Baking a Vita Talalay Bed – The Perfect Pound Cake Recipe Baking a Vita Talalay Bed – The Perfect Pound Cake Recipe

Baking a Vita Talalay Bed – The Perfect Pound Cake Recipe

The deliciously comforting Vita Talalay latex cake - the wholesome & healthy choice.

This is a special recipe for the unique and fully natural Vita Talalay latex.

To set the stage: think of Dunlop latex as a brownie, while Talalay is more comparable to a pound cake. In fact, the similarity is uncanny.

Not only does it take many years of experience to master the art of baking the perfect pound cake, but the airflow and fluffiness is very similar.

The magic behind the pound cake lies in following and executing the perfect recipe.

To get the perfect pound cake you’ll need to get it just right!

Her you’ll learn everything you need to know about the baking of Vita Talalay latex as if it were in your very own kitchen.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Quick Overview of Our Vita Talalay Pound Cake Recipe

Total Time Needed

11 hours

Preparation Time

10 minutes

Baking Time

40 minutes

What You’ll Need


• Mixer

• Cake mold and lid

• Freezer

• Oven

• Tap with rinsing head

• Rolling pin


• 1 cup of milk (natural latex)

• 1 large egg (air)

• 1/4 cup of honey (soap)

• 1 sachet baking powder (natural additive)

For Latex Mattresses What Youll Need

How to Make It

#1 Mixing

First, take a large bowl and pour in the milk. It is important that it is fresh and fully natural milk which has been ecologically sourced and filtered for impurities.

Add the honey and the baking powder into the bowl and use the mixer.

Add the egg and mix further until it is whipped into a very airy batter. This will guarantee a fluffy cake!

#2 Filling

Now you will need to use the cake mold.

It is important that the mold has a rectangular shape with pins to guarantee a consistent baking temperature. It is the classic shape for the fluffy Vita Talalay latex cake!

Fill the airy batter into the mold. Remember to do this slowly as it will allow for additional air to get into the batter for extra fluffiness!

#3 Let it Rise

Put the lid on the mold and make sure it is fully sealed.

This will create a vacuum in the mold, allowing for the batter to rise.

The beauty of it is that the more air is whipped in the batter, the fluffier the cake will be at the end.

Next, to your liking, simply fill the mold between 30%-60% with the cake batter.

The more you put in, the denser the cake will be.

for Latex Mattresses How To Make It

#4 Freezing

After the batter has fully risen, the airy batter will be evenly spread across the mold.

Place the cake mold into the freezer, and make sure that your freezer is set to -30°C/-22°F.

Leave the cake to blast-freeze for 8-10 minutes

#5 Baking, Also Known As Vulcanization

Pre-heat your oven to 115°C/240°F.

Once the oven is ready, remove the mold from the freezer and place it into the oven.

Remember that you’ll need to do it quickly to avoid the batter from collapsing.

The importance of a good mold is very noticeable at this stage as it should be able to resist a high degree of changes in temperature.

Now, let the batter bake for 10 minutes.

#6 Demolding

Take the mold out of the oven and enjoy the first freshly baked smell of the Vita Talalay pound cake!

Although the cake is now solid, you’ll still need to handle it with a little care while it’s still hot so you won’t tear it.

Next, simply remove the solid batter from the mold and let it cool off for a few minutes.

#7 Washing

Now, bring the pound cake to your tap and rinse the cake with clean, fresh water.

After the solid batter is visibly wet, take the rolling pin and roll out the water. Repeat this step 4 times.

Extra tip: Do not worry about breaking the cake, it is very stable and will jump back to its original shape no matter how hard you put pressure on it with the rolling pin.

In fact, put as much pressure as you can to ensure that all of the water is out of the cake before continuing on to the next step!

#8 Bake-off, Also Known as Post-Vulcanization

Place the pound cake on to the baking tray and put it back into the oven.

Make sure you have the oven set to 85°C/185°F, and leave it there for another 8.5 hours to finish!

Yes, you’ll have to be patient – but the extra time and care is one of the things that make this recipe unquestionably superior.

Baking a Vita Talalay Bed – The Perfect Pound Cake Recipe for Latex Mattresses

#9 The Ultimate Taste Test

Now tap the cake with a spoon. You will see it has a very consistent feel, and you will find it is deliciously soft.

You know what the best part about this Vita Talalay latex pound cake is?

It consists solely of pure natural ingredients and is the wholesome and healthy choice when it comes to cakes!

#10 Frosting

The best way to enjoy your Vita Talalay cake is to have it frosted to your taste. Every cake needs a good frosting!

We recommend using natural materials, such as fluffed egg-whites (cotton or linen), as they complement the cosiness and breathability of the pound cake very well.

So, where can you find a frosted Vita Talalay pound cake?

Come check out one of our many retailers around the world!

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