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Best Pre Workout For Women

What is the best pre workout for women? Is there a difference between the sexes? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the best pre workout for women.

Also, is it really necessary to warm up before you begin exercising? What happens if you decide not to? Many of us have time constraints. We struggle to find the time for exercises in general. Should you really add the best pre workout for women?

What is pre workout

So, what is pre workout? A pre workout is basically warming up. A warm up session is an act of physical activity that occurs prior to your exercise. Usually, it is a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength drills and stretches. They basically make sure that you are ready to tire your body out without injuring yourself.

The cardiovascular part is meant to increase your blood circulation. In addition, it will also increase your body temperature and increase the heart rate.

Strength exercises are needed to slowly increase the intensity and prepare the body for sudden and unexpected movements. However, it is important to note that these sudden and explosive movements should be done after your stretchier and cardio warm up. This will also prevent you from having injuries even before you start your workout!

Stretching is designed to warm up your muscles. This will prepare them for the upcoming complex movements they are about to do.

The best pre workout for women usually takes about 20 minutes to half an hour. This will give your body enough time to slowly prepare for the upcoming physical activities. In addition, this also allows you to prepare yourself mentally.

However, you can also do this in less time. Very important is for you to stretch before doing your workout routine. The reason for this is because your muscles should be prepared for any harder physical activity. The cardiovascular part of the best pre workout for women can be implemented in your actual workout. For example, if you go running, simply begin doing so at a slower pace and gradually increase your speed and intensity.

At the end of the day, the best pre workout for women is also dependent on each individual woman. After some experience, you will figure out the best combination for your own body!

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Importance of the best pre workout for women

The best pre workout for women has several effects. As mentioned above, it is designed to prepare your body for the physical actions that are about to follow. The increased heart rate and blood circulation will increase the blood flow to your muscles. In addition, it will also loosen the joints.

Remember that it is also important for your mind. This way, you can mentally prepare for your intense work out. If you are playing a team sport, it is also important for the morale of the team. It prepares the team to work together and assess the current state of each player.

The most important part of the best pre workout for women is that it prevents injuries. As you keep your muscles warm, a warm up will prevent acute injuries. A great example for this would be hamstring injuries. The best pre workout for women will also prevent overuse injuries. This is done as the body is able to prepare safely and gradually.

Another important thing to remember is that you should repeatedly stretch during static sports. A great example of this would be the baseball. Players in the field have to stand still for quite some time in some cases. However, they might also suddenly need to rush and catch the ball. If your body is not warmed up, you are at a much higher risk of injuring yourself!

Best Pre Workout for Women

We mentioned earlier that a usual warm up session takes between 20 and 30 minutes. However, we all know that it would be great to find a way to do this quicker. It was trouble enough finding time for the exercise session! This is why we have the best pre workout for women right here!

Below, you will find a list of several movements you should do for the best pre workout for women. It is important to note that you should do between 8 and 10 repetitions of each movement. Where applicable, this also applies to each side.

  • Fire hydrants
  • Hip circles
  • Half kneeling internal rotation
  • Birddog
  • Half Kneeling Internal Rotation
  • Clamshell/Clam
  • Glute Bridge
  • Quadruped Extension/Rotation
  • Shoulder Blade Retraction/Dynamic Blackburn
  • Medicine ball throws
  • Box Jumps
  • Lateral hops

If you like, here is also a video you can watch which explains each one for you!

In addition, you can also add some specific movements to cater to your specific needs. After all, the best pre workout for women should also be tailor made for each individual! A great example would be that if you are squatting in your upcoming session, it would be great to add some bodyweight squats. Another example would be that if you have bench pressing in your routine for the day, simply add some push ups!

Here are also some explosive movements which you can add to the best pre workout for women! As mentioned above, only do these after you have already warmed up a bit. Otherwise, you may risk suffering from an injury!

Congratulations, you have made it this far! Now your body will be ready to exercise!

Best Pre Workout for Women: Drink these before you start!


This is our favourite pre workout drink. Nothing is better than water before a workout! You always need to make sure to stay hydrated. After all, you will lose a lot of water while exercising! Water gives you what you need to stay hydrated and will replace all of the fluids you lose. At best, drink between two and three cups. Do so between two and three hours before your exercise!


This seems rather odd, given that coffee dehydrates your body. However, a study done by the University of Illinois Urbana gave a very different result! If you take caffeine about an hour before a workout, you will relieve yourself from muscle pain during the exercise.

There was also another study done by the University of England. It showed that caffeine has an effect on your workout time. You will be able to exercise for longer and even on a higher intensity level!

If you workout in the morning, drink a cup of coffee before you go!

Low Sodium V8 Juice

This drink is absolutely fantastic. It is packed with vegetables. In addition, it is absolutely full of potassium and sodium. Those are the two electrolytes that you sweat out during your workout session.

Important here is that you choose the low sodium variety. It will supply enough sodium for your workout and we do not want to over do it!

Drink a glass of V8 juice about an hour before you begin. This will give you 900mg of potassium (about 20% of your daily need) and 140mg of sodium.

Added bonus: of course, taste is purely subjective. However, we find this pre workout drink to taste fantastic!

Green Tea

Green tea, just like coffee, contains quite a bit of caffeine. As we now know, caffeine is highly beneficial for a workout as it gives you an energy boost! In addition, green tea is also an amazing source of ECGD. ECGD is an antioxidant that has weight loss benefits!

Here comes the best part ladies! The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proven something fantastic! If you take in green green tea extract before your exercise, you burn 17% more fat during a 30 minute cardio run! Amazing!

Best Pre Workout for Women: Feeling like a Snack?


Bananas are a fantastic source of many nutrients beneficial to your workout. This includes carbs, natural sugars, as well as potassium! In fact, a banana is supposed to provide more energy than caffeine. You will also boost your glycogen stores and heighten your blood sugar!

Important to note here is that the body can only store potassium for a very limited amount of time. This is why you should eat a banana about 30 minutes before you begin!

Chicken with veggies and rice

Given that you are not a vegetarian, chicken with veggies and rice are perfect for a pre workout meal! Yes, it is the stereotype healthy meal - and for a great reason!

This meal combines everything you need for your exercise. It has protein, carbs, and amino acids for your muscles. In addition, it is also releasing the energy slowly for you to use during your exercise. Eat this two to three hours before the workout and you are good to go!

Oats and porridge

Do you workout in the mornings? Then we have the perfect pre workout breakfast for you! Oats and porridge provide you with carbs. In addition, it is also an amazing source of soluble beta glucan. If you have this for breakfast about two hours before your routine, you will have gotten rid of your hunger. Once again, this is also a slow releasing source of energy.


Don’t you just love smoothies? They are simply the best for living a healthy life! In addition, they are easy to make, transportable and simply delicious! Now we also know that they are great for your pre exercise snack!

At best, use fruits or oats (or both)! The important part of fruits is the fact that they provide natural sugars, such as fructose. In fact, a smoothie should be seen as a meal replacement as they are usually fairly high in calories.

Yes, you got that right! Smoothies are a meal, a drink and absolutely perfect for your pre workout routine!

Best Pre Workout for Women: What about supplements?

Pre workout supplements are taken before your workout. The effects vary depending on the ingredients. There are natural pre workout supplements and synthetic. In general, what they do is increase your energy, endurance, stamina and strength. It essentially gives you the extra boost you need to reach new limits!

However, many women are sceptical to take such supplements. The reasons here vary as well. One of the main reasons is that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of supplements are jacked up muscle men.

In general, it is alright to use pre workout supplements. However, it is always important to follow one main rule! Always make sure that you know what you are taking!

Apart from having direct side effects, which may include troubles sleeping, will make you hyper and jittery. You may also have some long term effects. Again, this truly depends on the ingredients within the supplements.

If you do decide to opt for some pre workout supplements, we recommend choosing natural pre workout supplements.

Best Pre Workout for Women and Sleep

Exercise, in general, has an extremely positive effect on your sleep. This is because physical activity greatly impacts your sleep quality in a positive manner. In addition, it also positively affects your sleep duration.

In very simple words: you allow your body to tire itself out and get rid of excess energy. In turn, you allow your body to rejuvenate at night. This is also because you allow your body to relieve stress during exercise. This applies both to mental and physical stress. However, if you do not have the right mattress, your body will not be able to get the rest it deserves.

The right mattress

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