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Beauty and Health Benefits of Body Wraps

If you would love yourself a good spa treatment while moisturizing your body, cleaning your body from toxins and losing few inches of weight? Body wrap treatment is perfect for you!

Body wraps are all over the beauty salons nowadays. You may have seen them on the TV commercials or big billboards in the city center.

You see women arriving to the spa center in the morning and leaving in an hour with the whole inch of weight loss and free of cellulite.

The slimming effects of body wraps are only the tip of the iceberg of a body-wrap treatment! It also helps you with arthritis, skin alignments and cellulite.

There are different types of body wrap treatments that you can choose from based on your needs. For example, you can choose a detox body wrap. It draws toxins out of your body while you are wrapped in a ‘power wrap’.

If you are interested in a body wrap spa this article is perfect for you! Let’s discuss its history, ways of helping your skin and body and homemade body wraps that you can make yourself at home!

What Is A Body Wrap

Body wraps have been there for a very long time! Just think of mummies and the body wraps they are cremated in.

A high-class ancient Egyptian woman used to wear body wraps all the time. Their skin is known for being very soft and beautiful, despite the very hot weather and sandy air.

Also, in many other cultures herbal body wraps are used for beauty and medical reasons. In cultures such as Roman, Japanese and Chinese love body wraps. They use it not only to lose few inches of fat. But also for reducing cellulite.

In recent history body wraps were firstly introduced in the USA. They used body wraps as a great fat reducing and slimming technique. The special herbal formula used in body wraps reduces excessive body water and fat. It leaves your body an inch slimmer in an instant.

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In the recent years body wraps were introduced in countries across the globe. Body wraps are the most popular within the beauty industry.

For this reason, at first body wraps were produced and sold exclusively for beauty salons. It became an expensive and luxurious treatment that not all of the people could afford.

With the changing market and customer demands in the 90’s, body wraps were also sold directly to the customer with the more affordable prices. Also, there is a lot of accessible DIY projects that anyone can make from home.

Today, anyone can afford and enjoy the body wrap treatments. It is affordable and has an instant effect on your body. In order to understand how it works, let’s look at what exactly happens to your body when you enjoy a body wrap.

How Does Body Wrap Work On Your Body

Body wraps can detoxify and heal your body. It also removes excess fat, restores minerals and reduces joint pain. Body wraps can also help in toning and tightening as well as nourishing and softening your skin.

Over the course of 30 years. Following the increase of cosmetic and scientific industry, body wraps are on the top of spa treatments that offer not only cosmetic but also therapeutic benefits to your body.

The question lingers, how does a body wrap effect your skin to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above?

Just below the skin, there are three levels of fat. Within each layer, there are individual fat cells. All those cells are surrounded by interstitial fluid.

The interstitial fluid can accumulate during the years within your cells. The accumulation occurs because of lack of exercising, aging, diets high in salt or sugar and build up in toxins.

In fact, body wraps can draw out their excess fluids. It is because of the ingredients that a body wrap contains. It gets rid of the toxins in your body while restoring nutrients to your body.

So what are the toxins in your body? Toxins are chemicals and preservatives in your body. It enters your body through the air your breathe, food you eat and liquids you drink. Your skin absorbs the toxins through your skin’s pores.

Usually, our bodies are designed to flush out the toxins through the liver and kidneys. However, the amount of daily toxins can be much greater than what your body is able to safely process.

For this reason, the toxins are being stored in your cells, in the interstitial fluid. After All, those toxins that are not drew out pile up and are absorbed by the fat cells.

Health And Beauty Benefits Of Body Wraps

The benefits of a body wraps vary based on the treatment you choose. The following are the body wrap results that you can expect based on your chosen treatment:

●      Dead Skin Removal

One of the benefits from a body wrap is dead skin removal. When going for a body wrap treatment one of the first steps is exfoliation. During this process exfoliation removes the dead skin and leaves it smooth and soft!

●      Intensive Moisturization

Most of the body wrap treatments contain a high intensity of moisturization. It will leave your skin hydrated, smooth and nourished!

●      Detoxification

The body wrap treatments that focus on detoxification can help your cells in getting rid of the toxins in your body! It does it by stimulating metabolic skin cells. It is excellent if you want to improve your health and overall well-being.

●      Temporary Weight Loss

Weight loss wraps with detoxifying ingredients and really firmly wrapped around your body can make you lose an inch or two! It will make you sweat out excess water and toxins making your skin firmer.

Weight loss wraps can make you temporarily lose some weight and be a great motivation for future weight-loss plans!

●      Relaxation

Once you are fully wrapped in a body wrap you will be left to relax for around 30 minutes to an hour. It will give you some time to relax and enjoy your treatment!

Once you are fully wrapped in a body wrap you will be left to relax for around 30 minutes to an hour. It will give you some time to relax and enjoy your treatment!

Different Types Of Body Wrap Treatments

There are countless types of body wrap treatments. However, there are several that are the most popular ones.

The following are the most popular variations you can choose from for your desired body wrap results.

  • Seaweed Body Wraps

Seaweed wrap, also called the thalasso therapy, is a ‘sea therapy’. Seaweed wrap is very popular and should be available almost every spa.

Seaweed wrap therapy is when the treatment is combined with seawater, seaweed and algae. It hydrates and refreshes your skin leaving your body firmed and soft.

Seaweed body wraps are also good for removing the dead skin cells, improving your skin's elasticity and reducing cellulite.

  • Oil Body Wraps

If you are suffering from dry skin or dry skin patches. Oil body wrap results will blow your mind!

This body wrap formulation helps in hydrating and moisturizing dry skin. It is usually a mixture of essential oils and warmed up before applying to your skin. It will give you the best moisturizing effects!

  • Mud/Clay Body Wrap

If your biggest concern is skin imperfections. Mud or clay body wrap will do the trick!

The body wrap results from this treatment help with excess water, impurities and dull pores! Therapeutic mud or clay body wrap massaged into your skin will cleanse, detoxify and firm your skin completely!

Also, mud or clay body wrap has a lot of therapeutic benefits! It has anti-stress properties and it will not only help to improve your skin. But also calm your mind!

Body Wraps For Weight Loss And Detox

If you would like to try a body wrap for losing weight. It might work, however, not for a long period of time! Body wraps to lose weight may help you in losing few inches in the moment. However, it will last you only one or two days.

Dr. Sandra Fryhofer says ‘Body wraps for weight loss should not replace a healthy diet or exercising’. However, if you are looking for a quick weight loss for you wedding or a honeymoon. It may be a good idea to give it a try!

Weight loss wraps work because of its sweat-inducing properties. It makes you sweat and therefore lose the liquids in your body. Slimming body wraps don’t make you lose fat, but it makes you to lose liquids.

For this reason, weight loss wraps will give you a quick effect of feeling an inch skinnier. But this slimming body wrap phenomena will not last long.

You must note, when trying weight loss wraps and especially homemade body wraps for weight loss. You must be aware of the risks it comes with.

Covering your body in a body wrap in order to lose weight will cause an excessive sweating. You will lose a lot of water in your body. Therefore, it will block pores from sweating out the toxins. The weight loss wraps will block the automatic cooling system of your body.

When trying homemade body wraps for weight loss try to do it with a precaution. Do it around 30 minutes a day, two times a week maximum. Therefore, drink enough water and don’t let yourself dehydrate!

Homemade Body Wrap

Now that you read all about body wraps and what benefits it does to your body and mind. You might be thinking of making it yourself!

Homemade body wraps include everything from belly wraps to covering your entire body in a magic mixture. DIY body wrap can help you to detox, lose few inches from your waist and nourish and smoothen your skin.

As a matter of fact, some people think homemade body wraps are even more effective than the ones in the spa! The reason might be, you can choose the ingredients and essential oils that fits to your needs the most!

You can choose to DIY body wrap in order to:

  • Tighten Your Skin
  • Lose Few Inches Of Weight
  • Hydrate And Nourish Your Skin
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Detox Your Body

In order to get the best results from homemade body wraps. It is important to make sure that you use the right ingredients as well as the right amount.

The following 6 easy steps in order to make a perfect DIY body wrap from home!

Step 1: Exfoliate

You need to exfoliate your skin before using a homemade body wrap! The easiest way to do so is by using your own body scrub.

If you do not have a body scrub. You can also use homemade body scrub! Use coconut oil or olive oil and add a little bit of sugar or coffee grains! For an ultimate relaxation use your favorite essential oil into the mix!

Apply this mixture to the body parts where you want your DIY body wrap to be applied. You may concentrate the mixture on the most problematic areas of your body.

 Step 2: Wrap It Up!

Use plastic or elastic bandages to wrap your body! Apply slowly and one step at the time. Then you can move to the next section.

Important to note, don’t wrap your homemade body wrap too tight! You need to feel a little bit of compression, however, don’t overdo it! You should feel comfortable to breathe and relaxed in you DIY body wrap.

Step 3: Sweat It Out

Once everything is on, take your time and relax! If you have a bathrobe or a little towel. You can wrap it around you in order to stay warm and comfortable.

 Step 4: Relax

Take your time to relax and enjoy the process. You may want to listen to your favorite music, meditate or read a book.

Step 5: Unwrap

After a good hour you can start unwrapping your DIY body wrap. Take it slowly and remove all the bandages. Afterwards, take a room temperature shower to remove all the excess oils.

Step 6: Moisturize

After the procedure, take your time in moisturizing your skin! You may want to use your favourite moisturizer, applying to the body parts where you used homemade body wraps. Take few minutes and let your skin to absorb the moisture and enjoy the results!

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