Pedometer For Your Health And Fitness Pedometer For Your Health And Fitness

Best Pedometer For Your Health And Fitness

Investing in a good pedometer can be an ideal way to stay fit and healthy! You will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of steps you take daily and how a little improvement can change your well being!

When we think of getting in shape and write it down on our New Year’s resolution list. We often overlook the simple ways of getting our daily workout and improving our habitual manners.

We think of an expensive gym membership, fancy yoga classes or even buying and installing complicated gym equipment at home.

If you feel your body getting out of shape because of sitting in classes, sitting at the office or sitting in the car most of your day. And you wish to improve your daily movement and activate your body more often. You may simply consider your daily walking activities!

How far do you walk during the day? How many steps do you think you take? You would be pleasantly surprised with the mileage you walk daily!

Walking is the most obvious and simple way of staying fit and healthy! Walking just a mile further everyday, can help you in losing weight and getting well in no time!

The following article will help you to understand the importance of walking. The ways it can improve your health and fitness habits. And most importantly, how can you make sure of the steps you take and push yourself to move further every single time!

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What Is Pedometer?

A pedometer is a device that counts the amount of steps you take! You may also hear someone call it a step counter.

Pedometers nowadays are highly developed and you can choose from a huge variety of different pedometers. It counts not only the steps you take, but also tracks your speed, burnt calories and even the distances that you walk.

The best pedometers out there are so advanced, they can track your sleep quality or even an altitude in the mountains!

If you are interested in the best pedometer there is. But you are wondering how a machine can track your steps? You may ask yourself, how does pedometer for walking work?

Let’s answer your questions by firstly redefining on what walking involves. Everytime you take a step. Your body tilts to one side and you swing your leg forward. You take another step, and yet you tilt another leg and step forward.

In fact, each tilf of the hip and the shift of the legs is a step. Assuming that every step you take is the same length. All that is left to do is count all the steps taken!

We can then multiply the number of steps by the length of each step in order to find out the overall distance that we walked. And wuala, this is exactly how walking pedometer tracks your steps!

In simple words, the best pedometers there are today track the motion. Every walking pedometer come with a 3-axis accelerometer in order to track your movement in any direction.

Afterwards, the data collection is gathered. It is converted into steps and activity that you did during your day. You can enjoy the results and try to challenge yourself every day!

Benefits Of The Best Pedometer

One of the most obvious and simple benefits of choosing the best pedometer for yourself. Is that the best pedometer suitable just for you will be the best motivational tool to engage into daily activities and track your fitness as well as health improvements.

In fact, a research was conducted in 2017 by Stanford researchers.  In The Journal of the American Medical Association, they found out that people using the best pedometers for themselves completed around 2,000 steps more on a daily basis.

Therefore, the best pedometer users had a 27%  increase in their overall physical activity level.

Let’s take a look at the top most common benefits when using the best pedometer that is corresponding to your needs.

  • Unlimited Walking Buddies
  • Best Pedometer For Goal Setting

When purchasing the best pedometer that fits to your needs. One of the first benefits you will notice is that it offers a great social aspects.

When having a pedometer for walking you don’t need a friend who will agree to go on a walk or a run with you. You therefore don’t need a trainer who will motivate you.

Pedometer can be everything at the same time! While tracking your steps you can track your performance. You can challenge yourself everyday to do better than you did yesterday!

The best pedometers are extremely convenient to carry around with you. They are very small and easy to use. It is therefore suitable regardless of your age! It fits to anyone from young to old, from an experienced athlete to just a beginner!

The best pedometer can be your best walking buddy. You can take it anywhere with you. Nowadays, you can buy it as a watch! It is a great way to look fashionable and at the same time set your daily goals and walk your way out to a healthy and active lifestyle!

Like any exercise gadget that you buy, the excitement can diminish really quick! You can get demotivated and forget about the gadget that you invested in to get healthier and fitter!

For this reason, the best pedometer is perfect because of its features. Based on your own personal results that you achieved yesterday, you can challenge yourself to do better tomorrow!

It is extremely important to set yourself a goal and keep following it. Setting a goal and using your best pedometer is the best combination in order to stay motivated!

According to the fitness experts, the average steps you take a day should be around 10,000 steps. In other words, around 8 kilometers or 5 miles daily.

However, most of us walk on average of 6,000 to 7,000 steps a day. When using your best pedometer, you can track how many steps you make yourself!

The best is to increase your daily steps by 500 to 1,000 steps. To reach your wanted results and in no time 10,000 steps will become more than reachable!

In fact, because of different circumstances or abilities you are not able to come close to the 10,000 steps on a daily basis. You should not get discouraged by that! Any activity is great and pedometer can be one of the ways to keep you going and keep you motivated.

Help In Losing Weight

Pedometer for walking can also help you in losing weight! In fact, it is a called a ‘Step Diet’.

Step diet is not about counting calories. It is more about trying to control your weight by making little changes to your exercise routine.

All you need to do is try to walk in total of 10,000 steps on a daily basis. It will trim your portions by a quarter and result in a weight loss.

In fact, the best pedometer for you can be a great help! Walking pedometer helps in losing weight because it helps you to stay active, motivated and challenge yourself.

In addition, there are best pedometers that also offer great online connectivity with other people. You can find a handful of apps where you can connect with other people who try to motivate each other and tell the stories of how pedometer helped them in maintaining their healthy fitness goals.

The apps therefore have features where you can track your daily foods, help in making healthy food choices and in result help in maintaining healthy lifestyle!

Health Benefits With Best Pedometer

Last but not least, when using the best pedometer and engaging in daily activities. You can enjoy a handful of health benefits.

The health benefits include lower blood pressure, stress relief and blood sugar control. It also helps with controlling cholesterol levels, decreasing body mass index and improving bone density.

According to Surgeon General, just a brisk walk for 30 minutes everyday will help you in feeling healthy, fit and motivated! In fact, you can even divide the 30 minutes into 10-minutes chunks! You will still get all the health benefits and feel good about your achievement!

The Best Pedometer Gadgets

If you are already convinced by the pedometer for walking. You love the health benefits of walking and you would like to incorporate into your lifestyle. However, you are still wondering what are the right pedometer gadgets for you?

The following will present the best pedometer app, the best pedometer watch and even the best pedometer for kids!

Best Pedometer App

There are plenty of pedometer apps available. They are available both for iPhone and Android systems. In fact, if you are looking for the best pedometer app for you. You may do a little research and find the app that fits your needs the most!

If you would like a little tip. In order to find the best pedometer app for you look for the features such as, accuracy in counting steps, easy to use and extra features that will fit your needs the most!

In order to kick off with a good start. We would like to suggest some best pedometer app programs that may be interesting for you!

You may want to start with the pedometer apps such as Argus, Runner-up, Steps or Map My Walk. Those are free to use great pedometer apps.

All the best pedometer app programs mentioned have an easy interface, are very intuitive and have handful of great extra built-in programs!

The health and fitness trackers came a long way from the pedometer that you clip on your belt. If you would like to track your steps, reach your health goals, track your sleep and what you eat during the day.

Best Pedometer Watch

Thanks to technology, nowadays you can have it all on your wrist! It is not only extremely convenient but can be a great fashion accessory as well!

However, with such a huge variety on the market. It can be overwhelming to choose the best pedometer watch for you!

The best thing to do, is to ask yourself the most important features that you want from the best pedometer watch. Also, you should think of the best pedometer watch design!

For example, if you are looking for the most real looking pedometer watch. You should look out for Fossil Explorist Gen 3 Bracelet Smartwatch. This watch has a lot of built-in pedometer features, while at the same time looks like just a regular watch. It is perfect for every-day wearing and going to the office without being called out!

If you are looking for a watch to wear only when you go on a hike or walk in the afternoons. In fact, you would like something light and easy. You should take a look at the best slim design pedometer watch! FitBit Alta is very accurate and at the same time light and fit!

If you are a fan of technology and would love to have something outstanding. Of course Apple products are winning the game! The best advanced technology Apple watch is the best options for you. You can read the news, text your friends and even go into the water with this best pedometer watch!

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