature foods or cold foods such as cold meats, cheeses, fruit, bread or yogurts.

Mind the Details

If you are having the gesture of already preparing breakfast in bed for someone else, then do not be afraid to show the love! Get creative and make use of shape cutters and decorations that make the breakfast plate beautiful.

For example, cutting the toast with a heart shape cookie cutter and filling the inside with an egg- called egg in a whole, looks much better than serving a simple toast with scrambled eggs on the side. So, mind the details! Do not forget the napkin and cutlery on the side, and always something to drink. Simply, show that you care and make it pretty.

Plate It like a Pro

With the help of a breakfast in bed tray, your surprise breakfast in bed will feel much more like a sweet treat. But, to make it look nicely, you can start by using wide-bottomed glasses to avoid spilling over the bed, and using bowls or plates that are actually large enough to catch the crumbs, as you surely do not want to be leaving food behind and then have unexpected guests sharing the bed with you or the lucky breakfast eater. Do not forget to complete with a full set of silverware.

It is always best to make individual portions and serve them in a unique plate, as it really enhances the feeling of “I made this specially for you” sense. Small jams and butter, or even tiny condiments are always a great help when filling the breakfast in bed trays. Do not forget to top up the experience with a cloth napkin or a flower on the side.

Healthy Options

Breakfast in bed ideas can also accommodate healthy eating options, so if you want to show some love, you could also decide to go for a healthy breakfast option. It does not necessarily need to involve pancakes and eggs or a lot of fats and carbohydrates.

You could also show the other person that you care about their health by treating them with oatmeal cookies, fruits, smoothies, egg whites with vegetables, or even a protein rich breakfast. So, think your menu through, but do not feel obliged to stick to non -healthy breakfast in bed ideas.

Or on the opposite side, if it is someone that is always taking care of what they eat and you believe they are up for the splurge, pamper them with a little bit of extra carbohydrates or by adding syrup to your freshly made pancakes.

Taste for Them

After all, you are cooking or serving breakfast for someone else, so you want to make sure they enjoy it. So, if they typically have yogurt for breakfast, try to keep it in the menu. Or, if they hate onion, make sure you do not add to the eggs. The same goes for a specific kind of food; if the person loves a certain kind of cuisine you can also blend some of those elements into the plate.

For example, if they love Chinese food, you could always serve something containing fish, or if they like Mexican food, you could top the experience with some guacamole. The important part is that you keep in mind that you are doing this for someone else, and you want to try to please them and not your tasting or preferences.

Use the Occasion to Add a Special Something

You can always use the moment to give a little extra. So from writing I love you on a paper napkin to movie tickets, or even a vacation surprise by hiding the tickets under the plate, or any other treat that you might come up with.

This is a great excuse to show your love and actually surprise the person even more. Just make sure that the surprise does not stay under the plate!

Choose Wisely

You should select the food and beverage in advance, but do not forget to choose your serving plates and glasses wisely. As otherwise what was intended to be a nice gesture can turn into a possible argument if you happen to spill the juice in bed, or any other accident due to unwise plating. So you want to make sure that your foods will hold still while being served in bed.

Not a Pro Cooking? Buy in!

We all know that cooking can be for sure challenging. And the truth is that not everyone knows how to cook, or even if they do, they might actually not even like to cook at all. But, this should not be a limitation for having breakfast in bed, as now a days there are so many restaurants that actually serve breakfast options in their menus, that you could easily buy from your favorite place, and just plate it yourself!

You could also buy some nice things from a gourmet shop and keep it simpler, think of bagels, smoked fish, fresh doughnuts, just to give you some ideas.

After all, what matters is how you plate, the details that you use, how creative you get, and of course having the breakfast ready in bed.

So, do not feel obliged to cook if you do not feel like doing so. The best part of breakfast in bed is that you set your own rules! And the other person will for sure appreciate the gesture.

Do Not Be Afraid to Toast Early

Why not splurge the other with a nice breakfast mimosa? Do not be afraid to make the occasion special by having an early toast! And if that is not for you or the lucky breakfast eater, you can always spice up things by adding a little bit of orange liquor to your pancake batter, or even some drops of vodka to a homemade marmalade.

Breakfast in Bed Tray

Okay, you might think this is not important, but believe me, this is the number one thing you need if you are serving breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed trays come in different sizes, shapes colors and models, and now a days its really easy to buy one almost anywhere, you have hundreds of options online.

But, really do not forget the breakfast in bed tray, as the success of your experience actually depends on this breakfast in bed tray! This will help you keep your ingredients steady and prevent liquids from spilling in bed.

After all, the bed is one of the most important things in the bedroom, as it is precisely the mattress, which helps your body get the rest that your body needs. This is why Vita Talalay commits to making the healthiest latex mattresses for you and your loved ones.

The Worst Part

Yes, we all know that the cleaning after is the downside. But, you want to make sure you clean up everything before you serve the breakfast, otherwise it will not look nice to have the breakfast in bed all served up, but the kitchen all messy and lots of plates unwashed. So, make sure you start well ahead so you keep things clean and pretty before your significant other actually wakes up from bed.

Picking up the food and plates from the bed is also a good idea. You surely do not want to leave the breakfast in bed tray in your bedroom for the whole day. So before you leave home, make sure you actually remove all food residues and plates from your bed and bedroom.

Breakfast In Bed Recipes

The truth is that there are thousands of recipes that you can find for having an excellent breakfast in bed served.

But, in here there are three options that always work wonders! So mother’s day breakfast in bed or even the coming valentine’s should not be a challenge if you stick to these…

Breakfast in Bed Recipes with Eggs

Scrambled eggs are always an excellent option; in here you can keep it really simple and simply cook the eggs with some butter, and add some salt and pepper to give it some taste. This classic never fails.

Another good option with eggs is boiled eggs, but make sure you cook them properly as you do not want to serve an overcooked or undercooked egg. Make sure you put some salt and pepper on the side. And for a pleasant experience, peel the egg beforehand.

Fried eggs and toast are also a good option as they are easy to make and most people actually like them. You can always complement this with some sort of potatoes or sausages to serve the typical American breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Fruit and cottage cheese always pays off, but if you are looking to serve a warm dish as well you could stick to dried fruits with yogurt and seeds-like chia seeds; muesli with fruits and nuts, homemade granola, or even play it exotically and serve a nice acai berry bowl.


Sweet Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Probably it is needless to say that top options include French toast, waffles and pancakes. But if you want to give it a twist you can always add ingredients to the batter to make it original, so for example orange pancakes, or green tea muffins, or it even could be a blueberry bagel. Do not forget to serve it with jams or fresh fruits.

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