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Bedding hygiene- Keep your bed clean

Do you think that you have proper bedding hygiene? This is highly recommended, as sleeping in a healthy and clean bed can prevent allergies and dust mites.

What is bedding hygiene?

How often someone washes their bedding is their own personal preference. However, it is recommended to do it at least every 2 weeks. This will help in having a cleaner sleep environment.

Why is bedding hygiene important?

Not having a cleaning routine or replacement for your bed sheets and pillows can have negative effects on your health. Not regularly doing so, causes fungi, pollen and bacteria. In addition, it can also happen that you experience skin irritation and breakouts, asthma and eczema.

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Pillow hygiene

Washing your pillow cover is easy. However, washing your pillow is difficult as many times it is not allowed in the washing machine.

Although it may be challenging, washing, and replacing your pillow is essential for a good sleep. In general, it is recommended to replace your pillow every 18 months to 2 years. Even if you do not keep track, you will notice a decrease in support and comfort from your pillow as time passes.

If your pillow is washable, it is advisable to be washed every 4 to 6 months. This is not the case for Latex and foam pillows as they cannot get wet. This causes damage to the texture.

Vita Talaly's natural latex pillows have a special ventilation. This allows the product to be breathable and naturally hygienic. The product is durable for this reason, meaning you only need to replace it every 10 years.

Mattress hygiene

Mattress hygiene is hard to maintain, as you cannot wash your mattress. However, there are various tips to keep your mattress clean and fresh:

  1. Have clean stains.
  2. Vacuum
  3. Let air out your mattress. For example, turn your mattress around or up so that it can get some fresh air.
  4. Wash your sheets every week.
  5. Buy a waterproof mattress protector.
  6. Do not eat or drink in bed.
  7. Do not let pets on the bed.
  8. Keep your bedroom cool.
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By following these steps, you ensure to have a cleaner environment and healthier sleep. However, most people are recommended to replace their mattress after 6 to 8 years of usage. Vita talalay's mattresses can usually go I little bit longer, sometimes up to 10 years, since the material is highly hygienic itself and washed throughout the production process.

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